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Charity & Giveaway goes together by MySunshine2U

Do you like this Bento Starter Kit?
How about another Bento Starter Kit?

This one is likeable Bento Starter Kit as well, right?

Join Mysunshine2u Giveaway & Cloth Diaper fund for Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah & you could be one of the 3 Winners of any of the above Bento Starter Kit!

That is not all. Spread around this giveaway, you are doing charity by creating awareness to others.

It’s about time we remind ourselves that not all people leading a life on Bed of Roses.

For contest details, please click the MySunshine2u banner & background on Rumah Titian Ashhraful Rohaniah, please click its banner.

This Charity Giveaway ends on 20th of November,09
(Friday) at 12 midnite. Hurry!

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Today’s Teaser : I Love 100Yen & Daiso so much!!

Last Friday evening after attended Open Company (Open House) at Puchong, insisted to dear hubby to drop by 100 Yen. Regretted the other day, when we went there I did’nt bought the cutleries set, so that evening with the 2 boys tagged along, me shopping spree again! Oh…hubby also likewise only him mostly car accessories, not in pics.

The following day, met Chin Nee at The Curve to pick the ordered Cloth Panty Liners (wink!) & coincidentally, The Malaysian Babywearing Forum were having Babywearing Walk in conjunction the former World Babywearing Celebration. I love to join but we were too busy with house moving & I was there alone too & in a hurry but won’t miss the chance to visit Daiso. LOL!!

Just my luck they were restocking on the very same day! I was soooo estatic! Being greedy I grabbed so much but thanks the frugality in me, I had to wisely choose & constantly self-reminding, not more than RM 50 after spent RM 25 at 100 Yen earlier. Okay in total for both places RM 65, those were my recent splurge! I’m glad that I managed to find the Baran (separator) + Stencils just like I’ve been thinking to buy at ebay, the various animals sauce bottles with pump, the mayonnaise case, another bento strap in Penguin look, bigger size insulated tote bag for me, 50 fork-stlye vege picks, 15 flag-style animals picks & Cloth Wipes cases for me.

Next month, Bento-ing must be on!

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Today’s Teaser : You’ve got CLOTH WIPES, BOOKS & BENTO STUFF in the mail!!

You must agree with me receiving gifts is such pleasurable! And, receiving fluffy mails from online shopping is heavenly feelings, aye?

Cloth wipes is not a new thing to me as by the time preparation was made for Baby Hambali’s arrival to this world, cloth wipes & burp cloth was included.

But….not something so nice like this…..!!

It was TOTALLY SOFT & the YUMMY PRINTS is to die for! (literally said-lah) No wonder those Cloth Diaper Mommas seems can’t get enough of them! Okay, confession..ladies….I’m gonna get more & more & more & more…..(Alamak! Sudah addict!!!!)

You! Yes, you who is looking & reading this can now thinking & re-thinking to DITCH those TISSUES & WET WIPES, kay..Why you want to be proud contributor of earth pollution? Switching to be cloth wipes addictor, is better. EKEKEKEKE!!!

Good for you, for your baby & to Mother Earth.

Oh, actually I’ve redeemed my winning in this past CONTEST. Thanks to Bonnie of MyCheekyBoo.


The other day, dear hubby surprised me by telling he redeemed his credit card points to give me something. And, the something is those…..

Ha!Ha! Truly a great supporter of my new hobby which is BENTO. Or maybe hinting me to prepare lunchbox for him every single day plus for my two boys???

Whatever it is, once we finally settled at our new home, I will Bento-ing. In fact, it is a promise I made to myself!


Remember the other day I won the Consolation prize for My Little Bookworm Contest by HKS & MOBS? Oh, I’ve redeemed the free shipping voucher & got this 2 books for Baby Hambali. I drool over these books. The bright colours & the ‘touch’ items inside…OH! Bet, my lil tot will be beaming with joy! He is so into books. Malam2 pun sibuk suruh amik buku by signing books inside the car! And to let you know, I’ve stash another bag loads of another set of books in the car so totalling 10 books! Plus, this one…our car is going to be mini mobile library! LOL!!

Thanks hubby & thanks Contest Organizer. Today really make my day.

Hanz’s : Wondering where is my other ‘GREEN’ fluffies??? Can’t hardly wait to receive them!

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Our so-called 1st Bento on the go!

What is Bento?

Bento is the Japanese word for a meal served in a box. Beyond that basic definition though, just about anything goes as to what kind of box or container is used, as well as what is put inside that box. (courtesy of

My 1st Bento Starter Kit obtained from MySunshine2U. Contains :-

1 Insulated bag
1 Double deck Bento box
1 Bird shape pancake mold
1 Matching bento strap
1 Flower cookie cutter
1 Star shape egg mold
1 Dish potion cup
1 Dish potion cup (shape of house)
8 Picks (vegie & fruits)
2 Sea creatures picks
1 Soy sauce bottle

Then, adding 2 more gadgets which was Rice Mould & Sausage Cutter (Wiener) from the recent Picnic at the Tiny Tapir, Damai Bungalow. Obtained from New Stylish Tokyo.

Back from the Picnic event, I rummaged through my stuff, relied on my hunch, adding more already available and as Bento Sifu’s assurance that those stuffs can comes in handy. Who knows?

So…only yesterday noon, mostly done by me, experimenting those gadgets with processed foods first such as sausage, crabstick, beef salami, cheese, fried seaweed, mayonnaise and mixed vegetables. Rice, egg & broccoli were the healthier ones.

I overboiled the rice crab and I think I need to boil the sausage longer so the cut-outs would be more obvious.Hubby did the rice moulding inclusive the deco.

Actually, it could not be called Bento as it is served in a dish instead of box. Anyway, it is our lunch and I want to learn how to use those stuff first.

Here’s the dishes for the three of us. Baby Hambali of course could not be included since it was not a healthier choice for him. Besides he was already full from home-cooked salmon porridge.


Well, whaddya think? 😛

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Picnic at Bungalow Damai Tiny Tapir

Last Sunday, we went to great event hosted by Tiny Tapir along with Doodlebugs. Picnic…traders opened booth-can find New Stylish Tokyo selling bento gadgets, which I managed to ‘steal’ 2 gadgets (errr….coax hubby to purchase it for me, he,he..), Bella Posh Bowtique Cloth Diapers, Ibu Family Org..

And also some demo classes…Bento-making by Christine, Ring Sling by Chin Nee & Syaz Jumpsac, Baby Sign by Jamie…hemm…I can’t stay long though so I missed out the Scrapbooking, Cloth Pad making & maybe plenty more. Awaiting Millie who stayed behind for more reviews..

Pics I can’t snap much, blaming it to the fact I’ve forgotten to check the some I ‘steal’ from Azza, he,he..

Anxious to reach there on time coz I don’t want to miss Bento Sifu, Christine@Allthingspurple in action!

She said her ‘workstation’ is in the mess, no worries Christine understandable as you are in different surrounding, anybody will get that ‘feeling’ also..he,he..

Some of Christine’s creations.Thanks Christine for making it ‘clear’ somehow coz I really don’t know where to start. Huhh! Semangat2 nak mula ni! 😛

Candid pics by Azza…steal some newly launched Cloth Pad by MamaPatch. Reviews soon…

Azza could’nt stay long & here’s me, Azza & Millie

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