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How was your first day of fasting? A little bit tired, isn’t it?
It’s always like that on the first day of puasa, right?
I’ve no mood either so I just post a light chat for today.
Something that close to my heart…my chameleon collections.

The very first stuff I obtained related with chameleon was this book bought for my eldest boy, now pass down to my youngest boy.

I bought both Double-H of mine this Chameleon T-Shirt of different sizes so that they can wear them at MomBloggersPlanet 1st Bloggers Meet.

And then I got this sticker during Open Source event that
the organisation I’m attached to was involved.
So I pasted it to my old notebook.
I’ve no longer used that notebook as my boss just bought me a new notebook.

When Jiji did my blog layout makeover, she did several chameleons for me which was the blog badge, the favicon and the recent giveaway badge, a tiny chameleon could be seen.

After I found out a talented lady did creative quilled art,
I ordered several custom order of chameleon from her.
They were chameleon brooch, chameleon badge,
chameleon magnet and just chameleon deco.
Very beautiful, isn’t it? I wore them often to work and outing.

The last thing that I managed to grab so far for my chameleon collection
was this chameleon soft dolls.
I have to put on an adorable face when I requested this
from the exhibitionist of the respective vendor.

It is still not enough.
Just last month, I was contemplating to order embroidered chameleon cloth diaper from the customised group buy of this one cloth diaper brand from abroad. Well, it’s too pricey after calculating currency exchange, I settled with embroidered cat cloth diaper of the same brand instead.

August 11, 2010 Posted by | Hanz's Collectibles and Hobbies | 6 Comments