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Clay for Kids Workshop

Me dah registered for my big boy, Hanafi for the 7th Nov, 09…

Anybody want to join in as well? 😀

Boleh kita gether-gether after that…

Click details here => Clay for Kids Workshop

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Our so-called 1st Bento on the go!

What is Bento?

Bento is the Japanese word for a meal served in a box. Beyond that basic definition though, just about anything goes as to what kind of box or container is used, as well as what is put inside that box. (courtesy of

My 1st Bento Starter Kit obtained from MySunshine2U. Contains :-

1 Insulated bag
1 Double deck Bento box
1 Bird shape pancake mold
1 Matching bento strap
1 Flower cookie cutter
1 Star shape egg mold
1 Dish potion cup
1 Dish potion cup (shape of house)
8 Picks (vegie & fruits)
2 Sea creatures picks
1 Soy sauce bottle

Then, adding 2 more gadgets which was Rice Mould & Sausage Cutter (Wiener) from the recent Picnic at the Tiny Tapir, Damai Bungalow. Obtained from New Stylish Tokyo.

Back from the Picnic event, I rummaged through my stuff, relied on my hunch, adding more already available and as Bento Sifu’s assurance that those stuffs can comes in handy. Who knows?

So…only yesterday noon, mostly done by me, experimenting those gadgets with processed foods first such as sausage, crabstick, beef salami, cheese, fried seaweed, mayonnaise and mixed vegetables. Rice, egg & broccoli were the healthier ones.

I overboiled the rice crab and I think I need to boil the sausage longer so the cut-outs would be more obvious.Hubby did the rice moulding inclusive the deco.

Actually, it could not be called Bento as it is served in a dish instead of box. Anyway, it is our lunch and I want to learn how to use those stuff first.

Here’s the dishes for the three of us. Baby Hambali of course could not be included since it was not a healthier choice for him. Besides he was already full from home-cooked salmon porridge.


Well, whaddya think? 😛

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Portrait Sketching Therapy that I Love

Dear Hubby & me had our portrait done during our regular grocery trip last month. We were out without the boys in tow, so this moment sometimes, I felt (don’t know about hubby feelings though) like the good old times…couplehood…courting…feeling mushy..lovey-dovey… 😛

It was hubby’s idea to do this when we saw two former Gila-gila Cartoonist, Boy PJ & Dwen opened a booth & offered portait & caricature service..

Well, whaddya think? I think I look 10 years younger & the hubby does’nt look like my hubby..

Hemmm..oh, this is one of our wedding pics, actually this one just for changing clothes stuff, you know, you gotta have the chance to wear many custom attire that you fancy as long as you ‘larat’…I got the chance to wear fancy English gown, Punjabi, Javanese, Korean & 2 more Malay traditional gown..but of all I like the Punjabi the best..we look like Chinese & Indian parentage got hitch! Ha! Ha!

Oh, looking back those caricature, I always had this desire to sketch family portrait on my own..used to love portrait sketching & still do..

Sigh..but it’s been so long I did’nt do this stuff…must get the ‘feel’ & ‘mood’ first..

I started ‘seriously’ draw after SRP exam was over. I was so into Sweey Valley Twins book last time & having admiring the twins face, so I decided to ‘try’ to draw. Voila! It works!

You know I used to think I was so lousy in Art & always thought that my hand was ‘keras’ to draw till one fine day, my Art Teacher chose my drawing to be display in the class…I was dumbfounded because I did’nt really make an effort on that piece of drawing and then sooner…there was an Art Exhibition in school..another drawing of mine was displayed in the Art Hall. That one I still remembered what I was a picture of Swan & it’s reflection in the pond..well, I love to keep that drawing but since it was being displayed, it became school’s property automatically….

I’m not so good in mixing colour and love to learn more in colouring..My Art mostly black & white as I used pencil (sometimes charcoal) for medium..

When I’m onto this, I can cooped in my room the whole days, care less eating & do anything else, I would just keep on sketching & I stop when I think I got the ‘face’ right as closest as I can manage to the original..

It was really a THERAPY for me..

Those four ladies was from the cover of few Virginia Andrews novels

When the adrenaline was high…you tend to fancy boys…..

Marcus Schekenberg, former Supermodel
(maybe still modelling..)

Ricky Martin (slimmer version..LOL)

David Duchovny aka Mulder X-Files

This one done by dear Hubby….

I had my chance of glory as well…he,he…

Can you guess those two CELEBRITY groups that I managed to claim my ‘fame’? Wink! 😛

Update : Thank you my Beloved Chit-Chatters for your kind words of encouragement. So from this onwards, I will get back on this track and it does boost my confidence level. Thanks!

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