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I think my tot is…

I think my tot is clever because he is breastfed baby. He feeds according to his needs, he is alert with his natural instinct and his tastebud is at his peak. Thanks to Mama’s breastmilk that came with various flavour, my tot is not a fussy eater.

I think my tot is clever because he is cloth diapered baby. At a very young age, he is already aware whenever the nature’s calling and he asked to be changed when there is too much to be contain in his diaper. He gets to choose fancy print and happy with the soft squishy fabric touching his bum. Nowadays, he chooses his own cloth diaper to be wear. So Mama got extra work. No more plain diapers and have to get the funky prints one instead.

I think my tot is clever because he is signing baby. Crying to get what he wants is not his lingo. He signed for feeding, poopy diapers, watching videos, reading and etcetra..Mama & Papa is happy and yes, he starts to add more vocabulary. So who said signing will slowing down the talking department?

I think my tot is clever because he is babywearing baby. What Mama & Papa seen and done is part of his life experienced too. Never feel left-out and now he is a natural mimick and some lesson are better learnt by observing instead being taught of.

I think my tot is clever because he is homeschool baby. Starting early on exposure of books and lots of constructive play plays an important role in his growing. Ongoing stimulation and never let the day went idle. Ticking to think and he is well-off learning constantly!

Hanz’s Note : A musing by a contented Mama. This keeps me going and I believe on what I’m doing.

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The joy of nursing a toddler

If a child has celebrated his very first birthday, the child is already a toddler. And, continuing breastfeeding a toddler is different than doing so to a baby. What’s the difference? Let me list it for you.

1. No longer crying to indicate the need for breastfeeding. As for my Baby Hambali, he will signed Nenen. Latest of what he did, he called me when I was washing the dishes, “Come, neh..neh..” (waving hands and signing nenen)

2. Switching of boobs is easier. From right to left & then back to right & stopping is up to him. Either I said, “Tukar” & he quickly moved to the other one or he himself make the switching move.

3. If Mama is sleepy, he helped himself by lifting Mama’s clothes. This occured during nighttime when everyone is sleeping or sometimes inside the car.

4. At times, Mama just asked, “Nak Nenen?. If he wants it, he follows Mama to the bed, making sure his pet-pillow & The Lion is part of the session. If he doesn’t want it, he just shake his head. Come to think it, I found this is hilarious because it’s as if asking whether he wants some biscuit..hahahah

5. During nursing session, he would make funny faces, teased me or I teased him. It’s like we both are exchanging secret messages.

6. No more in one boring lying position. Most of the time, he would kneel like a kitten or rested whole body flat on my body & face down to my chest.

7. Able to wait in case Mama needs to go to the toilet or Mama has some chores to finish.Yeah, he will make quiet whimpering sound for the need to wait sometimes but usually, he can wait the least 5 minutes.

8. If Mama takes too long to start nursing session, he will sulked and it is not easy to coax him. Some reverse psychology is needed.

9. Thirsty? Mama’s nenen is preferable to quench the thirst than the water in the tumbler.

10. Have I told you I don’t need to bring milk bottles when we are out & about? Oh, you must know also that breastfeeding can come to a rescue in for us in case Baby Hambali starts to get cranky.

Hanz’s Note : I have stopped pumping for 2 weeks now. He’s mixed feeding already though I suspected he will refused the formula milk. His babysitter informed they fed him using spoon even EBM last time but I doubt on the quantity managed to be consumed. Anyway, I am not getting all worked up on this coz he’s approaching 2 & he does feeds morning & night during weekdays & all the time over the weekends & hoildays.

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Susu Mama rasa strawberry

Bila tengok nama blog Minah, MyStrawberi, teringat satu perkara…kebetulan pula semalam Farah ada berkongsi, anaknya Afif tak fussy bab-bab makan…

Me percaya, anak yang menyusu daripada susu ibu kebiasaannya memang tidak memilih dalam soal pemakanan. Kajian telah dibuat dan telah terbukti, kandungan susu ibu sentiasa berubah-berubah mengikut masa dalam masa 24 jam (me ada graf tentang kandungan susu ibu ni mengikut waktu..tak dapat nak link kat sini) dan dipengaruhi juga nutrien yang diambil daripada diet si-ibu.

Kalau setin susu tepung, dikategorikan mengikut kesesuaian tahap umur sebagai contoh, bayi baru lahir, bayi dari umur sebulan hingga 6 bulan, kemudian 6 bulan keatas, ada pula setahun hingga tiga tahun, tapi kuasa Yang Maha Esa menjadikan susu ibu itu berubah-ubah mengikut kesesuaian si-anak dan boleh didatangi pelbagai rasa..Maha Agung Ciptaan Tuhan! Si ibu tak perlu risau, sesuai ker susunyer untuk anak dia sekarang sebab pakejnyer dah cukup lengkap dan standard kesesuaian berubah-ubah…

Tak percayakah kata-kata from me?

Anak sulung me, Hanafi suatu hari selepas selesai daripada menyusu, sekitar umur hampir 3 tahun, pernah memberitahu, “SUSU MAMA RASA STRAWBERRY.” Tergamam sekejap Mamanyer, lalu bertanya,”Betul ker rasa strawberry susu Mama?” Dia mengangguk sambil senyum-senyum.

Dan sekarang ni, me perhatikan my boys suka minum kopi! Ooooppsss…jangan ikut contoh teladan me ni yer..Kanak-kanak minum kopi sangat tidak bagus! Salahkan si-ibu, (me-lah tu) yang peminum kopi tegar tahap kronik. Jadi, secara tak langsung, mereka ni macam tak rasa pelik rasa kopi yang pahit tu bila diberi rasa seteguk dua lebih-lebih lagi Hanafi yang berminat sangat-sangat bila memerhatikan kami, Papa dan Mamanyer minum kopi..maybe dah ada sikit-sikit rasa kopi dalam susu ibu?

So, ibu-ibu yang menyusukan anak, sila prihatin pada ambilan pemakanan dan diet. Contohnyer, kalau nak anak suka makan sayur, si ibu pun kenalah suka makan me, me lihat my boys takder masalah bab-bab makan sayur, dan Baby Hambali pula memang makan apa saja, kami nak dia pandai makan, tak nak terlalu memilih…me percaya ada kaitan dengan susu ibu juga.

Sekali lagi me nak berpesan, jangan ikut me bab minum kopi tu yer..tak elok…sekian..

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Why would I want my children to breastfeed (from dad’s point of view)

They come in different sizes and shapes; creating quite a stir for some men but they actually serve the most important function to human being that is to breastfeed babies and if possible toddlers. Nowadays, they are more seen in magazines and television promoting any kind of merchandising including cars, perfume and more that people forget the whole purpose of them. People sometimes refuse to call them their real name but prefer to use their nicknames such as tits, boobs, etc, I thought this was the time that we, men should realize the real purpose and potential of them and acknowledge them by their faces rather than their assets. Although ‘they’ can look very delicious during breastfeeding.

When my wife got pregnant for the first time, I knew I was going to ask her fully breastfeed our child. I am lactose intolerant. The smell and the sight of artificial milk can easily make my stomach upset. I do not want children to even have a sip of those artificial milk. I read a lot about breastfeeding and have experienced most of it if not all. Let me share with you the advantages of being a dad to breastfed children.

  • Breastfeeding helps women get back to their pre-pregnancy state.It contracts the uterus and helps to expedite the healing process after delivery. Advantage to dad; within one week to two weeks my wife was already well enough to cook for the family and look after all of us. Save money for eating out.
  • Breastfeeding helps women to lose weight faster. Yes, less money to spend on slimming products or classes or treatment.
  • The babes sucking, vital for the production of milk stimulates the release of milky hormones, prolactin and oxytocin.These hormones also help a woman relax.Therefore less arguing and confrontation with me.
  • One VERY IMPORTANT fat for working dads or maybe for some who is being controlled by the queen.We don’t have to wake up at night to prepare milk.Mom’s supply is ready anytime.And while they are at it, they can simply continue changing the baby diaper’s as well. I’m sure most of us men will gladly agree.
  • Travelling is easy.No need to bring all the bottles and milk.As long as we bring the ‘queen’ along, we will be hassle free. We only have to worry about those pesky diaper bag.
  • We can save a lot of time and money on buying artificial milk.Breast milk is free.To some, it doesn’t seem to bother a lot, but try to think about the free time that you can have by not going to the store every now and then to get those artificial milk, and imagine if you accidentally got the wrong milk instead!I’m sure most of you have faced the wrath of the queen.
  • A breastfed child will be less likely to suffer from asthma, eczema and a whole host of other little goodies;saving yet more money, this time on medical bills.More money for us to buy our toys.
  • Breastfeeding satisfies baby’s emotional needs.All babies need to be hold regularly.It is much easier to console a crying baby with breastfeeding.Less crying means less emotional pressure for moms and dads and more time for us to spend reading the newspaper.
As you can begin to see and appreciate, anything to do with breasts should’nt be rushed or underestimated.Breastfeeding isn’t just about feeding babies.Breastfeeding should be a normal picture to our society at any time, anywhere.A baby sucking is an urge of great magnitude, rather like you.Babies need to suck.With breastfeeding babies expend energy;derive comfort, security, love and warmth.It’s their first social exchange.It exercises their jaw and aids the growth of teeth.Demand feeding as we call it in the trade, is instinctive and should’nt be messed with.We should promote this fact and be in tune with it. Sadly this is a lost art.

One controversial issue with men and breastfeeding is feeding in public.Husbands should not be ashamed of their wives who opt for public breastfeeding (although I can get very fiery when someones tries to look closer).They know what they are doing.Do not expect your wife to breastfeed your child in the restroom.Would you like to have your lunch or snack in the toilet?If you are ok with it, then there must be something wrong with you.There are a lot of ways to actually breastfeed discreetly.In the market right now, we have plenty of choices of nursing clothes.There are also ways to cover their assets and women usually know about it.And guys…please mind your eyesight;the mother is trying to feed her baby.You can have plenty of time at home.

Nature at it’s best and most beautiful.Breastfeeding for many women is a passionate affair.Place this somewhere safe in your mind and when the time comes to share your life with the woman you adore and you both decide to have children, give her all the encouragement you can. She’ll love you even more for it.Passionately, together you can watch your child grow, oh and her breasts too…..

Breasts are beautiful;they also produce milk, the best pre-packed convenience food out there, now that’s and advertisement well worth remembering…

Written by : Shazly Khan
Originally obtained from Moms Little Ones. Thanks to Pn Rita Rahayu Omar of Moms Little Ones

Hanz’s Note : Forward this to Daddies out there or soon-t0-be-daddies even Senior Daddies. :> And, please mention the original writer and credit Momslittleones.

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It’s proven Baby Signing does speeds up child’s vocabulary

When I said,”Go read book,” to my Baby Hambali, immediately he would signing ‘book’ and trotted to the bookshelves and picked one of his favourite book and started reading.

When I want to distract him from continuing making a mess over my makeup , I would suggested to him,”Watch VCD ya?” and he will stopped messing around, signing ‘video’ (VCD) back to me & straight away plopped on the sofa while I switch on the DVD player.

And everytime when he wants something especially ‘Nenen’ (milk), eat and sleep, he will signed to me especially or to his Papa. Things are quite different with his elder brother, Hanafi as when Hanafi was about the same age like Hambali now, we never knew the existence of any Baby Sign.

Hanafi was a bit delayed in communicating although we are amazed with his high attention span and quick minds especially absorption of anything his mind wants to adopt. Differ with Hambali whom very expressive and with the tools which is Baby Sign, it does make a big difference. The key point is you have to be persistence and believe till one day, you are soon to yield it’s great result. This is what happening to us.

I still referred to that book and that Signing VCD that I bought is always shown to Baby Hambali. He seems glued to it and day by day, he adds more signing. The most recent one is ‘Video’ (VCD) totalling 21 Signing so far.

You probably thinking Signing is only for the deaf or only for those having speech delayance, but that is a misconception people seems to be having. You probably thinking why my family love signing so much and keen to let people know about it. Just saying we are living proof that signing speeds up our lil toddler’s vocabulary, would that convincing enough?. It close the gap of communication blunder as we know the interpretation of our child’s needs and we can pass the message to him smoothly as well. Do take note though, we are not only signing. Everytime we sign we speak the word simultaneously. That explains nowadays, sometimes, without signing, I just say the word and Baby Hambali will respond by signing the exact word that I just spoke.

Take the expert word if you still unconvinced. According to the research, babies who sign are less frustrated, have closer bonds with their parents, develop larger vocabularies, become better readers and outsmart babies who don’t sign. Mothers, especially, have a sixth sense (don’t you agree?) when it comes to interpreting their baby’s cries and body language. But a signing baby can share more specific information about what he wants or needs. Simply put, baby sign language is a way to communicate with your baby before your baby can speak by teaching him a few basic gestures or signs. It’s a way to bridge the gap between his gurgling stages to the time when he actually talk.

Another misconception people seems to be having, signing baby will delayed his speech. But, seriously, we are not having that issue. In fact, Baby Hambali seems eager to talk too.Research has shown that while babies lack the fine motor skills to speak, they do have the ability to understand and use language as early as six to seven months, provided they are given the right tools and guidance. While speech can only be acquire, averagely by research findings between 18 months to two years plus, a child ability to manipulate objects with his hands is rapidly increasing. So, why wait for your baby to speak his first words? Your child may ready to communicate now!

Can all babies do Signing?

As you know, gesturing is a natural tendency for a baby. It’s something that he’ll do even if you follow through any specific signing programme. Babies are mimics. They take their lead from the people who surround them. They learn to speak by listening to you. And they’ll learn signing by watching you.

So whether or not a baby will sign has little to do with the baby. All babies can learn to sign. How fast they’ll learn and how many signs they’ll make are the things in question. Each baby’s capabilities and milestones differs likewise their fine motor skills. So the degree of signing success a baby achieves is in direct proportion to the level of dedication and enthusiasm of his parents.

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So what’s this fuss about NATURAL PARENTING?

The other day, I was being questioned by fellow blogger mates, what is actually natural parenting. It was rather time consuming to explain it to her there and then so to summarize the whole concept, I simply informed that it is all about what most natural as nature’s intended to you as a parent on your parenting style. It is oppose to what is considered as artificial and act the best that you can in natural manner thus as might be expected.

To date, Natural Parenting is more of a philosophy of gentle, healthy childbirth and growth. This approach has been closely called attachment parenting or empathetic parenting as well. It is often considered to be New Age kind of trend in parenting style but it is in fact age-old. I believe we are partly Naturalist Parent internally but we just probably unaware to the terms and characteristics.

Gone are the days where parents would totally rely on technology to the extent parents tend to ignore their gut feelings. Supposedly, we as a parent treats technology with caution and to put it simply, believing what we know our hearts to be true. I guess you do some of basic ideals or guidelines in Natural Parenting and it never crossed your mind that you are actually on doing Natural Parenting.

It means many things to many people but generally includes natural childbirth, breastfeeding and babywearing. Other practices commonly included are co-sleeping (family bed), avoidance the use of surrogates ie pacifiers, child-led weaning, natural diet (home-cooked baby food) and to some included homeschooling and baby signing and the latest cloth diapering. These are merely tools and practices that assist parent to fine tune to their child needs. The benefits of each of them would just blossom naturally to both child and parents.

I had partially outline these natural parenting guidelines under my own column : “Natural Living with Hanz” at this portal 1Superkids.


Have further reading under this title :

Natural Parenting : Initial steps to adopt

Natural Parenting : Basic Guidelines for further establishment

Can we choose love by accepting our baby’s legitimate human needs and responding to them with an open heart? To do so requires us to trust our babies and ultimately that we trust ourselves. Each of us is an original. Parents are not perfect but we can continually recognize the critical importance of how we behave toward our children. Children may be small in size but they deserve to have their needs taken seriously. We learn to look beneath the child’s outward behaviour to understand what he is thinking and feeling. Children have a natural love of learning and do not have to be coerced. Punishment interferes with the bond between parent and child. Children deserve to be treated with respect.

If you keen and comfortable with Natural Parenting concept and approach, you will likely to enjoy your parenthood at most. However, do consider balancing all aspects and factors. It could be a trend to some but it could be something oh, so natural to you. What most important the symbiosis relations between you and your lil loved ones.

“Children raised with love and compassion will be free to use their time as adults in meaningful and creative ways, rather than expressing their childhood hurts in ways that harm themselves or others.
If adults have no need to deal with the past, they can live fully in the present. ”

(Jan Hunt ; 2001)

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The Hidden Messages We Give Our Children

Hanz’s Note : I am sharing an excerpt from my current book read, ‘The Natural Child’ by Jan Hunt (2001). Read on. And do ponder how true these situations are norm in our societies in the past & today.


What we say: “No more nursing. You’re too big for that now!”

What we think: “I’d like to continue, but I can’t stand all the criticism from my relatives.”

What the child thinks: “I’ve just lost the most important thing in my life, the long periods of cuddling & the food that felt best inside me. I must have done something terrible. I must be a terrible person.”

What we say 20 years later: “Why are you binging too much?”

Age Two

What we say: “You can’t come into our bed anymore. You won’t be lonely. Look, here’s a nice big teddy bear to keep you company!”

What we think: “Grandma thinks there’s something wrong with having you in our bedroom. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s more important for us to please her than to please you. Anyway, this teddy bear should make you happy.”

What the child thinks: “It isn’t fair! They get to cuddle with a real person. They don’t know me very well. They don’t care about my feelings. Oh well, at least they gave me this bear.”

What we say 20 years later: “I know you’re upset that Tom broke off with you, but is that any reason to overcharge your credit card like this? Will all this stuff make you feel better that someone left you? When did you become so materialistic?

Age Four

What we say : “You know you’re not supposed to hit your brother! I’ll give you a spanking you’ll never forget!”

What we think: “There must be a better way to handle this, but it’s what my dad did, so it must be right.”

What the child thinks: “I was so upset with my brother I hit him. Now, Dad is so upset with me for hitting, he’s hitting me. I guess it’s okay for adults to hit, but not for kids. I wonder what I should do when I get upset? Oh well, one of these days I’ll be an adult myself.”

What we say 20 years later : “Fight at college? Adults don’t hit people just because they’re upset. I never taught you to resort to violence!”

Age Six

What we say: “Well, this is a big day for you. Don’t be afraid. Just do everything your teacher says.”

What we think: “Please don’t embarrass me by acting up at school!”

What the child thinks: “But I’m afraid! I’m not ready to leave them for so many hours a day! They must be getting tired of me. Maybe if I do what the teacher says, they’ll like me better & let me stay home.”

What we say 20 years later: “What?! Your friends talked you into taking drugs? Do you do what everybody else tells you to do? Don’t you have a mind of your own?”

Age Eight

What we say : “Your teacher says you aren’t paying attention in class. How will you ever learn anything important?”

What we think: “If my kid never amounts to anything, I’ll feel like a failure.”

What the child thinks: “If I’m not interested in the things the teacher talks about, but I guess she knows best. The things that do interest me must not be important.”

What we say 20 years later : “You’re 28 years old & you still don’t know what you want to do with your life? Aren’t you interested in anything?”

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