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Nabila House – Unleash Natural Beauty lies within naturally

The first thing that you tend to notice when you browse Nabila House website is the availability of wonderful essences by the Perfume For All (PFA). Rather purchasing designer perfume of your favourite at high prices, Nabila House offers the similar essences at a fraction of a cost and satisfying longer lasting smell . Being an authorized dealer of PFA since 2006, these nice perfumes has no water and alcohol added to it and available for Women, Men and Unisex selections. Currently on offer is FREE postage with your purchase of PFA purchases (terms and conditions apply) for delivery in Peninsular Malaysia.

Out of her passion on natural products ranging from skin care, personal care and health care, Noradlina Abdullah, the owner of Nabila House stress on the importance of bringing in for everyone a quality and affordable price plus enjoyable online shopping experience. The line of products available use natural sources and without animal testing.

The VCare range of products for Skin Care that available are Day Cream, Exfoliating Gel, Facial Toner, Hand & Body Lotion, Makeup Remover, Night Cream, Refining Serum, Revitalizing Mask and Soothing Eye Cream.

And for Personal Care, VCare range also has Facial Cleanser, Hair Nourish Cream, Moisturizing Shampoo, Refreshing Body Gel and Scalpcare Shampoo.

If you are looking for naturally source supplement, under Health Care, Nabila House offers Jia Hor, Lu Chun and Yung Kien range of products.

Even there is something for your baby too which is Organic Baby Care by the well-known brand Buds Organic Care.

Do take a peek as well at the Special Selection category at Nabila House as those limited edition products will be offered in certain period with fantastic prices.

Rest assured for fantastic online customer service to be received by Nabila House as they are nothing new to the online business, having to sell online products since year 2006, using forum, eBay, local classified ads and blogs. In 2008, Noradlina decided that a one stop center for natural products should be borned and have their own place in the web.

So, if you are looking for one stop online shop of naturally source products, select Nabila House for ease and comfort of products that would be reached at your doorstep.

Disclaimer : This is an advertorial chat. Nabila House is one of the sponsors of TheHoneybunch Giveaway : The New You!

July 20, 2010 - Posted by | Hanz on Advertorial Chat, Hanz's Products Reviews, Lifestyle on Beauty and Feminity, Lifestyle on Green Living

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