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LampinKain Giveaway

Another locally-made cloth diaper, proudly manufactured all in Malaysia. 2 years has been operating and now, more add-on nice printed cloth diapers are available, thus LampinKain is holding it’s first giveaway to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary.

I’m joining in just in the nick of time as today, is the last day of this giveaway. So, what’s the prizes?

They are :
1st Place – 1 LampinKain OS Pocket Diaper – print of your choice (in-stock)
2nd Place – 1 LampinKain OS Pocket Diaper – solid color of your choice (in-stock)
3rd Place – RM50 Voucher for purchases at

For more details of this giveaway, hop-on to :

And to visit LampinKain online store, hop-on to :

Also, LampinKain’s blog, just hop-on to :

Hanz’s : I’m wishing to be the lucky ones. Support Malaysian-made products! Yeah!!!

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I Love U contest by Little Kids Photography & Little Mama’s Love Baby Boutique

“Love is in the air, everywhere I look around…

Love is in the air, every sight and every sound…”

Oh, I am in LOVE indeed! Loving my new cloth wipes!

As you all know that I am a Cloth Wipes Addict as based on my previous chat , MY THERAPHY, recently I add more to my current collections.

I can’t resist having to splurge on them again and this time round, I bought them from Little Mama’s Love Baby Boutique. Showing my support to a dear friend plus support Malaysian-made products which being made with LOVE by a multi-tasking mother, Littlemama.On top of that, the prints are something you want to have it!

Sayang you, nak pakai... ;P

What can I say? It’s super-soft & wider than the standard size 8’x8′ that I usually bought imported from overseas.

And now I LOVE to press my luck by joining another contest by Littlemama. Click the giveaway banner and join in the fun like me.

Win awesome prizes jointly sponsored by Little Mama’s Love Baby Boutique & Little Kids Photography.

Little Mama’s Love Baby Boutique is having a sale till 30th of June! Among items on sale is Little Kids Apron (ehem, been eyeing on this for quite some time). If you buy more than 10 pieces, more discounts will be given!

Little Kids Photography offers wide range of photography package at at a very tempted reasonable fee. I am very interested with the Happy Moments Package. At RM 297, you can request allocation for an occasion like New Arrival, Aqiqah, Birthday, Family and Friendship.

This is one of my favourite among littlemama’s great work!
I wish to have my two boys doing something together
and having their moments captured in a photos.

If you are acquiring a service and products made with LOVE, you can guarantee the quality is satisfying. That’s what Little Mama’s Love Baby Boutique and Little Kids Photography is all about. The theme LOVE speaks for itself.

A mother who loves capturing special moments and have it memorable in a photo form is what you looking for. What makes her photography package special and unique? This is what she says,

“I love capturing magic moments of young children using photojournalistic style. Magic moment will be captured as and when it happen – in it’s natural environment. So, I will only be using available light and available props. No fixed studio setting, lighting or equipment – only me, my DSLR and the little model”

Oh, tha’t not all. She loves sewing too. She puts her LOVE in her handmade items with several apparel to choose from. What makes the clothings different? It’s the imported designer fabric and exclusive sewn with LOVE.

Finally, I end this presentation of mine with a bit of LOVE.

LLittlemama is one talented lady,
very busy with many roles to boot

O – Organising several websites apart
from mentioned before like MomBloggersPlanet,
Malaysian Online Shopping Guide
and even Kuala Lumpur City Guide.

V – Vying to be a Work At Home Mom leaving
her professional accounting career very soon.

E – Ever working hard but still can share with
others due to her passion and LOVE

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I love Bottombumpers & so I want more

Yet to review Bottombumpers Side-snapping AIO Cloth Diapers but YES, I love this dipes!
And I want it more to add to the two ones I have in RED & LAVENDER colour

Utilising Certified 100% Organic Cotton Material lining & snap-in soaker, this dipes is a must try-on. Squishy & soft & generous sizing too.

And, when Mie Vie of Mummy’s Reviews are currently holding this giveaway to win Bottombumpers AIO Dipes, it is an opportunity that I won’t let it slip away. Generously sponsored by ,am hoping that I would be
1 of the 3 LUCKY WINNERS!

And, if you want to join too,
just click the above picture & get your details there.
Terms & Conditions applies.

Hanz’s Note : All pictures obtained from respective referred owner of each sites. Thanks to Organizer & Sponsor.

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Free Photobook from Kedai Gambar Kami? I loooikkeess!!!

(STICKY MODE : 31st MAY 2010)

Oh, if you are blogger like me, indeed you lugged around your digital camera or maybe much better DSLR? Keeping those captured moment in picture form somewhere in your notebook doesn’t provide you that ‘feeeelll’ unless having them printed nicely so you can look at them over & again. So, you need Photobook as a solution!

The best thing you can try your luck to get it for FREE!!!

All you need to do is is just be……

Top Referrer refers to Kedai Gambar Kami Top Referrer. Get your details, by clicking the Contest Banner above.

By the way, have I told you before that Kedai Gambar Kami was one of the sponsors of my recent Giveaway? And, see that cute Blogshop Banner and Blogshop Header of mine? That was done by my dear friend, Catlina, co-owner of Kedai Gambar Kami.

Not just that, she was generous volunteering to do the recent giveaway of mine the giveaway banner with no charge at all.

Hanz’s Wish : Mr Google Analytics….please let me be the one you pick! :>

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Into Green Living Lifestyle, are you?

(Sticky Mode till 25th May, 2010)

My baby has been cloth diapering for 24 x 7 x 20 months = To date

Both my boys are breastfed babies and this reduce my carbon footprint by reduction of energy consumption cycle throughout formula production.

I have convert myself to cloth for average 6-8 hours x 7 days x 12 months = To date for my menstrual cycle daily

I have been using cloth wipes replacing tissue and toilet roll for 24 x 7 x 12 months = To date

I always put two reusable shopping bag in my handbag for non-planned shopping trip

I bring my own food container and tumbler when I packed food and drink from outside.

I used to use cloth reusable breast pads when away from baby in my breastfeeding journey.

I am a member of WWF & active donor of all eco-related movement & support causes done by WWF.

I blog about any eco-related & green living causes in my blog. Check out some of my past chat HERE, THIS and THAT. Or else just look under Lifestyle on Green Living Category at the Sidebar.

I support in whatever means and ways of eco-related campaign like signing a petition

I promote green living through my blog’s giveaway in the past by giving reusable items to the winners.

The 1st Giveaway..prizes for Consolation Winners
The 2nd Giveaway…prizes for the 3 Winners
We bring our own grocery bags everytime we do our grocery shopping

We used old clothes and rags for our household to wipe and clean replacing kitchen roll and paper wipes.

We served our guest and provide cloth napkins instead disposable paper serviette

We are teaching our boys to be eco-lover and leads a green lifestyle in many ways and means.

And, nowadays…I’m still learning and more to go…

At most, in my plan for next Green Living stuff to add in our lifestyle..

1. Been collecting used boxes and containers and will be used for my boys Art & Craft project.
2. Old & worn-out milk bottles has been tucked away and would be recycled for something Arty Crafty, my own project soon.
3. Switching bit by bit our meals to more organic-produced foods.
4. Switching bit by bit our household cleansing product to more earth-friendly items.
5. Setting up recycle dustbin in the company I’m working now.

Hanz’s Note : This chat is my support towards MyLovelyProgeny’s Earth Day Giveaway and simultaneously hoping to inspire others. Click the banner below to obtain the details.

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Baby Ibu Giveaway : Secret Bargains

Let’s oogle something RED…

Owning something made from
Multi-Millionaire Celebrity Fashionista Socialite…
Kimora Lee

can really make my day. Now, I am singing…

“Lady Luck, Lady Luck, pick me, pick me let me be the winner for this
Gorgeous Red Baby Phat Handbag.

That winning handbag is proudly sponsored by Secret Bargain teaming up with Baby Ibu. Always love watching Kimora Lee’s TV Show & always ooh aahh having to see her ‘lifestyle of the rich & famous’, oh rubbing shoulder with Kimora Lee would definitely just in my dream so the least now possessing her inspired style handbag will do.

If you are not Kimora Lee’s fan, perhaps you want to have a mist of fragrance by Victoria Secret’s EDT-Secret Charms.

Otherwise, putting on Liz Clairborne Sunglasses transform yourself for the more sassy and posh looks.

All these are generously sponsored by Secret Bargains! After having surfing their website, I already made a mental note to add more items from there to my Shopping List. Getting a branded items which is a definite burn a hole in your pocket would make anybody reluctance. But, not at Secret Bargain. As the name it carries, many in-trend designer items you can purchase at a very reasonably low price. And, worry about whether it is authentic? Fret no more. Secret Bargain‘s owner has obtained them by carefully selected by her friend. who resides in US from respective Brands Outlet She has put-up some notes on this matter for your assurance.

So hurry friend. This is something you should not be missing! :D Click the Requisite Banner above & get your details from Baby Ibu’s Blog!

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I want to win Knickernappies

If you still remember, some time ago I have made a review on Knickernappies Cloth Diaper. I love this brand of CD. You can read it again in HERE.

Now,, another one of my favourite online store has teamed-up with Cloth Diaper Malaysia to come out a great giveaway. Three Knickernappies CD to give away to three winners. Opportunity like this is something that I don’t want to miss. Why? Because, I love Knickernappies CD so much and it is great isn’t it to have it as a winning prize? More stash for my Baby Hambali. :D

It’s a very easy giveaway. Do try your luck too! All you have to do is just hop over to Cloth Diaper Malaysia & get all your details there.

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Message for Mama Patch : Have a blast 1st Birthday Celebration!

It is already one year passing by for Mama Patch. And truly one fulfilling year for them indeed!

Started off with self-production hand-made Ring Sling with signature Patch to the lovely fabric, their creations captured many hearts of devoted Babywearer to own them. Let’s oogle some of their lovely creations.

As Chin Nee, the founder of Mama Patch loves leading a Natural Life, another production emerged which is Cloth Pad specifically for Woman to lead much healthy living. There is also wetbag for both Cloth Diapering practitioner as well as woman who loves being in cloth at the time of the month. Wink!

For its the very 1st Celebration,
Mama Patch loves to treat all of us by giving away….

Grand Draw:
Pastel Silk Baby Ring Sling
worth Rm168
(design fully custom made to your wish)
or Cloth Pads
(combination of your choice) worth Rm128

Everyone stand a fair chance.
Blog or share on facebook starting from now.
Each announcement will entitle one draw
so you can post or share as frequent
(even daily or hourly!) as you like.
Our grand prize will goes the winner fairly and randomly
pick by our little model in the pic above
when he gets up in the morning on
31 March, 2010 or the moment we reaches 1280 FANS
(whichever comes first).
Simple isn’t it? Share this great giveaway celebration with your friends now!

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Chocolate Winning

Went to collect my winning prizes this morning. Won contest from Women’s Weekly Magazine. Always try my luck monthly and won some.

Hanz’s : Motivates me more to enter many, many, many, many contest! :D

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Nur Dayana Insyirah 1st Birthday Giveaway

I’m joining this great Giveaway…and this is the picture
I press my luck on. Fuhhh………
Cruising with sleepy baby in Tropicana City Mall
did’nt stopped Mama to proceed window-shopping.
Baby Hambali still could have the comfort
& Mama still could enjoy! :>

This picture just for addition
not meant for giveaway submission.
Just sharing Babywearing is a phenomenon!

On duty during MBP 1st Anniversary Bloggers Gathering…
how busy Mama was,
Mommy’s duties could not compromised.

Thanks to Littlepods SSC ,
Mama still could be on track!

Hanz’s Note : Lady Luck, please be on my side….

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