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[STICKY MODE] Chatterbox 1st Anniversary Giveaway


I love to announce this blog of mine, or fondly referred as Chatterbox the very 1st Anniversary Giveaway. Soon, my beloved Chatterbox will be having new look so in order to upgrade, I love to hear your say!

How? 3 Simple Steps for you to join this easy-peasy giveaway! Just…

(1) Write a post / entry in your own blog promoting my giveaway. Just 1 post. Please make sure, you include linkable this giveaway link & my Chatterbox link as well.

(2) Visit this Chatterbox as often as you like & by all means, for any post you will find it usefulness, help yourself to it but please let me know. I love to share anything that I know or experienced with others. Do get to know this Chatterbox & me, so…you can provide your opinion, views, ideas or whatever feedbacks, be positive or negative, I’m ok with it. :D

READ : ONLY this Chatterbox CONTENTS. I repeat, just the CONTENT (post/chat). Whether as overall, specific or based in certain subject. Don’t comment any other things like layout, navigation or whatsoever.

EDITED : You have ONE MONTH to leave comment about Chatterbox’s Content. Fair chance to all. :>

I’m open to all feedbacks, but please make it reasonable & reliable. Why? I appreciate the friendships made & love to make more friends & sharing is one thing I love to do for things I love & cherish. Your visits & views is important to me. I believe in lifelong learning & room for improvements.

(3) Leave your (i) blog link entry about this giveaway & (ii) your feedbacks on my Chatterbox’s Content (overall or specific) in this Giveaway entry only at Vis-a-vis.(Comment)

How you will be judged? Dear Hubby of yours truly who is a non-blogger will review each entry. Well, since the existing of this Chatterbox, he’s my biggest Critics! Ha!Ha!

So, who can join? Just any Malaysian Citizenship Female Bloggers either residing in Malaysia or outside of Malaysia.

This giveaway starts on 15th of October & ends on 15th of November, 2009 @ 11:59pm (Malaysian time)

What’s in it for you? We will have 3 winners that might win any of these at about the same value:

Details of prizes as follows:-
1 piece of Linda Linda Enviro-Safe side sling bag

L41cm x D9cm x H37cm
made of polyester water proof foldable into pocket size great for storage of diapers/bottles/clothes/laundry perfect for any leisure occasion : shopping/swimming/picnic…and many more
Brought by Lil Danzell

2 pieces reusable Cloth Pad

  • Panty Liner
  • Measurement: Approximately 2.5″ x 6″
  • Full layers of 100% cotton flannel (without water barrier layer)
  • Reversible so you can flip over for a fresher surface
  • Colors available (Pink/Baby Blue/Light Green/Orange)
  • Brought by Mama Patch

2 pieces funky prints Wahmies Cloth Wipes

Reusable / washable multi cloth diaper (or whatever you see fit) wipes. Great for all ages!! They are the BEST diaper wipes you’ll find. Keep a couple of wet ones in a baggie stashed in your diaper bag for outings, and eating out. Even make great washcloths, burp cloths or “hankies”.Not only for baby and child but for you to replace the tissue.

They are made 1 layer of super soft cotton flannel print and one side of extremely soft cotton sherpa terry. The size is 8″ by 8″, just the perfect size to fold in half and store in a recycled disposable wipe container. Available in variety of unisex prints, girl prints or boy prints.

Brought by MyCheekyBoo

3 early bird winners have been announced! Check it HERE. All are GREEN GIFTS for you!!

Disclaimer : Rules & Regulations is the rights of Chatterbox’s owners. Failure to complete any of the 3 Simple Steps resulted automatic disqualified. Any protest about this giveaway will not be entertained. Thank you!

TIP : Chat-List is available whereby you can click away till the end of this Giveaway.It will be updated from time to time. Click CHAT LIST.

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I am Friday winner of GOT BOOBIES by AliceWonders

There’s no other thing that can make the Monday Blues go away, none other receiving e-mail from contest organizer announcing you are the weekly winner.Remember my entries about GOT BOOBIES? Yup! That’s the one!

Yeay! Another Pursehook (sudah order) for me…waaaahh..apart from changing bag from one to another, now can change pursehook too! Got 3 already, kih-kih…

November 2, 2009 Posted by | Celebration and Gift, Hanz's Feelings | 9 Comments

Today’s Teaser : Oo-la-la Reusable Bag(s) is here!

Saper nak Beg oo-la-la ni?

Kalau nak, masuk jer My Chatterbox Giveaway tu……

Besar…banyak barang boleh letak..plastik lembut, warna menyerlah!

Oh, yang Bunga-bunga tu untuk pemenang! Yang kepala Panda tu, Hanz yang punya yer! Mua-ha-ha!!!

Lipat, masuk dalam poket khas jadi besar wallet / purse muat dalam handbag!

Ni kasi motivate sikit, 2 hadiah lagi dalam perjalanan……..

So saper kata, nak live green, takleh bergaya???

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We already have our 3 EARLY BIRD WINNERS!

Thank you so much for the response me received so far! Keep em’ coming!

Now, let us give an applause to the 3 Early Bird (chip,chip..he,he..) Winners!!!
(Note : Me accepted only completed entries as Early Bird Winners. The rest, no worries, you are still ‘running’ in this Giveaway)

Drum roll….





Congratulations to the 3 of you & please send your address to so that I can post your gift in a jiffy!

Let’s reveal the Mystery Gift now.


(sorry pic quality not so good as I’m in hurry! :P)

Bekas pensel / bekas berus / bekas mekap pun boleh…ikut kreativiti masing-masing.Nak bagi anak ker atau sendiri mau pakai pun boleh! Prints in Mickey Mouse & rolled up once stuff put inside & tuck it away, anywhere..Oh, stationaries tu excluded yer..for demo jer..

Bekas comel-lote tu hasil kerastangan…ooppss..hasil kreativiti kraftangan K. As. Check blog K.As kat Me puas hati dengan kekemasan jahitan & kreativiti K.As. Macam-macam ada..tote bag, pyramid purse & latest ada wrislet. Nak tengok bekas pensel tu dengan lebih jelas, boleh check sini.

To others, you are still in the running but please make sure you do all the 3 simple steps especially no.2.

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Today’s Teaser : You’ve got CLOTH WIPES, BOOKS & BENTO STUFF in the mail!!

You must agree with me receiving gifts is such pleasurable! And, receiving fluffy mails from online shopping is heavenly feelings, aye?

Cloth wipes is not a new thing to me as by the time preparation was made for Baby Hambali’s arrival to this world, cloth wipes & burp cloth was included.

But….not something so nice like this…..!!

It was TOTALLY SOFT & the YUMMY PRINTS is to die for! (literally said-lah) No wonder those Cloth Diaper Mommas seems can’t get enough of them! Okay, confession..ladies….I’m gonna get more & more & more & more…..(Alamak! Sudah addict!!!!)

You! Yes, you who is looking & reading this can now thinking & re-thinking to DITCH those TISSUES & WET WIPES, kay..Why you want to be proud contributor of earth pollution? Switching to be cloth wipes addictor, is better. EKEKEKEKE!!!

Good for you, for your baby & to Mother Earth.

Oh, actually I’ve redeemed my winning in this past CONTEST. Thanks to Bonnie of MyCheekyBoo.


The other day, dear hubby surprised me by telling he redeemed his credit card points to give me something. And, the something is those…..

Ha!Ha! Truly a great supporter of my new hobby which is BENTO. Or maybe hinting me to prepare lunchbox for him every single day plus for my two boys???

Whatever it is, once we finally settled at our new home, I will Bento-ing. In fact, it is a promise I made to myself!


Remember the other day I won the Consolation prize for My Little Bookworm Contest by HKS & MOBS? Oh, I’ve redeemed the free shipping voucher & got this 2 books for Baby Hambali. I drool over these books. The bright colours & the ‘touch’ items inside…OH! Bet, my lil tot will be beaming with joy! He is so into books. Malam2 pun sibuk suruh amik buku by signing books inside the car! And to let you know, I’ve stash another bag loads of another set of books in the car so totalling 10 books! Plus, this one…our car is going to be mini mobile library! LOL!!

Thanks hubby & thanks Contest Organizer. Today really make my day.

Hanz’s : Wondering where is my other ‘GREEN’ fluffies??? Can’t hardly wait to receive them!

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Why I love to shop at Alice Wonders

The first time I get to know Alice Wonders was from MomsBloggersPlanet. Thanks to littlemama aka Ros for holding Mother’s Day Contest last time & I was fortunate enough for winning its Consolation Prize. I received this PurseHook as per my selection, speedily!

Then, I’ve made my first puchase & lucky for me on that time, Alice Wonders was giving away PurseHook for free for certain purchases & me received another PurseHook! This is the one!Plus, a discount card valued 10% which me used for the next purchase!

And then Hubby had promised to give me something due to his increment & I’ve insisted a new handbag.Hubby wanted to save all the trouble so he left the choosing part to me which was without further hesitation, me made another order at AliceWonders. It’s a clutch & handbag at one go! Such a creative creation! It was my Raya bag, you see.

Upon receiving my second purchase, me received it’s surprise gift! Awesome! Not to mention the free shipping me entitled due to total order RM 80 and above would be entitled free shipping.

Twice shopping experienced with Alice Wonders, I was impressed with their speedy delivery & the value-added services they always ever ready.

AliceWonders offers several types of bags for several purpose & occasions. Even if you are not in the status of getting a new handbag, it is interesting to take a peek on their current offers.

And, recently their offer on “unbirthday” was such a steal! 70% off for many selection of their bags. Not to miss this ‘durian runtuh’, me got involved & this is my latest grab from Alice!

That bag only costed me RM 35.00.

The best part was not only me entitled free shipping when payment made within 24 hourse order placed received but receiving all these goodies too! Yippee!!!

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Today is not Monday Blues to me because Winning Contests & received Free Gifts!

Ha!Ha! The above title already clears out the current feelings enveloped me today.

Me won 3rd prize for Mom’s Choice Breastfeeding Campaign Contest. Will be receiving hamper from several sponsors worth RM 120.00.

And, another thing is Baby Hambali win Consolation prize for Little Bookworm Contest joint-venture between HKS Bookstore & MOBS. Received free shipping coupon for 1st online purchase.

Plus, this morning, receiving my recent purchase from Alice Wonders, me was being being surprised on so many goodies along with the bag! Yippee!!!!

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What I have been doing for ONE week after Hari Raya

Our Family Posing on Raya Day. Theme : Cream & Brown

Then, the following day onwards, dear hubby & me made a list individually, combined it to see where deem fit so we could carry on planned activities either inclusive or exclusive My Boys.

We took 3 days Annual Leave so in total, we’ve been away of hustle-bustle rat race for one whole week. The list of what I (we) have been doing went on like this….

1. Finishing off reading Parenting Toddler & Parenting Preschooler books

2. Brought the boys out so Mama can get to do more shopping while the boys enjoyed the indoor playground.

3. Camwhored inside a moving car received shaking head from dear hubby & had fun with several looks especially the eye, experimenting the new Loving Minerals eyeshadows.

4. Went to EPF managed to snap the Raya deco at their lobby.

5. Went to many, many banks & finally Baby Hambali has his own Life-Education Insurance Policy.

6. The boys looked adorable with their similar matching pyjamas & their Mama could’t resist to freeze their antics in photo moments.

7. Shopping for Bento Gadgets at 100 Yen, Puchong & Daiso, The Curve promised them another return customer. ME! 😛

From L to R(clockwise) : Separator Container for Lunchbox, 2-way Egg Slicer, Plastic Bag Clipper => all obtained from 100 Yen for RM 4.90 per piece only!

From L to R (clockwise) : Drink Holder (pemegang air kotak), 3-tier Lunch Box stackable, Thermal Lunch Tote Bag, Silicon Dish Cup, Lunch Box Strap, Varieties Bread/Pancake/Rice/Cookies Cutter, Tiny Tweezer => all obtained from Daiso for RM 5 per piece only!

8. More contest filling & submissions!

9. Took pictures of discarded items for Sale soon!

10. SPRING CLEANING (hijacked!) but our HOMESCHOOL went on diligently!

So, what have you been doing over the long Raya holiday?

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[STICKY MODE] Talking about Hari thing I won’t failed to do every year is….

……adding my HUGE collections of
Hari Raya Money Package (sampul duit Hari Raya)

You are allowed to drool over my collections now!

Maybank & EON Bank

RHB & Public Bank

Standard Chartered Bank & Perodua



Some no longer exist like Kwong Yik Bank

And, I also have like Bank Bumiputra, Sabah Bank & more no longer existing bank after merging between banks took place.

More miscelannous collections…..

I have been seriously collecting sampul duit raya way back when I was about 15 years old. I found that I love to oogled on the designs of sampul duit raya & looked forward the upcoming design each year especially those from banks that I already had aplenty.

For this year, I’ve obtained some in advance & looked forward for more. My niece tried to followsuit but her passion runs dry quickly. Well, if you suddenly after seeing my collection, develop a feeling of taking it as a new pastimes, let me know. I posses lots of extra sampul duit raya that I kept over the years and I graciously willing to let it go as long you promise to stay passionate in this new hobby. In fact, dear hubby knowing how much I love collecting these, joining in too by asking around from customers, friends & relatives. Both sides of family knows about this too & they will collect on behalf of me & passed it to me after collections done.

Will I ever stop? I can’t decide it yet as the passion on this still high & it’s addictive! Oh, I stop counting too how many I have for years but I’m definitely sure my collection is in hundreds!

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