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What have you accomplished from your blog, Hanz?

An impromptu writing, a blast of idea flows in after settling office issue just few minutes ago. Read on… :)

230 followers, or I fondly refer as Chit-Chatters. Wow! But, I think I only know a quarter of them either by blogwalking or peeping. This needs to be improved! :)

452 postings for the duration of 1 year, 8 months and 22 days. Used to update blog as I feel that I want to but I think since this year, or was it few months last year I promised myself to update daily except weekends.

I started this blog with the standard blogspot template, then thanks to MomBloggersPlanet, with great support from hubs, he did the next template and after I received feedbacks that my blog quite heavy, I go with the simplest & less colours yet the trademark of Hanz @ TheHoneybunch remain. This is what you see now.

I have launched 4 Giveaways so far, 2 of them related each of my boy’s birthday, and the other two related with this blog. The 3rd and just recently over received generous sponsorships and I felt blessed. And the best part is knowing that others enjoyed receiving the gifts as much as I enjoyed giving them

I have made great friends via this blog and went many great events too.I wish I could be more active like attending birthday parties and not frequently fall in sick whenever I want to fullfill the invitation. My health really needs lots of improvements.

For the fun of it and the prizes offered, I had won several blog contests as well.

This blog made me focus in life somehow as the passions motivates me to do more onto others and the best give that I can ever received when anybody either friends or total strangers but silent readers of my blog told me that from my blog, they learnt something or they decided to change something and it is proven that it works well for them. Another friend just shared this in her blog and I am so happy for her. (You know who you are) Wink! :)

What else? Oh, about the monetary side of it. Oh….this really, really needs to improve.

That’s all I can think of. And I am glad to state to others that I am a blogger and I enjoy of being one! ;D

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