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Why I believe in Homeschooling (Part 1)

This is entirely my opinion. I believe everyone has the right to make their own decisions for their own children. I also do NOT believe that ALL children should be homeschooled, nor do I believe every family is capable of doing it, or should. With all my heart and soul, here are some of many reasons why I personally believe in homeschooling.

I was homeschooled for a short period of my life, the preschooler’s age of my life. I shared this in this chat : Saya tak pernah sekolah tadika (Bahagian 1) & Saya tak pernah sekolah tadika (Bahagian 2). Having that priviledges of being home taught by my moms and siblings and letting the world to give me the lesson of life, I sped my learning process which proudly outsmarted most of my peers when I attended primary school. Be it reading, maths and even other subjects as well. I strongly owed that to the factor that my learning was never stressful, it was enjoyable and it was also out of my own freewill. Thirsting for knowledge, my curiosty was fed with enthusiasm and love. And the enjoyment ended once I attended primary. There’s homework to finish, exams to excel, peer pressure on who will be in the most popular prettier group. As my own nature, I am quite reserved, firm and studious, I instantly being noted as serious and discipline by my teachers so elected as school’s prefects was’nt going to win you any popularity contest. Instead, less fun on part of socialising. As I myself enjoyed the short period of homeschooled, I want my own children have it longer as long as we could.

I love learning constantly. I suppose my brain cell will die if any at one point of my life, I just go on living without having any purpose, without doing any learning or without ongoing something that requires stimulation on the intelligence’s side. Having to search, putting it up altogether on what my boys can keep on learning is a self-fulfillment. To witness that they learn something new in any minute, at any place, leaves my heart fluttering and my face beaming with joy. I want my boys to love the lifelong learning like I am too. Grades, merits will come second and just followsuit once they are happy requiring the knowledge and experiences. It’s the processing on how we learn that matters.

Reality bites, right? Allowing my boys to face what the world is all about at early age rather sparing the reality on how the world is, would be ilike feeding them lies and lies. Development of each child is different, we as a human beings comes in all shapes and sizes and does age really matter in the world? Even if you group children under the same-age group, would that make it easier for the teacher to mann them? Maturity level of each individual differs so grouping them under the same-age group leaves question mark to me.

Some has this notion that homeschool is like robbing them the socialising among peers especially the same age and enjoying their childhood the most. But, would you rather allowing your child having peer pressures, exposing them to negative elements that are so commonplace in schools like foul language, bullying, materialism, sexual harassment, disrespect for authority and many social illnesses that we constantly read from mass media? Looking it from this point of view, homeschooling was’nt a really bad option after all.

More reason for my beliefs in homeschool which relates to my child’s potential and my determination which I shall continue in Part 2.

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July 27, 2010 Posted by | Adore HOMESCHOOLING, Lifestyle on Parenting | 3 Comments