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Advise from veteran breastfeeding moms : My sharing

A simple gesture, nature at it its best can create quite a stir especially in blogosphere.

Here is my sharing & take it as me, so-called veteran BF moms & think me quite a senior to all my fellow blogger friends especially those nursing moms. And, me was a lactation counsellor and used to be active in breastfeeding support group. Please accept my apology firsthand should what I’m going to chat is going to hurt your feelings.

  • Breastfeeding is an ART. Why I said that? Of course, it is something so natural to a mother yet, it requires a technique, knowledge, sharing & overall preparation. Try to understand this: Everyone can draw, yet it takes an artistic people to draw well. Same goes with breastfeeding. The right combination will create an almost perfect masterpiece. This is not to dampen your spirit but I believe everyone is artistic in her own unique ways. A bit of polish is all it needs.

  • Every nursing mother would never be the same with another nursing mother. Never, ever, compare yourselves and rate your breastfeeding performance. REMEMBER : You are not in running of breastfeeding competition. Instead, seeing & having witness other nursing mom story, JUST MOTIVATE yourself and let it inspire you to go on with your breastfeeding journey. Like me last time for my eldest boy, with the lack of knowledge, I started to mix-feeding him when he is about 4 months old, then I read & met these 2 nursing moms who is job’s nature required them to travel a lot, and yet they managed to fully breastfeed their babies up to 2 years. That motivates me a lot which eventually I managed to upgrade from mixed feeding back to fully breastfeeding when my eldest boy was 7 months old. It took me sheer determination & learning to achieve this. But, it does’nt has to do with ego till I have to starve my boy. It was a step-by-step transition with guidance from Lactation Consultant.

  • If your rezeki as a nursing mom can be categorised lucky, meaning, you are able to fully breastfeed your baby for such a long time, say more than 2 years, share but not to show-off. You may provide tips on how you do it but NOT TO OVERDO it. Be careful on your sharing and never ever judge other nursing moms’ situations. The BEST ADVISE you can give is ask them this: Will you go all out for this? Are you ready? Then, provide the tips about CONSTANT DEMAND & SUPPLY. Don’t say that, oh you must get the best pump to ensure you can pump successfully. Instead, say it with a fact that research has shown, a GOOD PUMP plays its part but hand-expressing technique also is good to know as well.Avoid giving hopeful hints to other nursing moms.

  • Do be RATIONALE with your nursing deeds. Say you have follow by the book all A to Z about nursing and there is some hiccups along the way. Take it easy and never get all stress. I am really shocked to find that there are moms ‘sampai hati’ to let their baby starve because refusing to feed formula because wanting the baby only to take breastmilk. Rather being in this state, check again, what have you been doing that leads to the problem. It could be wrong technique. It could be you are emotionally disturb and stress. It could be your baby is in pain like teething.Always seek help from those that may provide the correct assistance.

  • And then again, DEAF EAR is good in response when it comes to negative feedback from your surrounding. First, get support from spouse, then with family members and next your working environment and finally your friends. If all these fails, you know best. I known many moms who failed to receive positive feedback and the supposed support but amazingly, these nursing moms managed to go on with their nursing deeds.
There goes five advise (ahem) from me. I’m pretty much concern because God-gift beauty somehow has been taken and understood wrongly to some. It’s a gift which can always be share actually.

Hanz’s Note : Please feel free to check my previous chat on my share side of story on this God-gift beauty. I have provided some helpful tips too. Just check under ADORE BREASTFEEDING ya. :D

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I’m joining Kegel with Poise Fair

I’ve just registered to attend this.
Anyone else wants to join me? :D

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