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What have you accomplished from your blog, Hanz?

An impromptu writing, a blast of idea flows in after settling office issue just few minutes ago. Read on… :)

230 followers, or I fondly refer as Chit-Chatters. Wow! But, I think I only know a quarter of them either by blogwalking or peeping. This needs to be improved! :)

452 postings for the duration of 1 year, 8 months and 22 days. Used to update blog as I feel that I want to but I think since this year, or was it few months last year I promised myself to update daily except weekends.

I started this blog with the standard blogspot template, then thanks to MomBloggersPlanet, with great support from hubs, he did the next template and after I received feedbacks that my blog quite heavy, I go with the simplest & less colours yet the trademark of Hanz @ TheHoneybunch remain. This is what you see now.

I have launched 4 Giveaways so far, 2 of them related each of my boy’s birthday, and the other two related with this blog. The 3rd and just recently over received generous sponsorships and I felt blessed. And the best part is knowing that others enjoyed receiving the gifts as much as I enjoyed giving them

I have made great friends via this blog and went many great events too.I wish I could be more active like attending birthday parties and not frequently fall in sick whenever I want to fullfill the invitation. My health really needs lots of improvements.

For the fun of it and the prizes offered, I had won several blog contests as well.

This blog made me focus in life somehow as the passions motivates me to do more onto others and the best give that I can ever received when anybody either friends or total strangers but silent readers of my blog told me that from my blog, they learnt something or they decided to change something and it is proven that it works well for them. Another friend just shared this in her blog and I am so happy for her. (You know who you are) Wink! :)

What else? Oh, about the monetary side of it. Oh….this really, really needs to improve.

That’s all I can think of. And I am glad to state to others that I am a blogger and I enjoy of being one! ;D

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Salam Ramadhan To All

More Ramazan Messages and Glitters

More Ramadan Glitters & Messages

Hanz’s : Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa To All Chit-Chatters & Muslimin & Muslimah semua…

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When Prince & Princess of Darkness on date

Team Edward or team Jacob or not I must watch this sequel saga after finished reading the whole saga. Caught the earliest show at The Curve yesterday…our date after been so long doing this. When was the last time we had this movie date? Oh, now I remember we watched the wolf remake, The Wolf last time..that was our last date…..

**poor quality pic**

If you read the whole saga and yet to watch this Eclipse, don’t put your hopes too high. Of course, it’s triple better than New Moon. I was expecting the battle scene, ah well, emmm..leaves lasting impression but I thought it ended abruptly. Even hubs who were clueless the whole thing about this Vampire-Werewolf-Human Love Triangle, could fell the disappointment.

I personally think, they should:

  • Shown more the preps side & the join-effort Wolf-Vampire for the battle
  • How the newborn being created
  • Jasper reminiscence his long-lost life to Bella
  • Rosalie rendering her human life to Bella
  • More on Jacob’s heart-broken, perhaps?

Ooppss..did I tell too much?

We both in unison agree that Edward is the one suits Bella most. He’s matured, cool, very understanding, very loving, broad knowledge wherelse Jacob is very immature, so pushy, hot-tempered and selfish. Oh, did I mention that he has a sharp tongue too? Jacob may be buff and warm with his cute, adorable looks and charming bad boy image. But, personality wise, Bella who is also has the trait of pushy, whiny & hot-temper who seems to develop the attraction to Jacob, he’s far better off with Edward coz opposites character will click nicely just like hubby & me.

Before headed home, we went to IKEA. Needed to run some errands for office to check on things. IKEA is on sale currently, the crowd were that bad made me thought I’m in Pasar Malam of IKEA.. yup, I may say some items the price went on very, very can’t believe your eyes.

Can’t help myself leaving IKEA with empty hands and at RM 3 per piece, I grabbed those in 4, for each of TheHoneybunch.

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Announcement : New Features in Chatterbox & Next Giveaway Teaser

I’m so excited!
(sticky chat till 19th June)

Having a revamp is worth it and do you good! To my Chit-chatters, silent readers and even new visitors…here are the few things you should take a note on what is the commotion about this whole new look of my Chatterbox.

I always wanted a Menu Bar. Not like the food menu bar type. It’s the menu bar that really systematic whereby readers can search and click straightaway topics that they feel like want to read and better still gather infos. Under the Header of this Chatterbox, there is The Home, TheHoneybunch & so on..and yup, it’s functioning now. Here’s my description :

The Home => Nitty Gritty(About Me), Disclaimer, Copyscape

TheHoneybunch => All about Hanz : Celebrations & Gifts, Contest, Meet-Gather, Advertorial Chat, Random Matters, Hanz’s Boys,(family matters) Collectibles & Hobbies, Products Reviews, Tips, TheHoneybunch Giveaway & TheHoneybunch Marketplace

The Passion => all about my passion sharing and adoration : Breastfeeding, Cloth Diapering, Babywearing, Baby Signing, Homeschooling, Natural Parenting & Blogging

The Lifestyle => specific leading of lifestyle : Arty-Crafty, Beauty & Feminity, Green Living, Money Matters & Parenting

The Notes => based on my learning, research, experience even other people’s sharing too specifically by age-group and activity : Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Early Childhood Education, Reading & Books

Anyway, if you don’t feel like using the menu bar, straightforward blog topics/labels are available at my sidebar.

Okay? Let’s move on to another.I have a blog badge too. Here it is.

Feel free to exchange blog badge with me ya & do let me know. :-D

And, now I have an advertiser page as well. This one is still very new to me so give me sometime to work on it.
By the way, on the 21st, next Monday, I will announce the next giveaway of mine. So far, the sponsorships I have acquire are the main prize, awesome one you know and another one more sponsor (not one prize but plenty! :D) and me, myself will sponsor too. So you see, 3 different sponsors (and yet aplenty already). I still welcome 2 more sponsorships (girly / lady stuff please) and if anybody feels like sponsoring, please email me at => Sponsorship open table (??correct terms??) opens till 20th of June by 12:00pm.

This is your teaser for my next giveaway……

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Birthday + Birthday = Blogger’s Meet

Last Saturday & Sunday, fulfilled invitation by Blogger friends…

Attended Mama Tisya@Aimy’s daughter 3rd Birthday party at Alamanda on Saturday…piccas…

Yours truly, MamaTisya(hostess) & e-Car
e-Car, yours truly, suziey & momguess

Sunday, attended Munirah’s Triplets Plus One Birthday Party at TTDI. Surprised to see few familiar faces & not forgotten finally met ones. Layan piccas…

Munirah(hostess), yours truly, farah lildreamz & farah5577

Yours truly & Dr Hanim

Yours truly & Mommy Lyna

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It is not easy finding a likeable present for a Birthday Boy

Unlike last year, this year we had a quiet celebration. Last year I did a giveaway…maybe some of you did remembered that giveaway where I requested an advise from my fellow contestants finding a perfect gift for that boy soon to be 1. Then, he celebrated his birthday by sharing it with other June babies.

Last Saturday, on the 12th, my lil tot turned 2! Instead having a party on our own, we attended a birthday party of a little girl soon to be 3 on the 20t at Alamanda. We did’nt buy one whole cake for Baby Hambali knowing he is unpredictable when it comes to ssomething sweet. So I ended buying 4 slices of cake from Secret Recipe – 2 Tiramisu, 1 Strawberry Cheese & 1 Chocolate Cheese. Baby Hambali ended up eating 2-3 spoons…sigh..glad that my hunch was right on buying in slices rather than 3 of us having to finish one whole chunk. Besides, it won’t do any justice to my workout regime.

And, talking about present…since we were at Alamanda on that particular date, from Parkson Toy department to MPH, none caught my interest until last-minute decison before we made a move. Hubby suggested The Toy Shop upstairs and ah, alas…we saw something….

Baby Hambali been watching Baby Einstein : Left Brain and been liking all sorts of toys featured there. And, this really suits his interest…..

Mama : Adik…u still a Baby to me!

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Wedding & Wedding

As always, school holidays means there would be weddings everywhere.

We attended 2 weddings last Saturday. One is Hubby’s cousin & the other is Godson of MIL’s.

What attracts me most is the similiarity of the design of the pelamin. Is it coincidentally the same or it’s the current trend on building a simple pelamin but still looks so cute?

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Reading Tutorial, Arty-Crafty & Preloved Items
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Time to appreciate few awards

Am so touched when blogger friends remembered me and presented me all these awards. Here they are..

Firstly from new friend, Shareen…Thanks, dear. We are in the same league.I’m a BIG FAN of Sam & Dean too! Their show is hubby & me must watch. Been wishing to get the whole DVD set from Season 1 till Finale.

Next, Cik Lily, fellow MBP Ambassador..great teamwork spirit she has, I tell you. OKay, now let’s complete the tag assignment that comes along with the award.

1. Ape yang bermain di fikiran anda sekarang
Hem…contest apa nak masuk hari ni?

2. Apakah nama samaran korang

3. Berikan 3 orang yang anda sayang
My 3 boys
…Dah lebih 3 tu..

4. Panggilan untuk si dia

5. Hadiah yang korang impikan dari seseorang yang istimewa
Complete set of Supernatural DVD

6. Blog mana yang korang suke visit n yang leh aku follow gak
Those in my blogroll tu, is my frequent visit even just take a peak

7. Tag kan kepada 15 orang rakan blogger anda
You, there, now you read it, now you can take it! :D

Finally from fellow mama whom also passionate on Green Living & Natural Parenting, Nadnye. I love your blog too, Nad! :>

Now, anybody feels free to take any awards here you fancy & pass it along to your friends too!

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You are invited to 1Superkids-MBP Family Day on this Mother’s Day

(STICKY MODE till 8th May, 2010)

It’s happening! Special tribute on Mother’s Day & the whole family can enjoy it too. Oh, even if you are still single-mingle, no need to worry because plenty other activities will be there for you.

Get more details => HERE
And, if you have more Qs, perhaps THIS <= will be helpful.

If you want special doorgift sponsored by Maybelline, Bling Auto Care, Bling-Bling Rhinestone & Chantek2, do register fast. Only 100 Registration is eligible for this Special Door Gift.
Send your registration to : OR email to

And, if you want to squeeze a bit of Lady Luck to your side, submit this Lucky Draw Form at the Registration Counter. You can print this invitation card from HERE.

By the way, Hanz (yup, that’s me alright) will do interactive Storytelling & Origami session for Kids & my friend, Norlie will do Felt Craft Activity.

Send in your child’s registration and do tell your child’s age
for Storytelling + Origami to
=> thehoneybunch[at]

(Just for 7 years old and below)

Send in your child’s registration and do tell your child’s age
for Felt Craft Art to
=> nuradyani_rosly[at]

(Just for 8 years old and above)

Both activities are eligible to receive goodie bags from Playhouse Disney while stocks last and it is totally zero fee.

Hanz’s : Pssttt..this event is covered by Media, attended by Celebrities Bloggers, wholesome activities for all, even for Daddies.With free food and chances to win some prize, what’s more could you ask for?

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Today is Earth Day, but what does it mean to you?

(STICKY MODE from 22nd till 26th April, 2010)

You are welcome to leave your opinion, share your story and suggest anything..

From compiled sharing, I might come up with another project. (InsyaAllah…)Wink!

I love to hear your say. :D

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