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Do you want to leave a bad memory of yourself?

Salam Friday, everyone! How’s your puasa today? It’s almost the end of the week and as Friday is a good day, some thoughts to ponder, me want to share. something. Read on…

Thanks to Facebook, we are reconnected with old friends. One of my ex-classmates of Year 6, SRK Taman Melawati, (boy, that would be 22 years ago!) has uploaded our class picture and tagged us including myself. And among our reminiscing the good old days were how FIERCE our class teacher!

In fact, surprisingly, few of our friends vividly recalled this one incident which just so happen, happened to the late Haslizam, our friends who passed away recently in a car accident. The horrid incident that took place 22 years ago was that Allahyarham Haslizam’s father had hit a boy on his bike and unfortunately the little boy died. Our nasty class teacher scolded Allahyarham telling the whole class about the unfortunate accident and saying that his father is a very bad person. How could she? That was an accident!! And, how could she scolded the innocent child of the unfortunate man? The father definitely don’t want that thing to happen and the child don’t deserve to be treated that way because of his father!

All of us exchanged stories about our class teacher, on how she like to spank the boys and spoke nastily to the girls. I, myself can even remembered that she called one of our classmates, ‘Bodoh’ when she could’nt do the sum on the blackboards. And, I also remembered that she said those girls involved in school’s choir and missed classes because of choir practices will failed their UPSR. How wrong she was!!! I’ve united with my Year 6 Classmates, almost all of them, and those girls that she talked bad are now successful in their own respective careers.

A teacher is suppose to lead and pour knowledge and wisdom wholeheartedly and in return, received good deeds in life hereafter. But with this kind of teacher that me and my friends used to have, I wonder whether she are living peacefully and contented or not with the life she’s having now?

Hanz’s : The moral value of the story, as long as you live, make friends, no enemies and do good deeds onto others as we want people to remember you because of your good deeds not the bad trails you leave behind.

August 20, 2010 Posted by | Hanz on Random Matters, Hanz's Tips | 11 Comments