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Homeschool 603 : Commercial Art

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Art & Craft activity for preschooler to fill in time. Materials readily available and easy to do.

Scratch Art

Sand Art
Stained-deco Art

Hanz’s Note : Commercial Art comes in package and targeted at certain age group. Easily available at many places and easy to handle by young children especially preschooler. It’s fun, fast and affordable.Good for fine-motor skills practices and good early exposure to get your child love art before you move on to something more complicated that requires inner creativity.

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Homeschool 602 : Mengajar anak membaca pantas dengan e-Xra

e-Xra ialah singkatan untuk eclectic-Express reading approach dan boleh diterjemahkan sebagai pendekatan pengenalan silibik secara ekspres. Tanpa perlu mengeja, tanpa perlu mengenal abjad dan tanpa perlu membunyikan huruf, ia merupakan satu teknik membaca cepat melalui mengenal dan mengecam bunyi sukukata.

Kaedah ini telah diilham, ditulis dan disusun oleh Pn. Rohayati Haroun yang mempunyai kelulusan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains dari Kanada dan telah disemak oleh suaminya, Profesor Madya Dr. Mohamed Amin Embi, pensyarah dalam bidang TESL di Fakulti Pendidikan, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Keseluruhan pakej mengandungi beberap buah buku bacaan mengikut tahap kemahiran berperingkat, beberapa buah buku latihan menulis, buku panduan mengajar dan CD-rom interaktif untuk pengukuhan.

Untuk bacaan dalam bahasa Inggeris pula, e-Xra telah menggabungkan kedua-dua konsep phonics dan whole language approach.Pakej seperti bahasa Malaysia juga.

Kaedah e-Xra ini telah memenangi anugerah Rekacipta tahun 2003 dari Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi. Maklumat lanjut sila dapatkan di halaman web

Hanz’s Note : Sebelum mengajar Hanafi membaca dalam bahasa Malaysia, Hanafi telah lama didedahkan bermula dengan membaca bahasa Inggeris melalui kaedah penggunaan Whole Word Approach dengan buku-buku bersiri Ladybird, Peter & Jane dan disusuli dengan kaedah phonics.

Hanafi agak bermasalah dalam membaca dalam bahasa Malaysia pada peringkat permulaan semasa pernah ke sekolah tadika selama tiga bulan. Apabila telah diperkenalkan dengan kaedah e-Xra, sejak bulan April tahun lepas sehingga sekarang, alhamdulillah…Hanafi sudah boleh membaca dalam bahasa Malaysia dengan lancar. Sekarang ni dia dah kyusuk membaca buku cerita dan majalah kanak-kanak setelah amat yakin dengan kebolehannya. Me sendiri pernah mengikuti kursus cara menggunakan kaedah e-Xra ini anjuran pencipta kaedah ini sendiri. Sangat mengesyorkan pelaburan ini dibuat oleh ibu bapa dan tenaga pengajar.

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How to encourage creativity in toddler

Do it like TheHoneybunch…..

1. Allow your little toddler to extend the function of things. The possibility of creating a multi-purpose concept of his belonging and other thing creates a little inventor.

2. Observe what your little toddler is up to without any intervention. Being sneaky actually meaning your little toddler has been thinking on how to solve his problem. Don’t underestimate the lack of physical attributes doesn’t mean that your little toddler is incapable to be creative.

Mama : Some things I found so far are cookies crumbs, lego pieces, tiny cars, alphabets magnets and cereals ‘hidden’ nicely at the edge of my files and folders.The above picture is an evidence.
3. Expose to lots and lots of toys that involves assembling and build like LEGO. The percentage of masterpiece is endless.

4. Practice their fine-motor skills a lot. Encourage kneading, rolling, twisting, pinching, punching, grasping, pulling, poking, princing and even balancing.The best way through clay play.

5. Mess is good. Colours is fun.Science concept basics.

Finally, bring your little toddler to different surrounding and the best place is get your little toddler close to nature. Just let your little toddler explore our Mother Earth as much he or she wanted!

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Homeschool 601 : Teaching English as a second language at your home

To be honest, I did not use any specific syllabus or using any specific programs on educating my eldest boy, Hanafi, the English language. Neither do we send him to any English class. Basically, it dawned back to self-research, the available resources and the knowledge and experiences that I possess.

My objective on how I approach my son to meet the needs of fluency of this language is very simple. As long, he can read, be able to pronounce the words correctly, understand what he read and write and able to communicate in that language, it is good enough for his age for the time being.

I started of the exposure on English by repetition of read-aloud to him, educational videos and simple sentences and common action words in our daily conversation. These went on since babyhood to toddlerhood and by the age of 3 and a half, the lesson became structured and routine. Here’s a little bit sharing on how it went and still an ongoing process.


English is a funny language. You have Phonics and the Whole Word approach to teach reading. There is many debates ongoing on which is the best approach to teach child to read in English.

After much debates going around, many education experts agree it is essential to use both approaches. Most teachers or parents and many centers that provides English lesson, a lot of phonics has been emphasises. And some concentrate on the Whole Word approach. Actually you need to do both. Tthe difference between them is that Phonics is based on sounds and identifying common syllables which is great for spelling. While Whole Word approach is more on memorizing and emphasizing and widening your vocabulary.

Click here to understand more what is Whole Word Approach.

Click here to understand more what is Phonics Approach.

For a structured reading lesson, I begun with Whole Word approach for Hanafi for two years and only last year, I started Phonics. I did this because I do not want him to get confuse and since Hanafi has a great memory, he speeds up his reading. I used Keywords With Ladybird or famously known as Peter and Jane. Currently, Hanafi almost finishing his 5A book and going for 5B very soon. For your information, the Peter and Jane comes in 3 parts of Series. The A series is for introduction, the B series is for drilling and the C series is for emphasizing by writing practice.

I make it a point to possess the whole sets which I don’t buy it at one go. Bit by bit and getting them by best deal several times from several major bookstores. I am a bargain hunter!

Then, add on with Phonics and as I had attended Phonics method training, I created the Phonics system on my own and utilised these Phonic books that comes in set of 12 books.

2) Writing

I believe in Copy Writing for a beginner is a must. Started off with common words like objects, verbs and nouns and explained the meaning as he go along copying the words.

Then, move on to sentence writing. Again, common sentence which is part of common conversation too.

3) Comprehension and Composition

I used Read With Ladybird series which is very good for the way its upgrading its level of difficulties based on child’s capabilities. After reading each story, I would asked Hanafi to copy the short story. By this, he is not reading again, but simultaneously, familiarise himself with sentence structure and spelling.

As Hanafi ongoing his reading, I did’n stop to explain what he is reading at. I emphasised the sound and the familar words beforehand. Only after he has finished each book, I would jot down seveal words that can be found in his Peter and Jane book and write down the meaning by translating it to Malay language. I call this Vocabulary Book.From time to time, I asked him to read this book.

4) Speaking and Interacting

At most now, we mixed languages when interacting and conversing. This part needs lots of improvement since Hanafi could understand but sometimes he’s a bit reluctant to converse back in English. We are planning getting a hold of Classic Indoor Games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Happy Family, Old Maid and plenty more whereby the conversing English would be on role.

Apart from that, currently, Hanafi is doing lots of spelling for common words which we did spontaneously anywhere and anytime.

Hanz’s Note : This sharing chat is dedicated to Pija for her inquiry the other day. Sorry for this delayance, dear. It’s been ages I did’nt up chat on our Homeschool routines.And sorry folks for this chat contain lots of grammatical errors.

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Saya tak pernah sekolah tadika (Bahagian 2)

Mari sambung celoteh pasal tadika, homeschooling dan segala…

Kalau tak silap me, first time terjumpa terms homeschooling ni sekitar tahun 2004, baru jadi Mama…terjumpa website Family Place ( yang diasaskan oleh pasangan KV Soon & Chong Wai Leng. Pasangan ni ajar tiga orang anak, bekerja sendiri dari rumah dan antara pelopor homeschooling kat Malaysia ni. Sebabkan me masih lagi bekerja sepenuh masa masa tu, rasa tak mungkin boleh buat homeschooling ni. Tapi me tetap selidik dari semasa ke semasa pasal homeschooling ni. Ikutkan negara luar dah terlalu biasa dengan konsep homeschooling tapi di Malaysia agak banyak yang perlu dibaiki.

Nak tahu lebih lanjut pasal homeschooling di Malaysia ni, boleh baca karya Chong Wai Leng ni. Me sangat-sangat mengesyorkan buku ni pada yang berminat pasal homeschooling, bersesuaian dengan situasi pendidikan di Malaysia.

Tak lama tu, terlintas di hati nak mendalami pendidikan awal kanak-kanak sebab terlebih rajin dok surf website sana sini, baca majalah parenting, beli buku parenting, so why not teruskan dengan lebih spesifik? Search sana sini, terjumpalah kursus diploma yang part-time dari Universiti Malaya. Setahun setengah, kelas pun hari Sabtu jer, the whole day & habis selidik dapat tahu, kursus ni banyak hands-on. Selepas dah timbang-tara segala yang berkaitan, diteruskanlah niat tu, jadilah me pelajar ‘tua’ pendidikan awal kanak-kanak. Nak jadikan cerita lagi kena VSS pulak kat company lama dulu, jadi bolehlah me concentrate ngan study walau part-time. Dah alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, sempatlah 8 bulan, tanam anggur, me pun terus daftar kat SSM for my enterprise ,The Honeybunch Enterprise, jual VCD Kanak-kanak. My servis special tau sebab me review each VCD yang me jual. Honesty is the best policy. Diikutkan my boys banyak koleksi VCD hasil bisnes dulu dan VCD adalah antara tool yang penting me guna untuk ajar anak-anak. Trust me. It works & it fast!

Tak lama tu me pun apply kerja jadi guru tadika. Naklah aplikasikan apa yang me dah belajar,kan? Malam-malam jadi Cikgu Tuisyen ajar Matematik sampai tahap Darjah Enam jer. Happy jugak mengajar ni sebab mengajar peringkat tadika memerlukan kelainan dan Cikgu Tuisyen pulak nak bagi motivasi. Hari-hari kena ada approach yang berbeza-beza dan yang me suka part nak buat alatan pembelajaran. Masa nilah boleh tunjuk skill kreativiti. Seronok tau. Ralit bila mengadap peralatan lukisan.

Nai ikutkan lama tak lama me dalam bidang pendidikan sampai ke tahap jadi Pengetua Tadika. Tapi, me hanya boleh merancang. Me terpaksa akur dengan takdir bila me disahkan hamil buat kali kedua, sakit macam-macam, me quit dari bekerja. Sekali lagi jadi penganggur. Masa nilah me concentrate ajar Hanafi daily..betul-betul buat homeschooling. Masa jadi guru tu, homeschooling buat jugak cuma tak fully. Me memang take note perkembangan each of my boys. Ilmu yang ada hasil dari belajar dan pencarian, me cuba sebaik mungkin untuk diaplikasikan to my two boys.

Me ni macam CHAMELEON, bidang pendidikan pun boleh, bidang bisnes management pun boleh.Memang rezeki kami, bila me start balik kerja 9 to 5, me jumpa employer yang baik hati. Dapat keizinan bawa anak ke opis ni bukan senang nak dapat kat mana-mana, kan? Cuma Hanafi yang me bawa ke opis. Last year, hanya 2 kali seminggu tapi this year dah everyday. Sebabnya sebelah pagi, Hanafi akan attend kelas agama (TAFA), 9 sampai 11. Masa tengah hari, me gunakan ajar dia membaca dan menulis. Petang-petang, buat masa ni dua kali seminggu Hanafi attend kelas e-Nopi Matematik, biasanya sebelum dan selepas kelas, bila Hanafi dah bangun dari nap-time, me sambung ajar dia. Hanafi lebih banyak buat latihan yang me dah allocate untuk dia hari-hari. Tapi opis ni nak pindah soon. Tak tahulah sama ada boleh teruskan bawa Hanafi ke opis ke tidak. Me berdoa dipermudahkan segala urusan…

Bertugas di opis sekarang, internet adalah kawan baik yang paling akrab. Tak boleh bayangkan internet takde dalam hidup. Huissh! Haru! Selain kewujudan Chatterbox ni, dapat ramai kawan, jumpa pulak mereka yang betul-betul buat homeschool. Mamafiza, pengasas Malaysia Homeschool Unite ( dan owner blog Littlekittle ( yang famous tu, Coachsha, Sandra Rocco, Elaine, Joan Darcy dan ramai lagi pun buat homeschooling jugak.

Tambah bersemangat selepas attend Homeschool Chatter Moment anjuran Mamafiza dan Blogger VIP yang hadir, Red Mummy. Boleh tengok cerita penuh kat sini. => Homeschool Chatter Moment.

Masih banyak yang me perlu perbaiki bab-bab homeschool ni & me masih timba ilmu dari mereka yang lebih berpengalaman. Ilmu kena sentiasa ditimba. Sesunguhnya, my boys pun akan ikut dan sedang mengikut jejak langkah me yang tak pernah tadika seumur hidup. Me yakin homeschool is the best for them. Me akan perjuangkan homeschool ni sampai tahap yang me mampu.


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Saya tak pernah sekolah tadika (Bahagian 1)

Orang selalu bertanya pada saya, “Anak tak sekolah ker hari ni?”

Me akan jawab sama ada “Tak…dia Homeschool..” atau “Dia sekolah ngan Mama nyer..”. Lepas tu sama ada si penanya mendiamkan diri atau terus bertanya lagi. Kalau diam tu, tak tahulah sama ada dia faham ke tidak dengan my jawapan tapi kalau tanya camni, “Homeschool? homeschool kat mana?”

Errrrkkk…camna me nak jawab ya?

Kalau nak jawab kat rumah, dah tentu tak tepat sebab my eldest boy, Hanafi ada bersama-sama me kat opis..tapi satu persoalan yang ketara…apa yang orang faham pasal Homeschool ni? Ingat ada center buat Homeschool ker macam kelas Kumon tu? Ker diaorang Homeschool tu nama tadika?

Sebelum me bagi pendapat & kongsi info pasal homeschool, nak juga tahu pendapat Chit-chatters pasal homeschool..sila beri pendapat atau kongsi cerita atau pengalaman, boleh? Thank you in advance!!!

“Apa yang saya tahu pasal Homeschool?”

Me sendiri adalah produk homeschool tapi tak lamalah..sampai takat tadika jer…yer…me seumur hidup tak pernah bersekolah tadika…my 4 orang abang & 2 orang kakak pun sama..kenapa yer my parents tak hantar anak-anak mereka tadika? Entahlah…me pun tak pasti.

Tapi, apa yang pasti, me dah boleh baca buku cerita Bahasa Malaysia & English dengan lancar sebaik saja masuk Darjah 1. Matematik pun okay. Sampai Cikgu Matematik Darjah 3 marah sama me sebab habiskan buku latihan matematik sebelum Cikgu mulakan topik tu dalam kelas..yelah, sebab me dah buat sendiri, jadi dalam kelas, boring jer..tunggu kawan-kawan baru nak buat, jadi itu sebab me banyak baca buku cerita untuk waktu terluang tu.

Bila dah anak sendiri takdelah automatik terus nak homeschool anak-anak..tapi minat pada Pendidikan Awal Kanak-kanak bermula secara tak langsung masa me jadi Babysitter tak bertauliah.

Lepas grad dan jadi penganggur terhormat, me sampaikan niat nak jaga anak orang..sorang pun jadilah..bab jaga bayi & kanak-kanak, sangat biasa pada my mom…bila my mom dah ada cucu sendiri baru dia stop. So bila me beritahu tu, both mom & dad, cam tak percaya..Biar betul! Reti ker? mana pernah ada adik…tapi biasalah tengok-tengokkan anak kakak & abang…so me cakap, Insya-Allah, boleh..

Tampal iklan kat depan pintu pagar rumah membuahkan hasil. Dapatlah permintaan dari ibu muda baru habis berpantang anak sulung. Mula-mula masa bab nak mandi tu, my mom yang mandikan..takutlah..kecik sangat…sebulan kemudian baru me ambil alih buat semua termasuk mandi. Ingat lagi nama budak kecik tu.. Azalea namanya..comel sangat! Hampir setahun juga me babysit Azalea ni sebelum me mula jadi pekerja & buat part-time studies…

Sepanjang jaga Azalea ni, me suka jadikan dia macam bahan ujikaji..bukan yang mcam kat makmal tu..suka observe perkembangan dia & suka ajar dia..Satu perkara yang paling ketara, me ada gantung soft toys bentuk bintang warna kuning kat buaian dia & sebab warna kuning tu, Azalea jadi peminat warna kuning. Mak dia beritahu, kalau nak beli baju, mesti dia tunjuk warna kuning. Mak dia hairan tapi me tak cakaplah camner jadi camtu…kuat juga influence bintang kuning tu, hehehehe…..

Daripada situlah minat me pada kanak-kanak semakin mendalam & bila ada anak sendiri, me berazam, nak ajar sendiri..tapi masih tak diperkenalkan dengan konsep Homeschool ni. Me cuma merajinkan diri surf internet pasal parenting, education dan sebagainya.

Okaylah, me nak sambung kerja…nanti me cerita pulak, macam mana boleh terjebak dengan Homeschool ni…tunggu…..

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So what’s this fuss about NATURAL PARENTING?

The other day, I was being questioned by fellow blogger mates, what is actually natural parenting. It was rather time consuming to explain it to her there and then so to summarize the whole concept, I simply informed that it is all about what most natural as nature’s intended to you as a parent on your parenting style. It is oppose to what is considered as artificial and act the best that you can in natural manner thus as might be expected.

To date, Natural Parenting is more of a philosophy of gentle, healthy childbirth and growth. This approach has been closely called attachment parenting or empathetic parenting as well. It is often considered to be New Age kind of trend in parenting style but it is in fact age-old. I believe we are partly Naturalist Parent internally but we just probably unaware to the terms and characteristics.

Gone are the days where parents would totally rely on technology to the extent parents tend to ignore their gut feelings. Supposedly, we as a parent treats technology with caution and to put it simply, believing what we know our hearts to be true. I guess you do some of basic ideals or guidelines in Natural Parenting and it never crossed your mind that you are actually on doing Natural Parenting.

It means many things to many people but generally includes natural childbirth, breastfeeding and babywearing. Other practices commonly included are co-sleeping (family bed), avoidance the use of surrogates ie pacifiers, child-led weaning, natural diet (home-cooked baby food) and to some included homeschooling and baby signing and the latest cloth diapering. These are merely tools and practices that assist parent to fine tune to their child needs. The benefits of each of them would just blossom naturally to both child and parents.

I had partially outline these natural parenting guidelines under my own column : “Natural Living with Hanz” at this portal 1Superkids.


Have further reading under this title :

Natural Parenting : Initial steps to adopt

Natural Parenting : Basic Guidelines for further establishment

Can we choose love by accepting our baby’s legitimate human needs and responding to them with an open heart? To do so requires us to trust our babies and ultimately that we trust ourselves. Each of us is an original. Parents are not perfect but we can continually recognize the critical importance of how we behave toward our children. Children may be small in size but they deserve to have their needs taken seriously. We learn to look beneath the child’s outward behaviour to understand what he is thinking and feeling. Children have a natural love of learning and do not have to be coerced. Punishment interferes with the bond between parent and child. Children deserve to be treated with respect.

If you keen and comfortable with Natural Parenting concept and approach, you will likely to enjoy your parenthood at most. However, do consider balancing all aspects and factors. It could be a trend to some but it could be something oh, so natural to you. What most important the symbiosis relations between you and your lil loved ones.

“Children raised with love and compassion will be free to use their time as adults in meaningful and creative ways, rather than expressing their childhood hurts in ways that harm themselves or others.
If adults have no need to deal with the past, they can live fully in the present. ”

(Jan Hunt ; 2001)

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How Pre-Reading Skills leads to Reading Success

Ever wonder how I make my boys, Hanafi & Hambali love books?

The keyword is pre-reading skills. Reading is merely a visual representation of the spoken word. And just as we teach our children to talk & the appropriate words for objects & people, we can begin early to teach our children how letters represent certain sounds & when those letter symbols are grouped, they form words.

Pre-reading activities begin early & most parents aren’t even aware they are preparing their young child to read.It’s all about exposing the child to both spoken & written language.Parents can set their children up for success without pushing by making sure that they have the maximum exposure to these activities.

If you are currently doing any, some or all of the 10 Steps as listed below, you are in the right track.

1. Singing the alphabet song to help your cranky baby get to sleep.

2. Your child’s bedroom or playroom plastered with ABC posters or carpeted with ABC mat.

3. Vibrant letter magnets is easily reachable for your child adorn the refrigerator.

4. Parent who talk often with their children long before the child can hold up their own conversation are actually teaching their children pre-reading skills.

5. Exposure through to those well-recognized early reader board books. These books, made from thick cardboard and easy for less-than-nimble fingers to manipulate have simple, colourful pictures and short basic words.

6. Model reading. Children who see their parents reading, often become readers & come to accept that reading is a matter-of-fact activity.

7. Read aloud is one of the best ways to encourage interest in reading.

8. Establish a place in the child’s room for his or her books. A feeling of ownership is important!

9. Schedule regular family visits to the bookstore & library, even if your child doesn’t seem interested in taking out books.

10. Buy book or magazine for yourself & let your children know it!

If you want more tips on reading specifically by age group, have a look on my previous chat as listed below :

Love to read : Reading to baby & toddler

Love to read : Techniques on instill a love of reading

Love to read : Reading to preschooler

Who said BOOK is Booorrriiinggg??!!

How to teach ABC creatively & effectively

Do enjoy quiet time reading with your beloved children!

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