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How to wear & care Cloth Pad

1.The first time you got your cloth pad (CP), please wash it first either hand-wash or toss them in the washing machine.

2. Snap the CP just like the pic below.

Picture credits to Mama Patch

3. It is essential to get a Wetbag to chuck soiled CP especially if you are working, out & about or in other words you doesn’t stay at home 24 hours a day.

I got my wetbag from Mum7Kids who produced the Saffa Pad for RM 15.00. It is made from Flannel PUL & the size is 8 inch X 8 inch and can store up to 7 CPs.

Then, by luck I stumbled this Dual Bag which I improvised it to be my very-the-handy-&-small wetbag so that I can put the fresh CP on one side & the soiled CP on the other side. Got it from Guardian for RM 11 & measured 5.5 inch X 4 inch, can store either 3 Regular CP OR 2 Panty Liner & 2 Regular CP. Fits in my handbag nicely.Dual wetbag is also available at Mama Patch.

4. Rinsed soiled CP under running water until water runs clear before chuck them in the wetbag.Make sure you wring them dry enough before temporary storing to bring back for further washing. Fold them up to save storing space.No worries about smell and you will be surprised soiled CP does not smell inside your wetbag.

5. During laundry, you can choose either to soak them for few minutes to remove stubborn stain or wash them immediately. You can either hand wash them together with your undies or toss them in the washing machine.

6. DO NOT SCRUB your CP.This will spoiled your CP durability.Light rubbing by hand is the best with frequent rinsing.You can also add a pinch of salt in the soaked CP in case there’s stubborn stain. NEVER EVER use Softener or Clorox as this can damage the CP fabric.

7. The Sun is the best bleacher just like it does to cloth diaper. Based on CP user’s experience sharing, recommended to wear your CP up to 4 hours on normal flow & less than 4 hours during the heaviest days.So roughly about 5 to 6 CP is needed during the heavy flow & 2-3 CP on the normal days and 1-2 on the lighter days.So no worries about leaking.You know your body best!

Next : Sneak peak on various type of Cloth Pad

Disclaimer : Not a paid review.Information based on personal experiences plus obtained from Mama Patch & Mum7Kids.

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Review on Malaysian-made Cloth Pad (CP)

…..As per Chit-Chatters Request & as promised, here goes! Wink!

[From left to right: Saffa CP, Mama Patch CP & Snexi CP Snuggbaby –
All are Regular(Medium) CP]

Hanz’s Note : I’ve used mostly Panty Liner & Regular (Medium) CP as it based on my needs. Average hours of usage for each brand is 4 hours & on lighter days it will be more but not more than 7 hours before next changing.

I was surprised as previously if I prolonged the duration of wearing disposable pads, sometimes I experienced itchiness but with cloth pad, it is far from that. Don’t talk about stinky smell because with disposables, it does but with CP, it doesn’t.Trust me as I’m not the only users confirming this sort of experiences.Better still, it cut the flow days and many CP users just like me noticed the lesser menses output.No need to worry about the stain because with proper wash, you won’t experience one.

I would suggest that if you are on heavy side, try not to exceed more than 4 hours. Perhaps you would like to read great post especially for those on heavy flow side & those who wants to use it for Post-Partum. Glam Mama had share her experience on these. Click GLAM MAMA.

Allright, here’s my reviews and you can just click each brand name to be link exactly on the page of CP Makers whereby you can obtain all the details.

Mama Patch Cloth Pad

What I like : Thin & slim cut yet absorption withstand amazing. Easy to wash & did’nt leave any stain. I forgot that I’m wearing one during the end days of menses though I was wearing the Panty Liner.

What I dislike : None. Hoping that Chin Nee will come out patterned or yummy print fabrics soon. (he,he..always drool over yummy prints just like what I did with cloth diapers & cloth wipes)

Saffa Cloth Pad (Mum7Kids)

What I like : Thicker a bit & comes in varieties of colours & prints. Contoured nicely over panties. Absorption wise good.

What I dislike : They sell very fast as you can see they are available in some our local Cloth Diapers store & blogshops as well so you tend to miss out some prints you fancy. Hopefully Ummi Zhadami will restock fast or maybe increase the same prints quantity.

What I like : So far as far my search ongoing this is the first unique shape CP that I ever came across. Diamond-cut shape & when it folded it works like any other CP. It comes in 3 bright colours nevertheless the colours did’nt ‘bleed’ when wash-out or damp or wet. Absorption wise good. Liza has upgrade the layers with PUL recently & bet no leaking worries.

What I dislike : I only hope that Liza (as I did highlighted her) will make it curvier & its unique shape can remains so thinking if it is curvier and folded, there’s no remaining fabric around the panties edges so that it will rounded the panties snugly.

Next : How to wear & care Cloth Pad.

Disclaimer : Not a paid review.S olely self-sponsored & personal experiences.

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What makes me convert to Reusable Sanitary Cloth Pad

I’m just like you! The thinking of needing to wash sanitary pad leaves me YUCKY feeling. Plus, I have doubt whether the cloth pad can hold my flow and contain the power just like the disposable pad. The ABSORPTION POWER, I mean.

That was before. It took a bit of guilty feeling and some courage to switch. Guilty? Of course! I’ve been cloth diapering my lil tot for more than a year but why I did’nt cloth me, myself?

Before, cloth pad was the last thing on my mind because..
* Being a nursing mom, my menses came late and when it finally came, it was so little and last less than 5 days averagely.

* Doubt on cloth pad performance compared to the disposables one.

* Most available cloth pad for a one piece only, the price kinda puts me off. Just like cloth diapers, you need it a lot. As most online shops are selling those imported ones, the price can be pricey.

* I have no idea how it works and don’t bother to search.

* No budget. The budget goes to cloth diaper stashes.

* Just plain lazy thinking of additional loads to wash.

( my list here same like you?)

Hemm…guess blogging done me good and reading posting about the hazardous of using disposable pads & some reviews on cloth pads, made me rethink.

So I accused myself. You there, sudah cloth diapering, bila nak cloth pad yourself? hahahaha.Padan muka sendiri bagi kesedaran. Wake-up call, aye?

So, the initial purchases of my cloth pad were all from our local makers. Support Malaysian-made products. Besides being cheaper, it is easier for you to communicate with the makers. It boost some confidence, right?

Well, I’ve used those cloth pads and I would say that I am one happy user of cloth pad. Even the washing part is not a problem to me at all.Just like the cloth diaper, the sun is the powerful natural bleacher to remove stubborn stain.I was amazed too that wearing one made me feels like I’m wearing none.And, no smell too.Somehow,it cuts the flow days!These are the reasons that contributed to my decision on never to look back to disposable sanitary pad again.

Soon, I will chat on how to care cloth pad & some cloth pad reviews too.

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Why use Cloth Pad?

Obtained from Mama Patch, SaffaPad Mum7Kids & Snexi Snuggbaby

Brief notes to ponder :-

1. Cloth Pad (CP) are environmentally friendly & do not contribute to landfill as they are reusable & do not come in or contain plastic packaging. When CP wears out (after years of use), those made from natural materials can be composted whereas disposable sanitary napkins made from synthetic materials cannot be recycled or composted.They can be made from old pillow cases & towels.Some CP use hemp as the absorbent core which is more environmentally friendly to grow when compared with cotton or wood pulp.

2. Less expensive in the long term.

3. Highly customizable.

4. Still convenient as they can simply be cleaned in washing machine & before wash, soiled CP can be stored in its own wetbag.

5. Less likely to cause rashes, contact dermatitis as well as helping women affected with certain types of vaginitis.

6. Many women noted that after being a CP user, they have shorter periods, lighter flow & low/less cramping.

7. Reduce the scent of menstrual blood on the CP. As they are more breathable than the average disposable sanitary pads, they carry less odor.

Source : Wikipedia

To read more, please go to this link :-

Next chat(s) : How to care Cloth Pad, Reviews on Cloth Pad, What Makes me convert to Cloth Pad.

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For your eyes only

As per your request (ahaks!) & as I mentioned in previous CHAT (click the word), I’m done with my eye makeup experimenting & have achieved several ‘looks’ for this festive mood. Makeup was all done by Loving Minerals. Theme : For Your Eyes Only. Reason being : I’ve just want the eye to highlight the overall outlook.

Have your say, will ya? (wink!) 😛

1st Look

Eye : Base – Pink Pearl, Highlight – Champagne & Liner : Cocoa

Face : Lumiere Cashmere Foundation – Light Golden, Lumiere Silk Powder – Sand Silk, Blusher – Poppy

Lip : Monave Lip Gloss – Watermelon

2nd Look

Eye : Base – Pink Pearl, Shimmer – Wave & Liner – Foil

Face : Lumiere Cashmere Foundation – Light Golden, Lumiere Silk Powder – Sand Silk, Blusher – Poppy

Lip : Monave Lip Gloss– Bordeaux

3rd Look

Eye : Base – Coral Gold, Highlight -Neutral Plum & Liner -Foil

Face : Lumiere Cashmere Foundation – Light Golden, Lumiere Silk Powder – Sand Silk, Blusher – Poppy

Lip : Monave Lip GlossPeach Pout

4th Look

Eye : Base – Pink Pearl, Highlight – Coral Gold, Liner – Cocoa, Deep Liner – Peach Plum

Face : Monave Concealer-Foundation – Caroline, Lumiere Silk Powder – Sand Silk, Radiance – Winter Silk & Blusher – Poppy

Lip : Sheer Kisses Lipgloss – Strawberry

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Raya Vogue (Is it?) Preps : Make-up & Shoes

Just done with my online makeup shopping. As usual, Loving Minerals definitely my choice. Besides, my face powder going to run out soon. Today is the last day of Hari Raya promotion, so grabbed my chance on that offer. Plus, needed to find suitable shades for eye colour. Pretty soon, I’m gonna play with my eyes, experimenting! Hope my goodies arrived in a jiffy within this few days before off for Raya Celebration!

Done with Baju Raya & Handbags, now shoes….

AlohaMolly had up post about this giveaway from fab shopping site (from what I’ve seen couple of minutes ago)…can win voucher to go shopping at Go Jane. Tanks, tops, tees, dresses & SHOES! And many less than USD20 you know!

I go ga-ga over fantastic selections…Well, even if I’m not not going to shop here, at least it provide some guide in fashion sense over shoes. Boy, becoming a mother of 2 boys really put me in dark ages nowadays! LOL….

Loads more there when you browse the store. Be warned that you go ga-ga too.

Now, I’m wondering whether I got the guts to try something different like those above?

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2 ‘BEAUTIES’ were used to be can’t live without & still do

Do you know what is that ‘thing’ above?

It is called
Celak Mekah. Works like an eyeliner.

I’m pretty sure that some of you do know that and probably has been using it. Anyone wants to confess that you have been using Celak Mekah too?

Believe it or not that Celak Mekah ‘has been’ with me since I think I was 11 years old. The content always refillable once it finished of course but the container up till today, roughly almost 20 years old! Ha,ha, now you know my age, huh? Nope. That is not exactly my age you’re guessing because I could’nt recall when I’m actually got it from my mom.

My mom actually obtained that from a friend whom went to Mecca (Mekah) to perform haj & as she got more than one, she gave one to me. When mom told me that applying Celak Mekah can brightened up eyes & cure ‘rabun’ (farsighted), I got all excited. Used to think that I can stop wearing my first and ugly spectacles back then.

Sigh…yeah, been using it every single day right after it became my possession till I learnt applying the commercial eyeliner after graduated from UiTM.

That long, huh? And my eyes? I’m still rabun okay. Ha!Ha!

It’s funny though how I could get away with the Celak Mekah during those school days but me, myself would caught few girls wearing ‘cutex’ (nail colours), jewelleries & make-up whenever we the school’s prefect did spot-check. Ha!Ha! I guess the possible explanation of my escapade, the Celak just ‘blend-in’ to my eyes!

Hemmm…such a nostalgic. Though, nowadays I wear my beloved celak once in a while when I ‘feel’ the longing & sometimes at home, it always be my favourite BEAUTIES.

Let’s move on to another BEAUTIES.


Still can’t figure it out what it is?

😛 It is….home-made face powder or famously known as BEDAK SEJUK.

The credit should goes to my mom. She is an expert making BEDAK SEJUK and me yet to learn how to make it from her. Planned to really learn it from her during the next long Raya holidays. That’s my wish. Not just observing but totally hands-on training. The process took some time, I mean up to one year, you know & the smell of half-finished production can be quiet nasty. Ah! What the heck. As long as I know how to make it before regretted not having the lesson.

You know, my 2 elder sisters never looked high on that BEDAK SEJUK but me as always think it is such a wonderful creation! It’s a very fine powder, smooth & silky to your skin plus the cooling effect. I stongly believe that over the years being a faithful user of it, it does help combat those nasty acne away. About being fairer? Yup. Strongly believe must be because of BEDAK SEJUK too.

Hemm….guess that the tradition never fades in me though how modernised I lead my life now. Some things remains special & true to my heart.

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What’s in your bag?

Yesterday, we chatted about tudung. Today, let’s chat about bag.

(Nak raya ni…dah beli beg raya ker belum? :> Me dah awal2 sambar satu from Alice Wonders!)

This is my bag. The bag that I bring to work & even to certain outing. Got it from Alice Wonders. That design is no longer available in Alice Wonders.

It is roomy enough for me to dump many, many, things inside.

Those are ‘things’ that you can find in my bag. Hemm…let’s see..what are those..

Wallet (purse), coin purse, glasses + case + contact lense case, solution, camera (not in pic coz i’m using it-lah), camera battery charger, pendrive, small powerful torchlight, small umbrella, old Nokia phone, phone charger, few make-up (a must), cloth wipes + case, small black notebook, pen, rolled-up reusable shopping bags (two of them in medium sized is a must), name card holder, sunglasses, sweets (munchies), keys, pursehook, blotter, balm, book or novel (me left the current reads at home so the mag is substitute & mask! (H1N punyer penangan da…)

If me out with the boys for short trip, that bag can even hold additional 1 to 2 Baby Hambali’s CD & 1 extra clothing, just in case.

Hemmm…currently Alice Wonders is having Unbirthday Party! Woo-hoo! And, I’m eyeing these bags…..

Me been thinking to get a lighter shade rather maintaining black, brown & red for a bag! (But the 3s are my favourite colours for my appearance attire!)

Nak ubah image, kan? Ahaks!

So, what’s in your bag?

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