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Why I believe in Homeschooling (Part 2)

Have you read the first part? If not, click HERE, please.

I am neither getting on to school-bashing nor trying to change the education system for that is a long and tedious process, that is better left to educational experts.

In retrospect, I could recalled how our parents approach education in economic terms, meaning landed a well-prospect career and concerned about getting a job with their certificates so that they could earn comfortable salaries to live a comfortable life. Occupation like doctors, lawyers, engineers and teachers , just to name a few are the noted popular among children,.When we ask little kids what they want to be when they grow up, those jobs are among the answer. I am one of those cookie-cutter children and still remember it very well that my kiddies ambition is to become a doctor. I want to rebel. I want my boys to change the answer when this very same question thrust to them. I want the answer to be, “I want to become a well-rounded person :academically intelligence, emotionally sound and morally in tact” OR simply “I want to be valuable in whatever I am doing in my life”

As a parent, we want the best for our children, right? I believe in my two boy’s potential and I also know it very well in what areas they lack. For things that each of my boys are lacking, the approach would be different and it cater to their needs. For things they excel, I simply polish it up, make it shines and keep on shining.Hubs and me have to trust our children and listen to what our hearts tells us and let our intelligences guide us along this journey.

I must admit to homeschool is not an easy task. This decision was thoroughly thought with much weighing on the pros and cons between me and hubs.The choice that we make would be evaluated from time to time.

When I finished reading about homeschool by Malaysian family (even still halfway) of Chong Wai Leng’s book, Learning Beyond Schooling, I was excited with all the activities and the ideas that I can line up for my boys. You see, we set the pace, the environment, the tools and in fact, we would become the learner as well. A lot of my friend’s who has been homeschooling told me that they learn as well from their children. Likewise, there’s an old saying that goes, The best way to know you excel in that particular skills is to teach it back.

Besides, there’s one skill that I think most of you would agree with me that our national educational system is lacking. Producing the next generation with creative thinking and problem-solving mind. I would say, it’s been ages that the lesson that took place was too exam and grades oriented and not much on hands-on or acquiring knowledge and skills as much as experiences involved. Too spoil and the current generation especially the fresh graduates are spoon-fed. This mindset and attitudes more or less could be associated with how the education system has been going on. That’s why we can see the increase number of unemployed graduates.It needs changes or else the alternatives that we have is for you as the parents to be involve and to take an active part on how you want to mold your children.

I shall be chatting more and more about homeschooling. Perhaps my next chat I would do a bit of sharing on what homeschooling is all about since I received a lot of inquiries on this.

Hanz’s : InsyaAllah, I would create another blog that specifically about homeschool by yours truly.

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Why I believe in Homeschooling (Part 1)

This is entirely my opinion. I believe everyone has the right to make their own decisions for their own children. I also do NOT believe that ALL children should be homeschooled, nor do I believe every family is capable of doing it, or should. With all my heart and soul, here are some of many reasons why I personally believe in homeschooling.

I was homeschooled for a short period of my life, the preschooler’s age of my life. I shared this in this chat : Saya tak pernah sekolah tadika (Bahagian 1) & Saya tak pernah sekolah tadika (Bahagian 2). Having that priviledges of being home taught by my moms and siblings and letting the world to give me the lesson of life, I sped my learning process which proudly outsmarted most of my peers when I attended primary school. Be it reading, maths and even other subjects as well. I strongly owed that to the factor that my learning was never stressful, it was enjoyable and it was also out of my own freewill. Thirsting for knowledge, my curiosty was fed with enthusiasm and love. And the enjoyment ended once I attended primary. There’s homework to finish, exams to excel, peer pressure on who will be in the most popular prettier group. As my own nature, I am quite reserved, firm and studious, I instantly being noted as serious and discipline by my teachers so elected as school’s prefects was’nt going to win you any popularity contest. Instead, less fun on part of socialising. As I myself enjoyed the short period of homeschooled, I want my own children have it longer as long as we could.

I love learning constantly. I suppose my brain cell will die if any at one point of my life, I just go on living without having any purpose, without doing any learning or without ongoing something that requires stimulation on the intelligence’s side. Having to search, putting it up altogether on what my boys can keep on learning is a self-fulfillment. To witness that they learn something new in any minute, at any place, leaves my heart fluttering and my face beaming with joy. I want my boys to love the lifelong learning like I am too. Grades, merits will come second and just followsuit once they are happy requiring the knowledge and experiences. It’s the processing on how we learn that matters.

Reality bites, right? Allowing my boys to face what the world is all about at early age rather sparing the reality on how the world is, would be ilike feeding them lies and lies. Development of each child is different, we as a human beings comes in all shapes and sizes and does age really matter in the world? Even if you group children under the same-age group, would that make it easier for the teacher to mann them? Maturity level of each individual differs so grouping them under the same-age group leaves question mark to me.

Some has this notion that homeschool is like robbing them the socialising among peers especially the same age and enjoying their childhood the most. But, would you rather allowing your child having peer pressures, exposing them to negative elements that are so commonplace in schools like foul language, bullying, materialism, sexual harassment, disrespect for authority and many social illnesses that we constantly read from mass media? Looking it from this point of view, homeschooling was’nt a really bad option after all.

More reason for my beliefs in homeschool which relates to my child’s potential and my determination which I shall continue in Part 2.

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Extremely busy but new projects would still be running

I did a lot of brainstorming on my own. I gather at times if to put it in visual description…. my brain nerves, dendrit, axion must have been holding a meeting up there. Sometimes, I scolded myself for having the feeling of greediness of wanting to do so many things and yet accomplishment rated as failed to meet the satisfactory bar.

Like last night while nursing my lil tot, suddenly the brainstorm occurred again. I got this idea on to unite people. Up to the point I’m chatting it here, the structure still unable to pen down, but then again, I think the priority is to get another party to assist me as well. If all went well, then can launch another project soon.Nope, it’s not going to be another giveaway. A bit different but something to do with this blog though.

I have to admit the writer’s blog in me hit frequently lately. Sometimes, I’m just too tired to come out with anything to chat here.

Very soon, hubs & me will be very busy on Homeschool Preps as well. With fasting month just lurked around the corner, productivity predicted to slow down for me. Recently, The Boss and me had a small talk. As I approached him earlier on flexi-hour, the day that I had a discussion, it will be materialized next January. I will be working 3 days a week. Other terms and conditions are still pending. Both Saturday and Sunday definitely is the day for Homeschool lesson and to earn extra 2 days to be at home with my boys is a bonus! 4 days of schooling and the world would be Hanafi’s Classroom. And, maybe this is more steps forward to become a Work At Home Mom..who knows? Let’s pray for the best!

I’ve been brainstorming as well, whether to create another blog just for Homeschool. Perhaps I should. A blog is like an online journal and by putting it in more structured way, I reckon we will be more focus, systematic and ah well, a niche blog like that would be nice, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking also that maybe I should return to conventional way of putting your thoughts and organizing life. The writing it down diary.

Now,now,now…I better put all this Brainstorming ideas quickly before it slipped my mind.

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Homeschool 201 : Adopting Montessori for toddler’s motor-skill activity (Part 2)

Have you read the first part of this Montessori approach toddler’s activity? Click HERE if you have missed it.

Activity #3 : Threading

Objective : Eye-hand coordination and improves concentration and dexterity


1. We bought the ready-made threading toy last time from Pusat Sains Negara. Actually, you can make it yourself by getting a thicker thread like wool yarn or strings or even old shoelaces. Some art store or sewing store sells beads in various sizes but make sure you find the one with holes on both sides.

2. Show how it needs to be done for the first time for your toddler. This activity requires lots of patience and be prepared that your toddler may show frustration over failure attempts.

Activity #4 : Pincer grasp and colour matching

Objective :
Practice finger grasp and flexibility

Steps :

1. You just need medium-sized (toddler-sized better) thong, few colourful small hair tie-bands, a wide flat bowl, 1 colour pallette and few coloured papers and double-sided tape. Make sure the coloured papers match the coloured bands, like yellow paper with yellow bands. 6 pairs of colours will do as the coloured pallette only have six round spaces.

2. I prefer to paste coloured papers onto the spaces in the pallettes rather coloured the palletes. Colours may peeled-off over time and won’t last as well as contains chemicals.

3. As always, you need to show for the first time, how this activity needs to be done. Your toddler only needs to grasp the bands using the thong to the coloured pallettes.

3. Once all bands inside each spaces, toddler can do the reverse by putting it back to the bowl.

4. This activity can be tiring for toddler’s little fingers so stop immediately when your toddler shown irritant.

Hanz’s : Baby Hambali is not in the picture to model this time round since these two activities is the least activities he like especially the threading.

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Recycled Art by talented children

While browsing with my elder boy, Hanafi sometime around March at Sunway Giza, we came across an exhibition by students of The Art Workshop.

Meant to be hardcore blogger, I swiftly clicked away all these masterpieces.

The thing that I love about them is it was a recycled art. Inspired me to do the same for an art project with my boys.

They displayed few paintings too.

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I think my tot is…

I think my tot is clever because he is breastfed baby. He feeds according to his needs, he is alert with his natural instinct and his tastebud is at his peak. Thanks to Mama’s breastmilk that came with various flavour, my tot is not a fussy eater.

I think my tot is clever because he is cloth diapered baby. At a very young age, he is already aware whenever the nature’s calling and he asked to be changed when there is too much to be contain in his diaper. He gets to choose fancy print and happy with the soft squishy fabric touching his bum. Nowadays, he chooses his own cloth diaper to be wear. So Mama got extra work. No more plain diapers and have to get the funky prints one instead.

I think my tot is clever because he is signing baby. Crying to get what he wants is not his lingo. He signed for feeding, poopy diapers, watching videos, reading and etcetra..Mama & Papa is happy and yes, he starts to add more vocabulary. So who said signing will slowing down the talking department?

I think my tot is clever because he is babywearing baby. What Mama & Papa seen and done is part of his life experienced too. Never feel left-out and now he is a natural mimick and some lesson are better learnt by observing instead being taught of.

I think my tot is clever because he is homeschool baby. Starting early on exposure of books and lots of constructive play plays an important role in his growing. Ongoing stimulation and never let the day went idle. Ticking to think and he is well-off learning constantly!

Hanz’s Note : A musing by a contented Mama. This keeps me going and I believe on what I’m doing.

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Homeschool 201 : Adopting Montessori for toddler’s motor-skill activity (Part 1)

A bit of history on Montessori… Montessori approach in teaching children was founded by Maria Montessori. Initially was meant for the handicapped children but after sometime, she realized it can be good too for any children. Montessori basically & partially stressed on motor-skill in learning & would utilised specially created tools for manipulation on specifically-purposed activity.

I, myself was fascinated by its concept but not really well-trained in this area. Somehow, I managed to get hands-on experienced before by working in Montessori preschool. I made a mental note on few activities they catered for their students and now I adopted some activities as part of my younger boy’s activity.

These two are Baby Hambali’s favourite activities!

Activity #1 : Pouring

Objective : Living Skills on pouring water (spatial skills)

Steps :
1. You just need two small plastic jugs about the size of your child can manage & few balls.
2. Show your child how this activity to be done one time only. Then your child can do the same.
3. After some time, you can replace the balls with smaller objects and finally replace it with water.

The ultimate objective for this skill is to pour water without any drops missed.

Activity #2 : Spooning

Objective : Living Skills on spooning (spatial skills)

Steps :

1. You just need 1 ice-cube containers & marbles (quantity just enough to fit each ice holes), 1 plastic container & small spoon.
2. Place all marbles in the container & show to your child that he or she is required to spoon each marble into each hole of the ice-cube containers. 1 marble is per 1 hole.
3. Ensure your child only using spoon to do this activity & he or she is disallowed to use the finger to slot in the marbles.
4. After all holes filling in, then asked your child to spoon the marble back to the container.
5. This activity can be repeated few times & let your child decide on how many times he or she want to do it.

CAUTION : Be careful on attending small objects. Never leave your child unattended because it can caused choking.

Hanz’s Note : Next, threading & pincer grasp activity plus colour-match

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Weekend’s Teaser : When my boys attended school

What school? Oh, just homeschool and
dear Mama & Papa is the teacher cum facilitator cum trainer.
All pictures below are norm to us
can be seen either weekday nights or weekends

Both boys are fully focus watching from educational videos till Baby Hambali could not stay awake being attentive with the lesson.

Each boy has their own writing board and here they were engrossed with doodle writing or perhaps recalling what have being learnt.

Favourite activity. Colouring….

Hanz’s Note : TGIF everyone!!!

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Homeschool 604 : First Science Trip – Pusat Sains Negara

We were at Pusat Sains Negara last Saturday after attended Parent-Teacher’s Day of Hanafi’s Rehal Class, to fully use the celebration of Kidz Month there. Unfortunately, due to ASTRO CARNIVAL, they cancelled the whole activities lined-up of the day. So we just had a tour inside with ongoing explanation to Hanafi on science concept that suits his preschooler’s level. Unable to fit in too much information because of age inappropriateness. So, we treated it as Hanafi’s more exposure with application a bit on Science & Baby Hambali’s first introduction to science.

Let’s just enjoy some of the pictures, shall we?

The Sound Room.
When you step on the light,
different sound of animals could be heard.

Baby Hambali’s concentrating on detecting different pitch.
Lesson on sound, wave & vibration hemm, Hambali?

Hanafi could’nt figured out why
human beings made up partly of bones.

Anyway, he enjoyed being Transformer of the day.

Magnets & voltage lesson.

What were the boys up to?
By that time,
I’m wearing Baby Hambali
& he was fast asleep, his head rested
on my chest.

The Papa was engrossed with this Robotic Game

Graffiti Shoot & Paint & Bike Racing?

This is the pathway and above your head,
a curvy-shaped Aquarium will greet you

History of Nobel Prize and
wall of Nobel Prize Recipients

Care to tickle your wit with IQ Puzzle on the wall?

And then,
there was ASTRO Carnival
specifically Playhouse Disney Channel

See the Ben 10? Since we’re too far,
pretending to be one will do for Hanafi

Some Jigsaw Puzzle game

Captured moment with one of Mama’s
favourite comic strip, Garfield.
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Main daun terup tak semestinya berjudi

Selepas menyaksikan sekumpulan tiga anak dara seksi dan seorang jejaka tampan leka main daun terup di celahan pengunjung yang asyik menikmati juadah makan malam di Restoran Vichhuda malam tadi, hati me terdetik, “Apara diaorang ni, tak malu ker..orang datang sini nak makan, korang main daun terup pulak, korang ingat ni kasino ker?” Sejenak tu juga, me cepat-cepat betulkan persepsi, “Diaorang main suka-sukalah, bukannya berjudi pun, ada nampak ker, duit ringgit bertaburan atas meja..mesti diaorang boring tunggu makanan lambat hidang, jadi nak isi masa jer tu…”

Me teringat me ni sebenarnya peminat tegar dan pemain daun terup yang agak terer yang ajar dear hubby main daun terup, masa honeymoon phase… tau! Hubby pun jadi addicted…tapi la ni dah ada dua anak, dah lama tak main daun terup, oh harus mula balik ni, tunggu Baby Hambali besar sikit.

Saper yang ajar me main daun terup? Sapa lagi kalau bukan abang-abang kandung me. Masa tu me punya umur around 10, 11 tahun kut. Diaorang mula-mula ajar game ‘Colek’ pastu ‘Kandang’..tak lama tu ajar main ‘Jerami’ (Gin Rummy). Pelik dan kelakar jer bunyi game tu kan? Nak tahu camner nak main, meh datang berguru ngan me. Takyah risaulah..takder libatkan duit pun, bukan nak berjudi..

Abang ada jugak ajar camner nak buat trick ngan daun terup.Bila me dah mahir buat trick tu..dah sekolah menengah baru me terfikir, camner trick tu menjadi yer? Tak mungkin magik! Pastu, slowly buat analisis, trial-and-error and then finally baru figure out..OH!! IT’S ALL ABOUT MATHEMATICS!!!..hehehe..punyalah rasa diri ini hebat bila discover rahsia trick tu. See? Mathematics is fantastic, kan?

My mom marah jugak kami adik-beradik main daun terup sebab dia kata tak berfaedah. Tapi, my mom ada silap bab faedah tu.Sebenarnya, bila me dah jadi parents, me realize game2 yang me biasa main tu menguji dan mengasah kepintaran otak sebenarnya. Ada dua tiga game lagi me biasa main yang boleh main sorang-sorang dan melibatkan mathematics.

Me dah wariskan pun kat Hanafi satu game yang dipanggil ‘Jam’. Dah namanyer pun jam, berkait ngan jam-lah. Jadi daun terup tak semestinya berjudi…orang dulu-dulu selalu beranggapan begitu. Madam Teoh Po Yew, ahli MENSA dan pakar mathematics kat Malaysia ni pun galakkan guna daun terup untuk pembelajaran mathematics. Nanti me akan chat pasal game ‘jam’ tu di lain masa.

Hanz’s : Alaaaa….korang biasa main ‘Solitaire’ kat komputer kan? Maknanya korang pun biasalah ngan daun terup. Tak judi pun kan? Kan?

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