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LampinKain Giveaway

Another locally-made cloth diaper, proudly manufactured all in Malaysia. 2 years has been operating and now, more add-on nice printed cloth diapers are available, thus LampinKain is holding it’s first giveaway to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary.

I’m joining in just in the nick of time as today, is the last day of this giveaway. So, what’s the prizes?

They are :
1st Place – 1 LampinKain OS Pocket Diaper – print of your choice (in-stock)
2nd Place – 1 LampinKain OS Pocket Diaper – solid color of your choice (in-stock)
3rd Place – RM50 Voucher for purchases at

For more details of this giveaway, hop-on to :

And to visit LampinKain online store, hop-on to :

Also, LampinKain’s blog, just hop-on to :

Hanz’s : I’m wishing to be the lucky ones. Support Malaysian-made products! Yeah!!!

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Review on Bamboolite Fitted Cloth Diaper

Note :
On the left side is CM TrueFit Fitted Lite – Velcro Closure
(suitable for daytime use and light-wetter)
On the right side is CM TrueFit Fitted Premium – Snap Closure
(suitable for nightime use, outings and heavy-wetter)

What I Like : Made from bamboo fabric mostly as the name goes by, this cloth diaper is very, very soft to baby’s skin. It’s an answer for solution of nappy rash for some babies.

This is the second brand of fitted type that I try
and the fact it is locally made (manufactured in China), I have to say that it is satisfying. Thumbs up for manufacturer of Bamboolite as making fitted type of cloth diapers available in Malaysia, as locally-made fitted is hard to come by. Absorption wise is good for medium-wetter like my lil tot, Hambali and both have been used for nighttime, approximately 8 to 10 hours, despite only prep washed twice for both types and are soaking wet aftr usage, no leaking and no fussiness from my Hambali and does not disrupt his sleeping because of wetness. It just feels slightly damp to his skin, which is very natural to him as he has been cloth almost his entire life. It is quite generous in size too, ample room for chunky thigh baby like Hambali.

I was a bit skeptical of the form of this diaper as fitted with pocket is quite unlikely for the acceptable form of fitted. Somehow, that’s the beauty of it because you can opt either to put the soaker inside the pocket or just lay in. Only then the microfiber side, do ensure that it does not touching the baby’s skin. In a way you can customise the absorption by how you fold the soaker or to add on booster. The array of colours provided are eye-catching too. It is worth your money definitely.

What I dislike : It takes a bit long to dry both soaker and shell (outer). The setting of size as it is onesize type using the elastic band method may be quite confusing for newbies but on the other hand, without row of snaps for size setting, this cloth diaper has a clean finishing.

Obtain from : Going Green Biz

Also available at :, Lovely Goody and of course from the manufacturer itself,

Disclaimer : Reviews based on personal usage to my lil toddler. Not a paid reviews or Advertorial Chat.

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Cloth Diaper paling mahal pernah kubeli

Ini entri poyo.

Sila abaikan kepoyoan ku itewz tapi sebaliknya
nikmatilah pemandangan yang mengasyikkan ini…..

Pemandangan belakang CD

Pemandangan hadapan CD

Pemandangan di dalam CD

Cloth Diaper ni selamat tiba dipangkuanku 20 minit yang lalu, ditempah khas daripada obersea. Jenis AIO, maksudnya pakai macam pempers pakai buanglah, takyah masukkan insert bagai, bezanya tak buanglah selepas dipakai dengan jayanya oleh anakandaku, Hambali. Oh, tak tahan tengok kecomelan sulaman tiga ekor muka kucing tu dan kelembutan dan kegebuan CD ni…Rega CD termasuk kos penghantaran, menghampiri angka RM 140 tunai.

Hanz’s : Orang lain sibuk cari baju raya tapi mama Hambali dah bekalkan CD raya untuk si-Hambali.
Mama Hambali,”Adik, pakai CD ni dari hari raya pertama sampai hari raya ketiga, tau!”

Sengal! ;P

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Cloth Diapering Chit-Chat in Pictures Mode

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I’m off to hold my 1st CLOTH DIAPERING CHIT-CHAT.

Very excited yet very nervous! Anyway, the best part on doing the preparation is to challenge myself to learn more and more. The more research, the better I’m prepared. Not to put any high hopes because this is not to pass an- exam with flying colours. It is suppose to be in relax mode and ambience and just what is name, chit-chat! I’m sharing and learning at the same time. Let’s just hope all goes well and no silly hiccups along the way. See you there!

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Sticky Mode till 7th August, 2010

Salam Jumaat Chit-chatters! (that includes silent readers too!) :-)

Referring to my earlier CHAT, I am so happy and excited that we will have our very first Chit-chat (Borak Santai) on Cloth Diapering. Details as follows:-

Date : 8th of August (Sunday)

Time : 4 – 6 in the evening

Venue : Wisma Bling Lustre, No. 47, Jalan Meranti Jaya 3/1, Tanming Boulevard, Taman Meranti Jaya, Puchong.

By Who : Hanz

Fee : RM15 (Notes & Snacks included) on that day itself / per person or per husband & wife.

Who should attend : Anybody who likes to know more about cloth diapering, just started cloth diapering and even Cloth-Diaper Addicted like Hanz!

Medium : Malay + English + Bahasa Rojak

Topics to chit-chat :
Why parents must favour cloth diaper?
How to start cloth diapering for newbies
Getting to know all types of cloth diapers and its accessories
Caring your cloth diapers
Making Cloth Diapering Journey suits your lifestyle

This chit-chat gathering is very informal. Please feel free to bombarded me with many questions on that day itself and and if I unable answer your inquiries, I can always refer to other Cloth Mamas later. Oh, even if you attend this & have some tips & tricks, I bet me & other moms would love to hear that.

This is sharing session for everyone. Let’s make it happen!

P/ S : Leave your registration in the comment (vis-a-vis) and please leave your email address for further contacts by me.

Updates : Even if you don’t confirm on attending, you are most welcome to attend. Fee still is a must. You can bring your husband, children and friends. Only then, please ensure no interruption like noise or whatsoever. Thanks!
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10 Things I Learnt from our Cloth Diapering Journey

Actually, there’s more than 10 but for some warming-up, here I rest my case..ooppss..I meant my sharing..

1. Before purchasing cloth diaper for the first time, source them out from reliable seller and do inquire things that you unsure of.

2. Each baby is unique likewise your baby would be too. So, there is an existence of many, many types of cloth diapers that would soon be the one that suits your baby. Unlike disposable diapers which is too generic and stressed that your baby must have the same cut like the rest of the baby. Boring!

3. It is good to mingle and get together with other cloth diaper mamas. Besides, exchanging story on cloth diapers, you get to swap and buy from each other. Like Barter system or happily try brands that you would likely to add so preloved is your best bet for trial.

4. Cloth diapering is a lesson in disguise. It is an early exposure on teaching your baby to make decision. You won’t have that priviledge with disposable dipes as each piece is the same. Lure your little toddler to the cloth diaper storage and asked you lil tot to pick cloth diaper that he wants to wear on that nappy change is such a thrill.

5. Treat your baby’s cloth diaper washing task like washing your laundry and voila! you found it is not hassle after all. Provided you know there are rules not meant to be broken.

6. Your other half was reluctant when you prompt to cloth diaper? Keep your mouth shut initially for sometime and sooner or later, you see that he would be excited as you, if not bit, it could be more. Heemmm..a bit on financial evidence is better.

7. Don’t stick to just one type and one brand of cloth diaper. Be adventurous!

8. Indulging in cloth diaper is good as long you stick to your main objective prior to your cloth diapering. But, if being one cloth-diaper addicted is not a burden and never make you feel guilty, then why not? Who cares? It’s your money after all.

9. Why give up so fast when something is not right when you cloth diapering? There’s always a solution and alternatives. Seek other cloth diaper expertise’s advises and ask around for tips and tricks.

10. You will enjoy cloth diapering when you know the TIPS and TRICKS!

Non-cloth diaper Mama : So what’s the tips and tricks, Hanz?

Hanz : Just come to Wisma Bling Lustre,
this Sunday evening around 4 pm and I tell you the rest!
Happy TGIF everyone! ;)
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Alasan biasa kenapa orang tak nak ber-cloth diaper

Sebelum nak senarai alasan ni, nak beritahu ini this chat dari pandangan peribadi from me, pengakuan yang me terima dan juga perkongsian pengalaman kengkawan cloth-diaper mama yang lain.

Antara sebab orang tak nak ber-cloth diaper ialah…

* Lecehlah nak basuh-basuh, kalau najis lagilah, mana larat nak menyental. Mesti ada stain tertinggal kat cloth diaper tu, kan?

* Mahallah cloth diaper ni..sekeping berpuluh ringgit, anak kita pakai *pempers pun sehari 6-7 keping, mana mampu nak beli cloth diaper banyak-banyak?

* Cloth diaper ni takkan bocor ker? Anak saya kencing banyak!

* Iyer ker boleh jimat? Kalau asyik nak membasuh jer, banyak pakai air dengan sabun, elektrik lagi, boleh melambung bil-bil tu semua.

* Mana satu jenis yang sesuai untuk anak saya? Banyak sangat sampai pening nak pilihlah. Kang kalau dah beli, tak sesuai pulak, rugi jer saya.

* Anak saya kulit bermasalah. Dia sesuai pakai brand * tut-tut* jer. Kang tukar pakai kain, lembab-lembab kencing, bermasalahlah kulit dia.

* Taska / Nurseri / Penjaga anak saya mana nak terima kalau saya suruh mereka pakai cloth diaper ni? Lecehlah dioarang nak uruskan, dengan baunya, basah dengan bocor, nak simpan lagi..issshh..lecehlah!

* Nak berjalan-jalan anak pakai cloth diaper? Ish, susahlah! Pakai *pempers kan senang, kotor buang ajer! Nak bawak banyak-banyak lepas tu nak bawa balik..susah nak uruskan.

* Ala…pakai *pempers kan senang, dengan anak pun nak kedekut ker…macam zaman dulu-dululah pakai kain lampin lagi..kita dah moden, guna jelah yang boleh terus buang!

Amacam? Macam pernah dengar ker ayat-ayat tu? Secara telusnya, me pun tak terkecuali masa sebelum berhijrah ke cloth diaper ni. Alasan daripada me ialah part nak basuh dan part nak beli. Tapi itu semua dah tak jadi hal. Alah bisa tegal biasa. Masa mula-mula dulu nak ber-cloth diaper, hubs tanya me, “Awak larat ker nak basuh banyak-banyak?” Itu dulu, dan sampai sekarang hubs tak pernah melipat cloth diaper lepas angkat dari jemuran. Hubs cuma tukang masukkan dalam mesin basuh, kalau bukan me buatlah dan tukarkan lampin. Tapi, kalau nak tahu, sekarang ni bila me nak beli cloth diaper kena tanya hubs dulu. Bukan sebab wang ringgit yang difikirkan tapi design! Kang kalau corak atau warna tak berkenan, banyaklah ngomelan yang tak sedap didengar dari dia. Hehehe…see? Dia pun dah ‘involve’ dalam dunia cloth diaper ni dan dia pun suka tengok bam bam anak bongsu dia funky-licious! ekekekek..

So, kalau alasan-alasan macam yang kat atas tu antara penyebab anda tak nak ber-cloth diaper, mari chit-chat ngan me dan mari me tukar pandangan anda yer. Rasa nak bangga sikit, boleh tak? Okay, just nak beritahu, ada kengkawan telah pun bertukar ke cloth diaper setelah sekian lama baca my sharing on cloth diaper kat chatterbox ni. Malah ada yang dah jadi penjual cloth diaper pun. So…kalau anda nak tahu lebih lanjut, marilah hadirkan diri pada hari Ahad ni bersamaan 8 Ogos di Wisma Bling Lustre pukul 4 petang.

Ini ada sedikit peek on my preparation side….

Semua tu sebahagian daripada cloth diaper yang anda boleh lihat, malah pegang nanti yand didatangi daripada pelbagai rupa, dibuat daripada pelbagai fabrik dan fungsinya berbeza-beza. Telah dipinjamkan oleh seorang kawan yang sangat arif pasal cloth diaper. Itu baru sedikit, belum campur collection from yours truly. Nak cerita pasal apa? Setakat one-size cloth diaper tu dah common, kan? Apa kata kita kenal pula apa itu Fitted Diaper, AI2, AIO, Cover, Prefold, Hybrid, Flip Diaper dan kenal pelbagai jenis insert, apa itu soaker, liner, booster dan macam-macam lagi. Peningkah? Once you see it yourself, you won’t anymore.

See you there this Sunday. Anything, check kat stickt post tu ya….

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Today’s story is Bamboolite Group Buy Completed & Giveaway Ends

I was so excited receiving my very first order on holding a group buy for this Bamboolite Cloth Diapers. Slight headache here & there but alhamdullillah, it finally ended with me beaming joy & smiling from ear to ear. Now, need to start to send them out to those who joined this group buy.

Freshly received by yours truly this morning!
Oh, thanks so much, Qay on your GREAT OFFER plus entertaining the endless amendment here & there in this order but in the end, WE MADE IT. You are one great seller, Qay!

Finally the current giveaway has end. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely stories, to all my dear friends whom participate this giveaway. I really enjoyed reading it very much.Please give me sometime to evaluate and do the judging along with other judges. And, the just-ended giveaway most probably the last giveaway I would be holding for this year. I need to prioritise my obligations and some things has to end temporarily.

Gosh, I am totally busy and blogwalking also is hardly achievable nowadays. I really want to visit you my Chit-Chatters, and even if I did, I did’nt manage to leave my words behind. My workload has increased and so is my other activities.


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Siapa berminat nak attend chit-chat Cloth Diapering?

STICKY MODE till 25th July, 2010

Me ada satu passion. Selain suka chameleon dan bercita-cita nak bela chameleon, me juga suka Cloth Diaper. Memanglah bukan me yang pakai, tapi suka tengok my Baby Hambali yang pakai. Me rajin basuh, belek-belek, masukkan insert dalam poket, rajin mengushar CD, rajin buat self-research, rajin jawab soalan pasal CD dan tidak dilupakan rajin juga membeli.

Oleh sebab itu, me rasa sudah tiba masanya me nak buat meet-up, ala2 get-together, macam sembang-sembang tu kan untuk semua peminat CD! Eh, bukan peminat CD sajer, yang penting pada sesiapa yang mahu tahu lebih lanjut pasal CD, segalanyer tentang DUNIA CD-ing, mari kita sama2 kemukakan pada Hanz! Eih, Hanz itu bukan me ker?

Why nak buat ni?

Out out my passion, out of my concern & simply sharing! Ooopsss..gini ceritanyer…me receive quite of numbers Qs dalam email, FB, face-to-face dan segala bentuk soalan pasal CD-ing ni. Tak semua orang boleh jadi macam Hanz, gi berguru CD sendiri jer! (Perasanlah tu!) No..itu memang kenyataan sebenarnyer coz itulah me, my character, kalu me minat pasal sesuatu, me akan go all out cari ilmu sebanyak dan sebaik mungkin. (Eih, ni nak cerita pasal aper ni?)

Anyway, me sangat-sangat memahami tentang sesetengah ibu-ibu di luar sana, ada yang berhajat nak ber-CD tapi tak tahu bagaimana dan dengan saper nak rujuk. Nak rujuk dengan penjual CD? Ada penjual CD yang sangat berhemah dan sangat membantu dan ada juga yang bo-layan jer. Betul tak? Ada tu pula sekadar nak jual produk dia jer. Tapi dalam DUNIA CD ni sebenarnya luas. Banyak yang boleh dipelajari (macam kat sekolahlah pulak!) dan sebenarnya banyak kebaikan dan kelebihan kita boleh dapat dalam ber-CD ni. Cuma nak kena tahu caranya. (Eh, Hanz nak kongsi tips ker?) Dan, sebenarnya tak susah mana pun ber-CD ni.

Dah ramai kengkawan yang menggalakkan me buat chit-chat ala2 workshop ni dan ada yang dah beritahu nak attend. So, why not?

So, how about U? Berminat? Me bukan nak jual mana2 brand CD tau, just me akan bawa few collections untuk contoh, me buat nota sempoi sambil kita sembang-sembang dan kunyah biskut.

Kalu berminat, tinggalkan tanda minat tu kat entry ni ya. PLEASE tinggalkan email address, senang me nak further contact. Bolehlah jugak kasi tahu apa yang akan dijangka dan expectation dalam chit-chat ni, so boleh me prepare. Kalau ada banyak soalan lagi bagus, just kasi tahu,ok? Maybe small fee akan chargeable just nak cover modal air liur Hanz, nota sempoi dan sewa tempat. Cepat tau! Kasi tahu kat kengkawan jugak. Akan dibuat sebelum bulan Ramadhan…insyaAllah…

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