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Today’s story is Bamboolite Group Buy Completed & Giveaway Ends

I was so excited receiving my very first order on holding a group buy for this Bamboolite Cloth Diapers. Slight headache here & there but alhamdullillah, it finally ended with me beaming joy & smiling from ear to ear. Now, need to start to send them out to those who joined this group buy.

Freshly received by yours truly this morning!
Oh, thanks so much, Qay on your GREAT OFFER plus entertaining the endless amendment here & there in this order but in the end, WE MADE IT. You are one great seller, Qay!

Finally the current giveaway has end. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely stories, to all my dear friends whom participate this giveaway. I really enjoyed reading it very much.Please give me sometime to evaluate and do the judging along with other judges. And, the just-ended giveaway most probably the last giveaway I would be holding for this year. I need to prioritise my obligations and some things has to end temporarily.

Gosh, I am totally busy and blogwalking also is hardly achievable nowadays. I really want to visit you my Chit-Chatters, and even if I did, I did’nt manage to leave my words behind. My workload has increased and so is my other activities.


Portrait Sketching, Translation, Storytelling,
Reading Tutorial, Arty-Crafty & Preloved Items
are available at TheHoneybunch Marketplace

July 30, 2010 - Posted by | Adore CLOTH DIAPERING, Hanz's Products Reviews, The Honeybunch Giveaway


  1. good luck to participants

    Comment by Sherry | July 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. Adoi, Hanz!! I tersilap tengok your closing date, i ingat esok. Rupanya today@ 12pm! Isk,..dah siap separuh jalan dah entry tu…iee, la akibat suka last minute..dah terlepas peluang nak join!! Good luck to all participants anyway! Kebanyakan entry pun hebat2 semuanya!

    Comment by Nia | July 30, 2010 | Reply

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