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When Prince & Princess of Darkness on date

Team Edward or team Jacob or not I must watch this sequel saga after finished reading the whole saga. Caught the earliest show at The Curve yesterday…our date after been so long doing this. When was the last time we had this movie date? Oh, now I remember we watched the wolf remake, The Wolf last time..that was our last date…..

**poor quality pic**

If you read the whole saga and yet to watch this Eclipse, don’t put your hopes too high. Of course, it’s triple better than New Moon. I was expecting the battle scene, ah well, emmm..leaves lasting impression but I thought it ended abruptly. Even hubs who were clueless the whole thing about this Vampire-Werewolf-Human Love Triangle, could fell the disappointment.

I personally think, they should:

  • Shown more the preps side & the join-effort Wolf-Vampire for the battle
  • How the newborn being created
  • Jasper reminiscence his long-lost life to Bella
  • Rosalie rendering her human life to Bella
  • More on Jacob’s heart-broken, perhaps?

Ooppss..did I tell too much?

We both in unison agree that Edward is the one suits Bella most. He’s matured, cool, very understanding, very loving, broad knowledge wherelse Jacob is very immature, so pushy, hot-tempered and selfish. Oh, did I mention that he has a sharp tongue too? Jacob may be buff and warm with his cute, adorable looks and charming bad boy image. But, personality wise, Bella who is also has the trait of pushy, whiny & hot-temper who seems to develop the attraction to Jacob, he’s far better off with Edward coz opposites character will click nicely just like hubby & me.

Before headed home, we went to IKEA. Needed to run some errands for office to check on things. IKEA is on sale currently, the crowd were that bad made me thought I’m in Pasar Malam of IKEA.. yup, I may say some items the price went on very, very can’t believe your eyes.

Can’t help myself leaving IKEA with empty hands and at RM 3 per piece, I grabbed those in 4, for each of TheHoneybunch.

Portrait Sketching, Translation, Storytelling,
Reading Tutorial, Arty-Crafty & Preloved Items
are available at TheHoneybunch Marketplace

July 12, 2010 - Posted by | Hanz in Celebrations and Gifts, Hanz on Random Matters, Hanz's Boys

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  1. i hampir nak tengok dah movie ni…afif muntah dalam wayang plak..sempat tengok seminit je hahaha

    Comment by Farah | July 13, 2010 | Reply

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