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Cloth Diapering Newborn

I have great pleasure recommending other mommas to convert to cloth diaper in this Chatterbox of mine. I found many benefits on cloth diapering & somehow I wish I have started as early as I can, say, by the time Baby Hambali just a newborn.

Well, needless to say, I’ve started cloth diapering Baby Hambali when he was about 5 months old with Onesize Pocket Diaper & Sized Pocket Diaper. Experienced-wise, I never tried prefold which is much recommended for cloth diapering newborn or we most familar by the name of lampin / flat muslin cloth. I did used lampin for Hanafi during the confinement but opt for sposies when Baby Hambali’s turn with reason, no one to man & care the lampin.

As for now, seeing & hearing many Chit-Chatters of mine & other blogger friends are expecting an arrival of new family member (wink!) or just simply says…pregnant, I love to list out few great articles & tips from CD-gurus @ Mamas in here.

I’ve learnt a lot from these lovely CD Mommas on initial stage of my cloth diapering journey & to those who has been thinking OR contemplating OR has decided to cloth diapering soon for your newborn, at your pregnancy state now, is a great start for you to :-


Why? It is understandable & agreed buying one piece CD only will cost you more than one pack of disposable. Correct? But, in the long run, you save more because it is not like your child will be using it for one month but the least 2 years. So, I fully suggest as you are preparing items for your expected little joy’s arrival, why not include the purchases of CD as well? By doing this, you won’t feel the burden too much by spending a bomb at one go. Besides, you must take note that cloth diapering a newborn is slightly differ from 3 months to 4 months old baby so you need to know how & what is the best solution.

Please read all these great articles & may it provide lots of assistance that I intent it to do so.

You can always check, peep & read these 3 blogs that I mentioned earlier & those articles & tips it is from them!

Sandra of Mia Bambina

Farrahim of complete, fulfilled & still vain

Sharine of A Note on Cloth Diapering Journey

By Sandra of Mia Bambina :-

1.How many you need? And how much do you really save?

2.Cloth Diapering Ultimate Guide

3.Up Close on Prefold Diaper


By Sharine of A Note on Cloth Diapering Journey :-


2.DIY: Non-Sew Prefold

3.Lampin for heavywetter or toddler

By Farrahim of compete, fulfilled & still vain!

1.My Cloth Diaper Story part 1: CD-ing a newborn

2.CD-ing a Newborn

Hanz’s Note : More chat on Cloth Diapering will be up soon! Stay tuned!

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Cloth Diaper Model In Action (pics mode)

In Starbunz ‘Lion’ AIO

In Chunkibunz ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ OS AIO

In GAD ‘Embroidered Lion’ Pocket

In Happy Heinys ‘Cow’ OS Pocket

In Happy Heinys ‘Peace Bear’ OS Pocket

In Blueberry Minky H&L ‘Blue Latte’ OS Pocket

In Itti Bitti ‘Red’ SIO AI2

In Cushies Tushies Couture ‘Blue Camo’ OS AIO

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Out & About In Cloth Diaper : Travelling Gets Easy!

Soon, the Hari Raya is coming and most of you, including us no doubt would be in your hometown for quite some time, right? Well, if you are new in cloth diapering, there’s likely minor reason for you to skip cloth diapering. You can still maintain it at go once you know how after reading this notes. Just give it a try.

As for myself, few number of times, say 2 to 3 days-3 nights whenever we return to my parents’s house, we still managed to keep cloth diapering our lil tot. But, this time soon, it would take longer than that, so actually this note applies to us as well and thanks to Farrahim again, most of the points here taken from her & I’ve edited it a bit here & there. (Far, your note panjang sangat-lah. He,he).

Here goes as promised!

Ask yourself these questions :-

* Travelling purposes & destination.

If the purpose mainly family business & destination revolves around your family, go ahead. If for official purpose like work, check your schedule & the plan. Will you be around to take care your baby? If for vacation, go ahead if you are not always on the move like backpacking. Why? Think about the extra luggage you need to lull about.Light travelling requires? Then, cloth diapering is not that possible.

* Travelling duration

If it is longer than 4 days, 3 nights, you can always mix with disposables. If the days less than that, totally in CD is possible.Unless you want to opt for laundry service but afraid that they might use harsh detergent which is unsuitable for CD.

* Mode of transportation

If you are travelling by car, you can just pack & dump enough CDs in the car unless your car is too packed with people.

If you are travelling by plane, no problem either as long as you pack enough not excessive to avoid baggage penalty.

If you are travelling by bus, it depends whether you need to hop on & off many destination. You decide whether it is convenience for you.

* How many child are using CDs?

Well, if it is just one, why not? If more, you have to decide wisely.

* Age of child

Toddler is easier than baby & baby is easier than newborn. As they get older, it gets easier.

* Types of cloth diapers

Bring only your best performance CDs.It should last at least 4 hours before the next diaper change & there are many brands cater for long hours. Look for brands that do recommend can be used overnight, about 12 hours, so this you can used while travelling too.

I like AI2 type as you need to bring extra soakers & the shell can be reuse. Besides the shell dries faster if you wash them while on the go.

* How many diapers needed?

Bring enough. How many diaper change within 24 hours?Possible bring super thirst diapers that made for nighttime diapering or claimed suits heavy wetter.

Types like AI2, the shell reusable & diaper cover too, but please ‘air’ them in between usage.

* To wash or not to wash?

Like myself, at home, I wash my tot’s CDs every 2 days. So for up to 3 days, you still can miss washing them. Just chuck them in a good wetbag. If you are worry about the smell, you can sprinkle some Dettol or Tea Tree Oil in the used wetbag.

If you want to wash then, bring your own detergent. In fact, you can just rinse them without detergent as we know washing CDs require less amount of detergent. If you using the laundry service, do the same by instructing them, how
to wash CD the correct way. Perhaps you can provide your own detergent as we want to avoid detergent with enzymes, bleachers & so forth.

* Poop handling

Dunk the poop into the toilet bowl before you toss that soiled diaper into the wetbag.

If your baby still has runny poop, use flushable nappy liners so you can just flush the soiled liners into the toilet bowl.

If you like, you can rinse off the soiled diaper before tossing it into the wetbag. Usually I would only rinse off my soiled diapers if the poop is soft and mushy.

If you plan to mix with disposables, then bring enough of them too.

All in all it’s all in your mind. As long you think cloth diapering is not ‘leceh’ (hassle), you will be having fun. Like me, ‘sudah biasa’ (used to it) & it is easy-peasy for me. But, don’t be too hard on yourself if the situation is not so convenient & you must use disposables instead.

Happy Cloth Diapering!

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Out & About In Cloth Diaper : Daycare Funtastic!

Disclaimer : This note was inspired by Farrahim (A CD-Sifu) & thanks to her, I copy-pasted it here & edited it a bit adding my own personal experience.

Cloth Diapering your child at Daycare / Nursery

Daycare or babysitter might hesitated to accept your decision to cloth diaper your child with most possible excuse:- messy, leaky diaper & difficult storing soiled diaper.

But, if you are confident yourself and make it ‘friendlier’, there’s no reason for hesitation. Make sure you are experienced with cloth diapering and comfortable using them before convincing other people to cloth diaper your child.

How to do that?

1. Send enough CDs to last the whole day

My lil tot, baby Hambali will take his bath around 7:30 am before off to nursery, fully in CD. I will put 5 CDs in his bag & informed them he must be change around 11am, 3pm & 6pm. The time I stated is roughly indicated depending whether it is soiled of poop. 2 for extra because average time we fetched him around 6 to 7 pm daily. (Note : Diaper change done every 3 hours)

2. Use the velcro (hook & loop type) type

I noted whenever Baby Hambali on CD that using snaps, sometimes another button missed being snaps causing droopy look. Happen especially when baby Hambali’s Opah (Grandma) is babysitting him. Sometimes at his nursery, it is either too loose or too tight.

We can understand the situation in the nursery, time consuming & many child to be cared of, so try lessen their work by making it easier. Besides, if it is not properly set, it might end up with leak.

So, those with velcro types easier as it is similar with disposables.

3. Pre-stuff your diaper if you are using pocket type

So, all they need to do is just put it on. Off late, I’m fond of AI2 & AIO as it does’nt need stuffing. Try to avoid using fitted with cover as it is not so convenient once your baby is mobile & if it is happen your baby is wiggly type like my Baby Hambali. 😛

4. Set the correct setting if you are using One-Size type.

Again, for fast and easier putting it on.

5. If you using sized diaper, always check that your baby fits them nicely, not too tight or too loose.

Too loose might cause leaking & people won’t like it. Too tight might leaves mark on your baby’s skin.

6. Inform the daycare to change your child’s diaper every 3 to 4 hours.

I encountered once in a while baby Hambali was bit too long in one diaper when plenty clean diapers remain in his bag instead in the wetbag. Be patience. Insist on changing every 3 hours, longest 4 hours stating the health side-effect.

7) Provide wetbag to store soiled diaper.

They don’t need to wash them. Just dump it inside the wetbag! Easy, ma!

9) Handling soiled CDs with poop

At Baby Hambali’s Nursery, they don’t bother to do anything about it, not even flush down the poop down the toilet. I don’t mind actually because my ultimate goal as long my baby is in CD, it is good enough. Once home, I just sprayed the poop & it rolled off down the toilet, rinse it few times inside out without the detergent before dump it together with the rest of the CDs in the washing machine plus the detergent.

10) Be serious with your decision on cloth diapering. Project an impression that CD-ing is easy. Like us, in fact they are enjoying ‘looking’ at baby Hambali in funky prints CD & amazed that it stays dry & never experienced leaking at all. And, it struck curios inquiries from other moms too!

Oh, did I tell you that I don’t need to spend on pants & shorts anymore for Baby Hambali. CD become shorts too!! LOL 😛

Next chat : Cloth Diapering while travelling

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A to Z Must-Read Cloth Diapering Notes : Specially for Cloth Diaper Newbies

Disclaimer :
This compilation notes obtained originally from several local cloth diaper online stores. What I did was cut&paste 😛 & voila, it becomes A to Z, quick & almost complete guidelines in cloth diapering specially made for you who wants to know more about CD-ing & find it difficult to digest so many things in CD-ing or just curios & feels want to try cloth diaper.

Many, many thanks to those cloth diaper stores that I frequent to as those available notes in your site(s) managed to assist me & I am proud to claim I am one ADDICTED CLOTH DIAPER MOMMAS!! 99.9% Cloth diapering & never look back. I love it!

I hope this note able to assist you in this journey. Happy Cloth Diapering!

A- All In One (AIO) contain all necessary components of a diaper including a soaker pad and waterproof cover. AIO most similar to disposables, convenient for fast & easy changes. It is most expensive & may need extra drying time.

B -Boosters boost the diaper by providing extra absorbent fabric when it is needed, for example at night. Some babies require boosting at night because they are heavy wetter & the diaper alone is not enough to hold the wee throughout the 12 hours. Most babies only require one booster in addition to the diaper, though some babies require 2 if they are very heavy wetter.

C- Covers are used over a prefold, contour or fitted diaper to protect baby’s clothes from wetness. The covers are shaped & fasten with snaps or Velcro or may simply pull on. It can be made of nylon, PUL or heavier fabrics such as wool or fleece. The heavier fabric are ideal for overnight as they allow more air circulation.

D-Detergent to use when washing cloth diaper must be free of dyes, enzymes, perfumes, whiteness & brightness. Using detergents containing these ingredients will cause damage to your diaper including elastic failure & leaking.

E-Extremely important to wash your new diapers & inserts at least 3 times before using for the first time. This to ensure the absorbency as because during the manufacturing process, there can be residue left on the fabric that can cause leakage.

F-Fitted diapers do not require folding as they have a contoured shape. They also have gathered or elasticized legs & waists to prevent leaks or blow-outs. It is fasten with Velcro or snaps & generally used with diaper cover, although a cover may not be required if you are able to change the diaper promptly when wet or soiled.

G-Great way to embark cloth diapering journey is to know your baby and your situation. Do not stick to one brand or one type only. Try one piece of few brands initially of the type suits you most and move on after observation made finding which system & which brand works well. Those diapers that you like least can always be resell as cloth diapers do possess resale value.That’s one of the beauty in cloth diapering!

H-Hemp is a coarse fiber made from the inner bark of the hemp plant. It is becoming increasingly popular for use in diapers because of its durability, absorbancy & natural anti-microbial property. Hemp absorbency will increase with the use of its age.

I-Inserts is used with pocket diaper by stuffing it inside a special pocket within the two layers for absorbency. It can be made of many materials including microfiber, terrycloth, hemp or prefold diapers.

J-Just wash your diapers in normal water with washing machine with ¼ of detergent recommended & dry it out on clothesline where best with sun contact. The sun is the best bleacher to remove stain & odour.

K-Keep babies skin healthy & prevent diaper rash by changing diaper every 2 to 3 hours regardless of how dry it may feel.

L-Liners are thin layers of material that are placed on the diaper, against baby’s bottom. Liners are an optional extra when cloth diapering your baby but it comes in handy especially when your baby need to use nappy cream or medication cream. It is to prevent the cream getting onto the cloth diapers which will leave a greasy residue on the fleece & may causing leaky diapers.

M-Microfiber insert are one type of insert absorbent pieces designed to be inserted into a pocket diaper. Must take note that this material must not touch baby’s skin.It can cause nasty rashes.

N-Newborn diapering can be a bit tricky due to the sizing & frequent poos & pees. Mostly recommended to use prefold with or without diaper cover before switching to other types.Usually switching would take place after baby is one month to two months old.

O-One size(OS) diaper usually available mostly in pocket,fitted & cover, also few in AIO & AI2. This system works by using a set of snaps to fold over excess material & it is made to fit a child from birth through 3 years of age. The snaps allow material to be fold over when a child is young & let out as baby grows.However do take note that different brand of OS varies in sizing & if your baby has chunky tight, getting sized diaper instead with side snapping is possible alternative.

P-Pocket diapers consist of 2 separate parts which must be assembled before use. An outside, waterproof layer protects an inner layer of microfleece or microsuede. It must be used together with insert creating an AIO style diaper.

Q-Questions that you should ask yourself before venturing cloth diapering as listed below:

  • Why you want to use cloth diaper & why you want to convert to cloth diapering?
  • What are you looking for? Used daytime? Nighttime? Replace disposables totally?
  • Who to put it on? Mother? Caregiver?
  • Specific requirement: Long hours? To use multiple children? On tight budget?

R-Repelling issue occur when your baby’s diaper leak from around the legs while the inside stays relatively dry. To confirm this, perform the water droplets test on the fleece by shaking a few drops of water on your diapers. Does the water bead up on the surface or get instantly absorbed? If the water droplets bead up then your diapers need a few more washings in hot or warm water using detergent. Repelling can also occur due to the type of detergent. Check whether it contains fabric fibers & greatly decrease absorbency.

S-Strip washing is needed once in a while to remove the residue left on the fleece by detergents. To do this, fill a sink with hot water & add in some dish washing liquid. Hand wash your diapers, rubbing the fleece vigorously together or use hard bristle toothbrush to scrub the fleece. Turn inside out & repeat on this side. Rinse several time, making sure that the water runs clear.

T-Training your baby for potty gets easier & faster as your baby can feel the ‘wetness’ due to the moisture despite the dry feeling of the fabric. Proven by many cloth diaper mothers.

U-Urine smell strong in cloth diaper meaning the diaper is not getting clean enough. Smell them when they are wet out of the washer & if it is smelly, make sure you have enough water in your washing machine & enough ‘swish’ room for your diapers. Do not overload your machine with diapers. But if the urine smell is strong as soon as your baby pees in it, this is detergent build-up problem. Solution : Strip washing them.

V-Velcro or also called hook & loop is a type of closure that as easy as disposable. It is quicker to fasten during diaper change but can wear out if it is not properly cared. Some prefer snaps closure as it better for kids who like to take their diapers off.

W-Wet bag is necessary to store soiled diaper when you are out & about. Convenient for daycare and babysitter too to ensure smooth cloth diaper manning.Make your cloth diapering daycare-friendly!

X-X-press your cloth diapering addiction by getting funky print diapers so others can oogling at it.The plus point is you get to promote this to others indirectly.

Y-You must bear in mind that cloth diapers are cheaper for parents as it is reusable, healthier for babies as no nasty chemicals like dioxin in them, better for the environment & just as convenient as disposables.

Z-Zest your parenting style with cloth diapering & you are one step closer leading a GREENER LIFE!!

Copyright 2009

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Preloved Diapers for Grab! Itti Bitti D’Lish SIO & BBH Minkee Magic [SOLD]

Baby Hambali can’t fit Medium size anymore. With so much reluctance, I need to let go these two favourite CD of mine & getting Large size. Already gotten Large size for Itti Bitti SIO & need to place order soon for L size of BBH Magic-Alls AIO Minkee with Snaps. These two diapers very gently used & only used once a week at night. A good horsemanship diaper for nightime, last approximately 12 hours for my Medium-Wetter baby.Both diapers bought last May, so more or less you can say that both been using not more than 15 times! Honest! 😀

You can check my previous review on these two diapers HERE.

BabyBeehinds Minkee Magic All-In One (with Snaps)
(click here to go to manufacturer & infos)

Medium Size. Chocolate Colour.
Insert Bamboo Booster for Absorbency.
Retail Price :- RM 79.00
Letting go at RM 65.00
Shipping :-RM 3

Itti Bitti D’lish Snap In One
(click here to go to Manufacturer & Infos)

Medium size. Purple Colour.
Retail Price :- RM 92.00
Letting go at RM 77.00
Shipping :- RM 3.00

Offer :
Take both CDs,
just spend RM 140.00.
Save RM2 & free shipping! Hurry!

Update : Both diapers sold to Faridah. Thank you.

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What’s holding you? What’s stopping you? Captain Planet to the rescue!

Jog down to a path of Memory Lane…..

Do you remember this cartoon? I love this Cartoon. I remember their tagline goes like this:

“Earth!- Fire!- Wind!- Water!- Heart!
By your powers combine, I am CAPTAIN PLANET!”

This cartoon should be aired again in our national tv station because it teaches a good values in protecting our environment to youngsters. Definitely, i would watch it again if it is on air again.

Okay, the reason I’m up this topic in my chat this time, apart from sharing the upcoming World Environment Day that is going to be celebrated this Friday, 5th of June, 09, also some wake-up call for you.

Be proud if you are a Nursing Mother, either fully or partially. Be proud if you used to nurse your baby. Be proud if you are 100% supporter of Breastfeeding regardless any circumstances, you still believe Breastmilk is the Best! Be proud also if you have decided that you will nurse your baby when the time has come.

Nursing moms, let it known to you that your deeds have contribute a Great ‘Deal’ to the Mother Earth as you have decrease 1 number of act that is destroying Our Mother Earth. Do you know that production of infant formula involves a lot of work and energy? Can you imagine how many cows are needed to make this much cow’s milk?

Each cow eats a lot of grass. To produce enough grass for the cows, millions of acres of land are required. In the search for land to feed the cows, forests are cut and forests are burnt. The fires destroy the soil and plants, and the animals lose their home. In making infant formula, enormous amount of energy is wasted. In packaging infant formula, paper, plastic and metals create more waste. In transporting infant formula, millions of gallons of fuel are consumed. The whole process means that dirt, smoke and other pollutants are expelled into the air.

Breastmilk goes directly from mother to baby. There is no need for fuel, packaging and transportation. Breastmilk is best for babies and breastfeeding protects our environment.

Now, do you cloth diaper your baby? Cheer yourself for you have taken another step to protect our Mother Earth. Here’s some points to ponder:

  • Every child adds about 6500 disposable diapers to our landfills.
  • Disposable diapers have little to no recycling potential and the long term effects of them on the environment remain unknown. It can take up to 500 years to decompose.
  • One baby can produce up to 2 tons of landfill waste using disposable diapers.
  • Harsh bleaches and cleaning agents used at diaper services can cause damage to the environment.
  • Serious threat of contamination from disposable diapers because of human sewage going into landfills.
  • Disposal of human waste in residential garbage is technically prohibited and instructions on disposable diaper packaging recommend that you shake out any fecal matter into the toilet before disposing of it.
  • Viruses found in feces can pose a threat to our water supplies and wildlife.
  • Each baby in disposable diapers consumes 4.5 trees (Based on only 2 years in diapers)

Not scary enough? This is a wake-up call for you to act. A small gesture would go all the way…

I feel grateful that I have taken a small step by breastfeed and cloth diaper. I’m just like you. Working and plenty of task to be taken care of. A sight like below is a regular nightly in our household and that is the cloth diaper only and yes, it is tiring after came back from work, there’s heaps of laundry to mind of.

And I got Panda Eyes for constant waking up from my slumberland to fulfill my baby’s needs. And, every single day I have to lull the small backpack that contains all the gadgets in order to ensure the next day my baby still has his Mom’s Precious Drops.

And then, when I want to pack my lunch from outside, I would try to remember to bring my own washable container so that I can avoid using the polysterine packaging. Hassle eh? I just have to remind myself, “Hey! You’re doing something good, babe!”

And, bring your own bag when you’re doing your grocery or shopping. Plastic bags are a serious threat to our environment and natural resources – not only do they spoil our parks and beaches – but they can also take up to 1000 years to break down. Plastic bags are responsible for blocking drains and harming our wildlife – both marine and land-based animals.

Yes, we received curios stares and awkward confirmation from the cashier everytime we did this.

I have done the part of Reduce & Reuse. Next step I would take is to Recycle our household wastage likewise, sorting them by the materials it being produced like Plastic, Glass & Paper. A still a long way to go for us.

Celebrating the World Environment Day would mean nothing if you just keep on the ‘Tidak Apa” (does’nt matter) attitude. Do your part, and what I’ve chatted here is just few examples. There is more you can do. Or do you want me to lay out more examples in regards to this topic?

So, what’s holding you? What’s Stopping You? Emerge yourself as The Captain Planet & The Planeteers.

The Power is in Your Hand!

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Dedicated to My Cheeky Boo

A Very Addicted Cloth Diaper Momma now turning her passion into materialising her dream. Her dream was to become A Work at Home Mom (WAHM) so that she get to spend more time playing with her cheeky boy, Wawa as he is fondly known of has finally came true.

She brings to you all the itsy-bitsy cool gadget, he, he, not gadget-lah just lovely product to provide you all the natural parenting stuff & natural living. You can get cloth diapers (yummy!), funky wipes (ditch the wet wipes & tissue!), Baby Sling & Pouches (your baby will love you holding him/her close to you), Natural Soaps (gentler to Mother Earth & soothing to our skin) & even Mom’s Stuff (ditch the dispos, Mom. Not good for your womanly well-being)

Way to go Bonnie! Congratulations to you. May this year be an ‘IT’ for you. Me, another CD-addicted Mommy will support you all the way.

So….my beloved Chit-chatters, do check Bonnie’s newly launched website here :=> MyCheekyBoo

Before this, I always chat-hop to her personal blog. WirahWannieWatari
Enjoyed reading her sharing on everything under the sun.Now more reason to frequent chat-hop to her place coz I get to do shopping too!

Allright, time for me to oogle this stuffs now…..

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Review on AIO & AI2 Cloth Diaper

Disclaimer : This review is solely based on personal usage to my baby and according to my unique preferences. My baby has a small waist & bum but has chunky tight. Started using AIO & AI2 about 9 months of age at medium setting & still maintain in the same setting in all the brands. All being used at night time (except Chunkibunz) as my experimenting with night time diapering. My baby is a medium wetter so if it works well for me most of these brands for night-time diapering it might not work the same for heavy wetter baby. (Read: Most CD Momma expert swear by fitted type with cover to work well for night time diapering) Each CDs used once for weekly basis. Not to recommend any online stores or any particular brand but just to provide overall view for any assistance it can manage.

To obtain the description of each brand, cimply CLICK to the brand name & you will be link to the original manufacturer’s page (website). Nevertheless, when you click to the online store that I mentioned & you will also be redirected to that particular store.

Briefly here is is a notes to understand what is AIO & AI2.

An AIO or All-In-One is exactly what it sounds like. It is a type of diaper that functions completely on its own without the need for extra accessories. It does not require separate soaker material to absorb or a separate diaper cover to contain leaks. All of the features are neatly packaged into one diaper.

Many parents find this type of diaper to be the height of convenience since all they need is in one place and traveling requires less space.

An AI2 is just like an AIO only then you need to take multiple soakers instead of few entire diapers. You just change the inner soaker as needed and the outer shell just need to be changed twice a day. Advisably, between nappy change air the outer shell before the next use so get the fresh outer shell & when the next nappy change you can get the previous outer shell with fresh soaker. In other words you just rotate the outer shell & use fresh soaker all the time.


What I like : The first thing that I notice about this diaper is the print! It is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” print synonym with Eric Carle’s book. Then I noticed it is an AIO plus One Size. I always want to get an AIO but hesitated a bit as most AIO comes in sized. So this one sort of like 2 in 1 answer to prayer. Very soft indeed & yummy looking.

What I dislike : Very bulky. What to do as it is an OS AIO.

Obtained from : Tiny Tapir

Also available : None. Even as for now no longer available at Tiny Tapir.


What I like : The ever first AI2 system that works wonderfully for night time diapering. I TOTALLY love it! Used it first time for 12 hours straight at night, experienced no leaking & no wetness to my baby’s skin. Just a damp feel when touch the snap-in soaker. An it is One Size some more! Outer shell is fast drying and to make the system really work out, you just need multiple soaker. Good for travelling as it requires less space to bring in few soakers. First time being persuaded, a bit reluctant, due to it’s ‘high’ price but come to think of it you just need 2 outer shell & just get 3 soaker for each shell, rotating the shell for 24 hours usage, it is much more lower in cost compared to use each Cds for every diaper change. Cost saving & space saving!

What I dislike : None. An answer to my night time diapering for the first time.

Obtained from : Tiny Tapir

Also available : None. Tiny Tapir is the first store bringing in this highly reviewed & recommended CD here.

Cushies Tushies Couture

What I like : An AIO. Comes with one large booster made from two layers of bamboo cotton & topped with microfleece & attached to the top front of the shell with snaps. Also comes with one separate mini booster made from the same material of the large booster. Available in many ravishing prints! By far, it did’nt failed me to use for night-time for 12 hours.

What I dislike : It claimed One Size AIO but there is no row of snaps either at the front or back to readjust the sizing as most OS CD does. It instructed to downsizing say to fit newborn, simply fold down the front to shorten the rise. I think it is such a hassle & looks bulky to me. Luckily baby Hambali is in medium setting so no need to fold down but it still looks bulky to him.

Obtained from : EZ Motherhood

Also available : Baby Sasha N Mom

BBH Minkee Magic All Pocket AIO

What I like : Another Minkee feeling & luxurios yummy looking colours to choose from. An AIO with a twist as it has pocket opening sewn in to the back of the nappy. You can use this as an AIO nappy & also have the ability to customise the absorbency to suit baby’s own needs at times when extra absorbency might be needed! If baby is a heavy wetter or the nappy will need to be worn for an extended period, such as during nap-time, simply insert a bamboo ‘Boost-It’ (included in the price) and the absorbency of the nappy is immediately doubled! By far, it did’nt failed my night-time diapering journey with baby Hambali.

What I dislike : Wishing that it comes in One Size (ha, ha, dream on…) Anyway, there’s nothing I don’t like about this nappy.

Obtained from : EZ Motherhood

Also available : Lil Danzell

Itti Bitti d’lish Snap In One

What I like : Trim & snug. Minkee feeling defintely & available in gorgeous colours. An AI2 system which is cost saving. Fast drying. Works well for my baby for night time approximately 12 hours.

What I dislike : Too small for my baby. For medium setting, ny baby can’t wear that sizing long enough. Need to upsize very soon.

Obtained from : EZ Motherhood

Also available at : Lil Danzell

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Review on One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper

Disclaimer : This review is solely based on personal usage to my baby & my unique preferences. My baby’s physique is like having a small waist & bum but have chunky thigh. Approximately started Cd-ing him by the age of 5months old at medium setting & still maintain in that setting in all the brands. All being used in daytime only up to maximum of 4 hours. Each one used once for weekly. Not to recommend any online store or any particular brand but just to provide overall view for any assistance it can manage.

All these cloth diapers are one-sized which means it can fit from newborn to toddler (about 3 years old) by readjusting the snaps. To get description of each brand, simply CLICK to the brand name & you will be link to the original manufacturer’s page (website). Nevertheless, when you CLICK to the online store that I mentioned & you will also be redirected to that particular store.

bumGenius 3.0

What I like : Trim, snug-fitting & comes with 1 newborn insert & 1 onesize insert. One of the first Cds I’ve tried & successfully manage to influence me to CD-ing till now. Easy to wash even the nastiest poop. Fast drying.Performance wise still good despite frequent usage. I just need to use the OS microfibre insert & never experience leaking at all with this.

What I dislike : Available in plain colours & by far no funky prints. ‘Looks’ worn out after few months usage.

Obtained from : Mia Bambina
Also available at : MyBabyPitStop

Baby Kanga

What I like : Unique
zippered pouch opening on the outside where you can add insert & make insert removal clean & easy. Very trim yet generous sizing. Quick drying & absorption good. Though available in plain clours only, the colours are so striking & suits my taste. I like the looks too because it snaps & camouflage as short pants with colours like black, brown, dark blue & red available as well.

What I dislike : None. I love this brand.

Obtained from : Tiny Tapir
Also available at : MyBabyPitStop

Tiny Tush Elite

What I like : The most generous CDs I’ve ever owned. Most one sized would have 3 rows of snaps but not this one. It has extra row of snaps for increase adjustability. So it can fit from newborn, infant, crawler to toddler. Performance wise overall is good. Like Baby Kanga, nice range of plain colours to choose from though I wish that they would come out with prints design soon.

What I dislike : A bit bulky to smaller baby.

Obtained from : Baby Tots & Mom
Also available at : Tiny Tapir

Rumparooz Snap Cuddle Minkee

What I like : The minkee feeling of course! All-in-all the performance is good. Amaze that after hands me down, the snaps & leg casing elastic still work out well. And, the uniqueness of home of double gusset design as it well known off, manage to provide double protection

What I dislike : If you did’nt wash this diaper thoroughly especially after the ‘big’ job, chances there might some ‘yucky’ remainings linger at the double gusset so you need to turn it inside out & do double checking manually rinsed before dump it in the washing machine.

Obtained from : Preloved from Diaper Swap Meet
Also available at : Tiny Tapir & Lil Danzell

Blueberry Minky

What I like : Another soft feeling diaper. Easy to manage & maintain. Snug fitting too. Lots of yummy looking prints to choose from!

What I dislike : Missing row of snaps in the middle unlikely almost onesize Cds

Obtained from : Preloved from Diaper Swap Meet

Also available at : EZ Motherhood, Lil Danzell & MyBabyPitStop

Happy Heiny’s

What I like : Another diaper with generous sizing. And, it is very soft. Comes with one small & one large very soft microfibre insert. Well-acclaimed due to many prestigous award it has won. Available in colours & nice looking prints too. The prints what made me want to grab it in the first place apart from the sizing.

What I dislike : Probably a bit bulky to smaller baby due to its generous sizing.

Obtained from : Lil Danzell

Also available at : MyBabyPitStop & EZ Motherhood

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