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You must be wondering…

…..on certain things in this Chatterbox. Perhaps you did wonder…

** Who were the panel of judges of my previous giveaway

Supposedly me & them are going to have get-together and so I can show you but that’s not going to happen so I tell you who they are.

They are Azza, Farah, Lyna & Fid. <= Click these names & you will hop to their blog. :D

** Who did my new super-awesome layout. I tell you now if you still don’t know. Just click blog badge below & hey, I bet you will be tempted to place order from her too! :>

** Why last time I did make an announcement to private my blog. I tell you why with plenty of reasons.

# I’ve been receiving lots of anon comments in this chatterbox. Though I enable comment moderation for certain period, it does get annoying having to endure clogged emails.
# I am in the verge of blog revamp
# I want to TEST who did actually READ my chatterbox
# Small liver.

** How on earth I came out the name of TheHoneybunch & Charm Chameleon Chatterbox. I won’t tell you here. If you still want to know, go visit

Where Moms Unite

and find my own posting thread there. Well, if you do care….

** Why I like CHAMELEON so much?

I tell you why & that would be sooooonnnnn……

Hanz’s : You don’t wonder at all?

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