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Flu Fever Fasting

3rd day of fasting and I am very sick with the runny nose, cough and slight fever and headache.

And yet, I am still standing tall, still fasting and still slaving away the 9-5 job. I have to and I havd been question on taking leaves next Monday and Tuesday. Alamak! How VIPs am I, huh? ekekeke…oh, i don’t care, I need the break and even if I did’nt apply for leaves, I guess I still be taking medical leaves.

Huwaaaaa….please bad, bad flu fever bugs go away, chase another people to play! Huwaaaaaa….I don’t want to be sick when I am on my Annual Leaves.

P/S : Farah lildreamz tips proven to me about sahur with oats and any other food besides rice. The 1st 2 days, we bersahur with oats and milks, we did’nt feel hungry at all and only yesterday, we bersahur with rice, today’s fasting, I feel hungry faster and my stomach feels a little bit upset. So, Chit-chatters, try bersahur without rice and compare the differences.

Anyway, wishing Happy TGIF everyone!!

August 13, 2010 Posted by | Hanz on Random Matters | 16 Comments