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Me dah beli buku Wardina Safiyyah!

Terpengaruh dengan Aishah, me pun terus mencari buku Wardina. Baru jer tadi as always, The Curve macam rumah kedua, me pergi ke MPH dengan harapan adalah buku Wardina ni…

Ada!! RM19, berkulit tebal dengan saiz A4, memang berbaloi-baloi mendapatkannya.

Macam biasa, majalah InTrend ngan Women’s Weekly tak tinggal pastu ushar buku bersiri Vampire Diaries, gatal jer tangan nak membeli…hehehe..semenjak terjebak mengikuti cerita Vampire Diaries kat 8TV, rasa nak beli jer buku-buku dier…alahai….

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Review on Bottombumpers Cloth Diaper

What I Like : It’s an AI2 type, meaning the soaker is detachable & the shell is reusable provided it is not soiled. Side-snapping & generous sizing. It may look huge but surprisingly, once worn, it just shaped baby’s bottom nicely and without leaving red marks around the thigh. Soaker made from certified 100% organic cotton lining topped with organic bamboo velour, likewise soft to baby’s skin. Fit in well under pants and does’nt look bulky at all. Absorbency wise is very good too and I’ve tried at night, there’s no leaking at all.

What I dislike : The soaker is a bit long so it needs a bit of adjustment before putting it on baby.

Obtain from :

Also available at :

Disclaimer : Reviews based on personal usage to my lil toddler. Not a paid reviews or Advertorial Chat.

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Sharing Post-natal Confinement story

What would you do during post-natal? Confinement is road to recovery, getting your figure back, your health and wish that everything speeds up so that you can get your life back. Love to share my side of story. The Malays way of confinement.

1st Confinement : Rice, rice, rice with lots of ikan haruan cooked steam or grilled with spices. Ayam Kampung (chicken) & a bit of meat was allowed after 30 days. The only vegetable eaten was sawi. Fruits : Just grapes. Beverage : Hot Milo & Hot Coffee & very little plain water.

2nd Confinement : More figure-conscious for this round, breakfast & teatime must take either cornflakes with hot milk or low-salt Jacobs biscuit or Quacker Oat. Very little rice & varieties of side dishes. Ayam kampung (chicken) & several types of fishes (no more haruan but others) cooked steam, pindang, curry, grilled or black-pepper style. More fruits includes grapes, red apples, Sunkist oranges, dates & raisins. Vegetable just sawi. Beverage : Hot Milo & Hot Coffee & Hot Oat Milk.

Medicine & Supplement
I could not take any herbs-related supplement even from the Amway, I only take it after the confinement and I cut down the intake. Reason being, I will have a headache everytime I consume any herbs or spices stuff & I’m nursing my baby exclusively. And I drank ‘Pati Ikan Haruan’ (Fish Essence) & Brands Inner Shine (Prune essence) a lot especially on the second confinement.

Both 1st & 2nd Confinement : Twice a day must ‘bertungku’ (hot long metal rod) after bathtime, proceeded with ‘bengkung(Confinement binder). Massage was done between 3rd to 5th day after birth day by Midwife (bidan) for 3 days in a row. I used Amway Tropical Herbs Confinement Set which I loved it very much! Got ‘Pilis ‘ to be rub across forehead to avoid headache, got herbs pack for douche for 1 week (I heart this one). The douche really speeds up the stitching wound & heal the vajayjay part very fast.My confinement binder also from Amway & complete with the herbs concoction to be put around tummy & upper butt. Once finished the dreaded ’44 days of pantang’, I had another massage. They called this ‘penutup’ (closure) done again by the same midwife (bidan). But for the 2nd time, I did extras. I went for Post-Natal treatment by Serenity Spa (Leesa Formula) consists of Herbal douche, sauna, massage & flower bath.

No tvs
No reading
No sweeping, moping or any other cleaning-related tasks
No washing even washing dishes is disallowed
No squatting
No folding legs
No bending down
No freestyle sleeping, must sleep straight
No hair down, must tied tight on the top of the head
No going out & must wear socks all the time
No fan (but I reluctant to skip on this one)

This is so far I could remembered. What about you? Care to share your confinement experience?

Hanz’s : I’ve seen & witness nowadays many modern moms are more lenient on their confinement. I remembered a friend of mine drink Coke right after giving birth! As for myself, I refused to wear the kain batik & worn only the long pants all the time yet I received nasty remarks about this from the elders. I considered myself ‘kuat pantang’ compared with others as even months after confinement, only I dare to take icy drinks & prohibited myself from eating ‘laksa’ for a year. Don’t know why about the laksa thingy but I respected what being told to me.

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I am so glad that I attended KEGEL with POISE

I had two events clashed with one another on its timing last Saturday. One was the Cloth Diaper Mommas get-together & one was the Kegel Fair with POISE. I chose the latter as this one time event was not something to be miss! Boy, and I don’t regret on my decision. It was an eye-opener and something worthy to be share with all woman.

Saw Nia & Lily already up their post on this. As we went along the whole programme lined-up, Nia, Lily & me did shared about each other brought up the same topic of the day.

I was the one who arrived early between the 3 of us so while waiting, snap pics here & there.

The main entrance to the hall

Participants has to check their registration here

POISE reps. introduced the many range of POISE pads.
Nia & Lily grabbed a piece or two but me as always,
being true to my cloth ways.

Celebrity like Low Ngai Yuen, former 3R lady shared her story about Urinary leakage, something that we woman, can relate to. Dr Peter Ng from Continence Foundation of Malaysia highlighted the medical side about overactive bladder & before the launching of Kegel with POISE, Dr Seri Suniza Sufian from Prince Court Medical Centre provided some tips and infos on how to prevent urinary leakage.

Launched of the KEGEL with POISE

Even songstress Atilia was there too!
I look so gumuks beside the slim Atilia

We were served light refreshment before the KEGEL exercise session consists of Mini Cheese Turkey Burger, Dim-Sum & Cheese Cake. As I just had brunch before arriving there, and so were Lily, the three of us really ‘makan’ there.

Gambar cilok from Nia. Thanks Babe!

Then, the event highlights, KEGEL exercise

Participants getting ready

Our lady instructress, led by Cik Neng Shahidan Sabullah,
Physiotheraphist from Prince Court Medical Centre

Mokcik dah tak sabar nih!

If Mrs Imran (in black shawl) did’nt greeted me, I would never knew she was there too. So, as always, snap piccas with other Blogger friends.

And, some goodie bag to bring home. I love the Poise Pilates. At least, some steps that you will tend to forget from the exercise session, can refer to the DVD. And, to my surprise, few of the steps is actually I have been doing them all this while for my exercise regime. Oh, not forgetting, now I have an exercise mat, thanks to Poise, I don’t need to use our kekabu mat anymore.

Hanz’s Note : Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor that supports the vagina, uterus and bowel and keeping these muscles in good working order is very rewarding for women in all stages of life.Mothers should exercise their pelvic floors so there is less risk of muscles already weakened by pregnancy and birth being strained further when picking up growing children. Weal pelvic floor can caused urine leakage and less enjoyment of sex.

Special note : Thanks to Ms Sophie & team from In Deed Commuincations for this invitation. Ada lagi event, jangan lupa me!

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Triple Colour Life : Eye-catching images describes beyond words

I first seeing her workmanship is the Mini-Me.
I saw them among friends of blogosphere.
Jiji, mostly known by friends in blogsophere works as System Instructional Designer. A wife and a mother, since she is fond of designing and acquire the talent and knowledge, Jiji also freelancing on designing of websites.

Here are few sample of her work.

Hemmm…I seem to lost words on how to describe her work. It’s just too amazing isn’t it? Even my current new layout, the current giveaway banner of mine, my blog badge all is done by her.

Fancy to require her awesome designs?
Just contact Jiji by email her to
yahoo dot com

Disclaimer : This is an advertorial chat. Jiji of Triple Colour Life is one of the sponsors of TheHoneybunch Giveaway : The New You!

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I Love U contest by Little Kids Photography & Little Mama’s Love Baby Boutique

“Love is in the air, everywhere I look around…

Love is in the air, every sight and every sound…”

Oh, I am in LOVE indeed! Loving my new cloth wipes!

As you all know that I am a Cloth Wipes Addict as based on my previous chat , MY THERAPHY, recently I add more to my current collections.

I can’t resist having to splurge on them again and this time round, I bought them from Little Mama’s Love Baby Boutique. Showing my support to a dear friend plus support Malaysian-made products which being made with LOVE by a multi-tasking mother, Littlemama.On top of that, the prints are something you want to have it!

Sayang you, nak pakai... ;P

What can I say? It’s super-soft & wider than the standard size 8’x8′ that I usually bought imported from overseas.

And now I LOVE to press my luck by joining another contest by Littlemama. Click the giveaway banner and join in the fun like me.

Win awesome prizes jointly sponsored by Little Mama’s Love Baby Boutique & Little Kids Photography.

Little Mama’s Love Baby Boutique is having a sale till 30th of June! Among items on sale is Little Kids Apron (ehem, been eyeing on this for quite some time). If you buy more than 10 pieces, more discounts will be given!

Little Kids Photography offers wide range of photography package at at a very tempted reasonable fee. I am very interested with the Happy Moments Package. At RM 297, you can request allocation for an occasion like New Arrival, Aqiqah, Birthday, Family and Friendship.

This is one of my favourite among littlemama’s great work!
I wish to have my two boys doing something together
and having their moments captured in a photos.

If you are acquiring a service and products made with LOVE, you can guarantee the quality is satisfying. That’s what Little Mama’s Love Baby Boutique and Little Kids Photography is all about. The theme LOVE speaks for itself.

A mother who loves capturing special moments and have it memorable in a photo form is what you looking for. What makes her photography package special and unique? This is what she says,

“I love capturing magic moments of young children using photojournalistic style. Magic moment will be captured as and when it happen – in it’s natural environment. So, I will only be using available light and available props. No fixed studio setting, lighting or equipment – only me, my DSLR and the little model”

Oh, tha’t not all. She loves sewing too. She puts her LOVE in her handmade items with several apparel to choose from. What makes the clothings different? It’s the imported designer fabric and exclusive sewn with LOVE.

Finally, I end this presentation of mine with a bit of LOVE.

LLittlemama is one talented lady,
very busy with many roles to boot

O – Organising several websites apart
from mentioned before like MomBloggersPlanet,
Malaysian Online Shopping Guide
and even Kuala Lumpur City Guide.

V – Vying to be a Work At Home Mom leaving
her professional accounting career very soon.

E – Ever working hard but still can share with
others due to her passion and LOVE

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Raising boys for first and second time

My boys, Hanafi and Hambali are 4 years in age gap. Starting from carrying them in my womb, then gave birth and caring them, they differ lots!.

  • While preggie with Hanafi, I was energetic, no qualms, no morning sickness, no craving & at later stage of pregnancy, I enjoyed buying last-minute baby items and went out on my own by taking the public transport with both hands full of shopping items. With Hambali, I stopped working as a principal at a prestigious kindy because I cannot endure the constant headache, the mood swings and the cravings of crazy-hot-spicy-food, cheese cake with apple juice and laksa, laksa, laksa…
  • It took me from 7am in the morning when my water broke to finally 7 in the evening to make Hanafi out to this world by induced labour. Intoxicated with epidural, I vomitted whole lot right after the stitching. It was not a good memory of giving birth. Hambali provided me the exact feels like having the contraction and labour pain. Ascending labour pain throughout the day finally ends at 3 in the morning and only Etonox to decrease the burst. And yes, the second time around, hubby was at my side unlike the first time.
  • Breastfeeding was not immediate for Hanafi as he was separated from me for close monitoring due to the prolonged labour so he tasted formula before finally had Mama’s Colostrum. And, I was anxious and lost for the first one month having to endure Hanafi’s crankiness during feeding and my painful swollen boobs. Hambali as if has been taught to nurse as once I put him on my chest right and ushered him to my boobs, he immediately sucked and nurse very, very well.
  • Hanafi never got the chance being cloth diapered as there was limited cloth diapers available and the awareness was not there yet. To Hambali, he has been cloth diapered almost entire of his age.
  • Hanafi never got the chance to being wear in slings although Mama did bought Ring Sling by MomsInMind from The Baby Loft and it was collecting dust as I was discouraged due to lack of knowledge. With Hambali, he had the opportunity to be in Ring Sling and SSC almost all the time.
  • Hanafi is a late-talker.Thanks to Baby Sign, Hambali speeds up when comparison made with his Abang. For words he did’nt clearly pronounced, signing lessen the guessing by us towards Hambali.
  • Both Hanafi and Hambali being exposed with learning since in the womb. Books reading, Quran recital, Classical music and Educational videos and they don’t differ much in this. But, in terms of subjects preferences, Hanafi is more technically-inclined which Maths is his favourite subject while Hambali loves dancing! Hambali can even do sommersault!
  • Hanafi is a cheesy-guy loving anything with gooeey cheese. But to Hambali, fruits is his favourite. Serve Hanafi cheese to make his day and serve Hambali banana to make him sit still.
Hanz’s Note : Despite their differences, can witness the close bonding between them. They may screamed at each other, fight over toys but when they apart, you can see they seem lost. By the time I’m typing this, I feel my eyes began to watery…

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10 Cara nak mengenali Blogger Tegar di Malaysia

Nak jadi Blogger tegar? Cuba ikut tip-tip ni…

Blogger yang tegar selalunya….

1. Hari-hari mesti update blog. At least sekali dan weekend pun tak tinggal. Tapi blogger tegar selalunya sehari update blog dua tiga entri dah jadi kebiasaan dia. Ada jer cerita dia.

2. Jarang sekali tertinggal kamera kat rumah. Kalau takder kamera canggih pun, paling koman, camera phone. Janji sentiasa bersedia untuk ambil apa saja gambar kot-kot boleh jadi bahan cerita nanti nak pos kat blog.

3. Kalau ada gathering sesama blogger, muka dia mesti kita nampaklah. Tak kira apalah. Jemputan besday anak sesama kawan blogger pun dia mesti tunaikan jugak. Ada jer kita tengok posting dia jumpa kawan kat sana, jumpa member kat sinun..macam-macamlah, kan…

4. Cerita hambar yang merepek-repek pun Blogger tegar ni boleh ulas dengan gaya penuh menarik. Daripada orang tak sanggup nak baca pun jadi seronok pulak masa baca posting dier. Gaya penulisan dia memang boleh buat reader blog dia tak lari. Boleh katakan ada jer orang nak masuk dan baca.

5. Dekat blog dia mesti ada sesuatu keunikan yang boleh buat blog dia lain dari lain. Kadang-kadang blog yang simple takder widget2 segala alah hiasan-hiasan pun orang tetap nak masuk blog dia. Cuba kaji antara blogger otai di Malaysia ni..apa yang ada kat blog diaorang sampai orang nak masuk jugak..kaji layout diaorang.

6. Kalau Blogger tegar kena berjauhan dari kediaman sebab tugasan ker, cuti-cuti Malaysia ker, dia seboleh-bolehnyer nak dapatkan jugak akses internet. Tak hidup tanpa internet, tau! Jadi diaorang ni mesti bawa bersama notebook, wirelss, broadband, blackbeerry, tah haper-haper lagi, janji dapat internet.

7. Blogger tegar rajin bagi respon pada aktiviti berkait dengan blog advertiser, contohnyer Nuffnang. Contest ker, promosi ker, orang kata mencuba nasib..sambil menyelam minum air..manalah tahu ada tuah, boleh menang! Sambil-sambil tu dapat tarik perhatian advertiser dan cara buat duit sambil menyambil dan blog sebagai lubuknya ada imbuhannya.

8. Blogger tegar tak lokek ilmu. Memanglah tak semua Blogger dok bagi panduan segala tapi sekurang-kurangnya dia akan berkongsi pengalaman dia dalam sesuatu kemahiran atau pengetahuan dalam blog dia. At least dia cerita pasal percutian dia siap beritahu kat mana tempat tu tempat makan yang best dan gambar jadi bukti, kita yang membaca ni tak terpengaruh ker? Orang putih kata words by referral ni lagi berharga, apatah lagi datang daripada Blogger tegar yang sangat berpengaruh.

9. Blogger tegar rajin promosikan blog dia dalam macam-macam cara. Mula-mula blogwalking tu biasalah.Lepas tu dia masuk geng blogger, sign-up group blogger tertentu ker. Ada jugak yang rajin buat contest atau giveaway atau ada jugak yang buat sessi terjah-menerjah blog orang lain pastu buat ulasan. Wo! Memang berbaloi-baloi kalau buat segala janji rajin demi menaikkan trafik reader.

10. Hemm…apa lagi yer? Ada idea lagi tak?

Segala yang terkandung dan diulas adalah hasil pengamatan me.

Hanz’s : Saja buat angka 10, kasi bunyi lagi sedap..kang kalu 9 macam tak biasa, kan?

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The New You! Giveaway by TheHoneybunch

When it starts & ends?
Starts on the 21st of June & ends on 30th of July by 12 noon.

What are the prizes?

  • Blog Makeover by Jiji of TripleColourLife worth RM250
  • RM120 worth of Makeup Voucher from Loving
  • 10 bottles of Perfume For All + 10 Vouchers by
  • Green Pocket Laundry Ball worth RM 189 from The Green
  • 3 Shopping Vouchers worth RM 45 each from Khazis Boutique
  • 5 Shawls from ZaraShoppe
  • 4 sets of Quilling Accessories & Jewelleries from HoneyB Quilling Creations
  • Beauty items & Ladies Accessories by Hanz
Updates :
To know in details all prizes allocations and worth, kindly click HERE.

What you must do?
Blog about the NEW THING that has happened to you.
Blog posting can be either in ENGLISH or MALAY languages.
In example you just landed a dream job, a birth of a baby, the new clothing style, the new fitness programme you just join or a new skills you just acquired.

How to win?
Be as descriptive as you can in telling
and as creative as you can be in presenting.
Add pictures, poems, videos,whatever to capture the judges’ hearts.

Terms & Conditions
Note : Failure to comply any of this T&C, automatically disqualified and no reminder will be notified.

1. Only Malaysian Blogger Ladies, 18 years above & no age limit are eligible to enter regardless your race and marital status. Overseas Malaysian are allowed but Oversea Winners must bear the shipping cost.
2. Paste this giveaway banner in your blog post and sidebar of your blog and both must link-back to this giveaway posting.
(Link-back by the above url)

3. Please include all these sponsors by link-back in your blog post. Link-back means you highlight the Sponsor’s Name in bold or colour & copy it’s url in the link tools.So it’s clickable and directly goes to sponsor’s blog page.

4. Leave the URL of your participation’s blog post in the comment box (vis-a-vis) of this giveaway posting. Only ONE ENTRY is accepted.
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Note : If you do any of these bonus, please let me know by EMAIL ONLY to thehoneybunch at gmail dot com. This bonus is a tie-breaker to assist in judging process.

Let’s get the ball rolling &
Go let the creative juice flowing!!!

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TheHoneybunch Giveaway : The New You! – List of Sponsors…

Teaser for you….

Presenting list of Sponsorship
for TheHoneybunch Giveaway #2 : The New You

HoneyB Quilling Creations


Zara Shoppe

And, finally from me, myself & I

Blog  Badge

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