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Today’s Teaser : Knowledge is POWER!

Why I feel so suck today? It’s Friday & I should feel great, isn’t it?

Feels like to up several chat to participate few bloggers’ contests that I had my mind on but why am I being so lazy today??!!

Plus..I…….maybe blame it to the fact that the lack of sleep as Baby Hambali & Hanafi are not so well currently..Sigh…they’re having cough & fever & tonsilitis.

Anyhow, just entertain yourself with my nonsensical ramblings with these 2 teaser’s pics…

I’m seriously on it & I am seriously still far in this journey…and with this valid reason, gaining knowledge as much as I can by reading relevant books…fuh,fuh..

Got those books from among my favourite online bookstore here.

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Today’s Teaser : You’ve got CLOTH WIPES, BOOKS & BENTO STUFF in the mail!!

You must agree with me receiving gifts is such pleasurable! And, receiving fluffy mails from online shopping is heavenly feelings, aye?

Cloth wipes is not a new thing to me as by the time preparation was made for Baby Hambali’s arrival to this world, cloth wipes & burp cloth was included.

But….not something so nice like this…..!!

It was TOTALLY SOFT & the YUMMY PRINTS is to die for! (literally said-lah) No wonder those Cloth Diaper Mommas seems can’t get enough of them! Okay, confession..ladies….I’m gonna get more & more & more & more…..(Alamak! Sudah addict!!!!)

You! Yes, you who is looking & reading this can now thinking & re-thinking to DITCH those TISSUES & WET WIPES, kay..Why you want to be proud contributor of earth pollution? Switching to be cloth wipes addictor, is better. EKEKEKEKE!!!

Good for you, for your baby & to Mother Earth.

Oh, actually I’ve redeemed my winning in this past CONTEST. Thanks to Bonnie of MyCheekyBoo.


The other day, dear hubby surprised me by telling he redeemed his credit card points to give me something. And, the something is those…..

Ha!Ha! Truly a great supporter of my new hobby which is BENTO. Or maybe hinting me to prepare lunchbox for him every single day plus for my two boys???

Whatever it is, once we finally settled at our new home, I will Bento-ing. In fact, it is a promise I made to myself!


Remember the other day I won the Consolation prize for My Little Bookworm Contest by HKS & MOBS? Oh, I’ve redeemed the free shipping voucher & got this 2 books for Baby Hambali. I drool over these books. The bright colours & the ‘touch’ items inside…OH! Bet, my lil tot will be beaming with joy! He is so into books. Malam2 pun sibuk suruh amik buku by signing books inside the car! And to let you know, I’ve stash another bag loads of another set of books in the car so totalling 10 books! Plus, this one…our car is going to be mini mobile library! LOL!!

Thanks hubby & thanks Contest Organizer. Today really make my day.

Hanz’s : Wondering where is my other ‘GREEN’ fluffies??? Can’t hardly wait to receive them!

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My Little Bookworm :HKS Little Bookworm & MOBS Contest

How can I convince you if I emphasises that my lil tot, Baby Hambali is a little bookworm?

Perhaps some pictures & some ‘story’ might convince you….

Every nook & crannies, you can catch him reading….

He has a Book Box which he prefer more than his Toy Box.

Scene like this is a pretty norm to us. 😛

Still not enough so he intend to get more from than higher shelf!

He demanded to be read every morning in the car
so it is part of his Mama’s daily routine.

And, these are some of his books’ collections
that only
would be read to him
every single day & it is kept in the car.

Our family outing shall be incomplete
unless we visit the Bookstore

& allocate some time reading
at the children’s corner for a while

Though any books still would be pick by my lil tot,
he comes to prefer one particular book

& it became his FAVOURITE BOOK.

My Quiet Book is Baby Hambali’s Favourite Book.

Let’s take a peek inside the book…

This book is made from cloth so it is safe & durable. Bright colours & special features in each page would surely captivate any child & motivate little hands to go busy manipulating each fine-motor skills features.

Less words is good to avoid confusion for very young child who simply unable to read yet. Merely to encourage reading for baby & toddler to be familiar on books & how to handle books.

This book is zipped along it’s edge & there’s a handle on the upper middle so it can be hang in a craddle, stroller & such.

Now, let’s see how much Baby Hambali love this book…

Hanz’s Note : Apart from sharing a story of my little bookworm, this is also my submission on this contest. : MOBS & Huiwearn Kids Store (HKS) Little Bookworm Contest

Just click either the contest title or the banner below to obtain all the contest details. Interesting prizes to be win. Contest ends on 1st of October 2009. So, hurry!

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Parenting Toddlers & Parenting Preschoolers Book Review

Getting a good bargain of long-searched items feels like getting a windfall. The moral value of the story, always believe in your sixth sense! You will thank your hunch for that! It did mine last night. 😛

These two books was such a ‘steal’. Correct me if I’m wrong but most of the time, you found parenting books usually thick and dull. Always put you off despite you desperately needs some guide in your parenting job.

Just about 100 pages for each books, written by our truly Malaysian, nevertheless she is someone very well-known in Early Childhood Education and parenting matters, our dear Ms Ruth Liew. She sounds familiar? Of course! She has her own column in Star newspaper.Does ‘Childwise’ that appears every Wednesday on that national daily rings a bell? She’s a regular columnist on that for over ten years and these books was published in year 2003. Long ago but the content is not outdated, you know.

I have been looking for this book for ages and in fact I highlighted my frustration to her via FB (add her in my FB community), she did promised to let me know where I can get a hold of her ‘baby’ but guess she’s just forgotten about it.Can’t blame her, she is very busy with many things. I met her before as I attended one of her workshop which was Montessori Beginning Maths Workshop years back.She got ‘spunk’ style, I tell you. Full of confidence.Splendid workshop indeed. Strongly recommended if you want your kids to be whiz in maths, you may consider Montessori approach. Very systematic and step-by-step, important for concept grasp excellency.

Back to her books. I managed to read one chapter of each book few hours ago and boy I’m glad. I simply love how Ruth made those question knots unfolds. Ruth is a US-trained child developmentalist.Besides being a Montessori course trainer, she is also Early Childhood Care and Education Consultant.She is also one of regular contributor writers in Parenthink magazine.

Briefly inside Parenting Toddlers, some of topics being exposed are Bedtime routine, feeding, toilet training,tantrum (the terrible two’s), siblings issues, separation anxiety, discipline, suitable activities, guidelines on nurseries & playgroups and time-out for parents and there’s more.

Then, about Parenting Preschoolers, some points to ponder are preschooler common behaviour, discipline, tuning in to the preschooler, moral guidance, how to choose the right preschool, building self-esteem, home-made games ideas, learning math at homes, healthy and fun cooking, homework, difficult behaviour, personal safety and..gosh lots more!!

All these years, I love to collect Ruth’s Parenting articles which I think might benefit me some day and yes, it has proven its reward as from time to time revisiting those articles provided me some assistance.

Who said parenting job is easy?You will never stop learning. You grow together with your child, aren’t you?

Hanz’s Note : Those who live / work nearby Kota Damansara, go to the Giant Store fast if you keen to get the hold of this book. I strongly recommend it. Plenty still available in the bookstore beside the post-office. Plus, the bookstore is on sale and these book is 12% discounted!

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I am SO sickly in LOVE with Vampire(s) & Werewolf

Oh, Edward Cullen, I am soooo in loveeee with you!!! (Read: Not Robert Pattison)

I love this Edward Cullen character. Adorable.Romantic.Charismatic.Witty.Calm & peaceful.Oh!!

But, I got HEADACHE with this Bella character. When you watch the Twilight Movie, the true character of Bella is not so hemmm..what’s the suitable other words,”I see your true colour”. But after reading the Twilight Novel, then New Moon, now almost finishing Eclipse, I got fed-up with Bella..And yet, she is so lucky!!! (Jealous Mode)

And, I am so eager to read the final novel, Breaking Dawn.

What about Jacob Black character? Twisted! That’s my word. But, he is also adorable & witty

Aaaahh, it is killing me waiting the release of New Moon this November!!!

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Manglish? Malaysian English…

Story 1

English: Would you turn off the fan?
Manglish: Off the fan

English: Oh dear, I am going to be in deep trouble.
Manglish: Die!

English: Hi, Lucy. haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you?
Hi, Lucy. Long time no see. So how?

English:Would you happen to have some coins? May I borrow 50 sen, please?
Manglish: Got coins or not? Can lend 50 sen, ah?

English:Siva, you seemed to have lost some weight.
Manglish: Siva, you gone down oredi.

English:I’d like to order a glass of plain water.
Manglish: Sky juice one.

English:Encik Kamal is out of town
Manglish: Encik Kamal outstation

English:I have yet to pay the fine,
Manglish: Norchet pay fine

English: Would you reverse your car?

Story 2
Below are some excerpts from actual job application letters.Positions have been changed to disguise the identities of the writers. After each excerpt is an imaginary Human Resource Manager (HRM) response.

1.”I am just a fresh graduate looking for space to grow”
“Sounds like you’re a plant looking for space to grow. Sorry, our org
anisation only employs people.”

2.”I really wish to joining your company and start my carrier.”
“What carrier do you want to start?Lorry transport?Delivery service?Bag business?Hello, this vacancy is for an Accounts Executive.”

3.”I want to apply a jobs in your company.”
“You want to apply for how many jobs?Don’t be greedy. Apply for one at a time.”

4.”Although I do not have any actual working experience pertaining to the real world, however, I will perform well in your company base on the heart for working hard.”
HRM: “You have a working experience in another world?Which is it-virtual world or afterworld?By the way, have you had a doctor check if your heart can take hard work?”

5.”If my soul of knowledge meet your minima criteria, please be inform that I’m willing to start with low range of monthly salary.”
“Knowledge has a soul?Even if you offer to work for free, I’ll pass, thank you very much.”

Ed.Notes : Had your fair pinch of laugh yet? More laughing matter when you read the referred book.One thing for sure, I love how each story unfolds, down-to-earth anecdote, language simplicity & very close to our heart.

I had enjoyed reading facts of life about Malaysian people to mention a few; from food, the way we drive, language lingos, celebration & festivals even how parenting being done. Anything under the sun to amuse us.

Currently I’m onto the second book by the same author. A prequel of the abovementioned book, “Life’s Like That”. A real page-turner, I tell you.

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Who said BOOK is Boorrriinggg??!!

Tomorrow the World will celebrate the World Book Day. If you want to know more about this celebration, click this :-> World Book Day.

Now, ask yourself,”Do I read?”. Then ask yourself again,”Do I REALLY read?” Two self-prodded questions will obtain two different answers though it SOUNDS almost the same. Be honest with yourself.

Now, ask yourself again,”Do I want my little ones to read? Do I REALLY want my little ones to REALLY read?”

If the answer is positive, read on my chat or else just go blog-hop to others. My chat onwards specifically to those who want their loved little ones to LOVE BOOKS & LOVE READING.
Disclaimer :- Purposely for sharing, not to show-off or being paid for review.

It happened to me that few people did asked what types of books is suitable for their child. I came across as well in forums & blogs, parents are unsure on how to read to their child & how to make their child love reading. You can pick some guidelines from my previous ‘chat’ which I had covered about reading to baby & toddler, then I shared some techniques to instill a love of reading & latest was reading to preschooler. I did chat about my books collections too in general. Perhaps a comprehensive show & tell of what types of books available for children can provide some insights to you.

I will chat randomly, but the suitability, you have to decide. If there is any more Qs, bring it on. Here we go.

1. Cloth book

2. Baby-sized board book

3) Lift-the-flap book

4) Funny-shaped book

5) Pop-Up (3-D) Book

6) Electronic book (Book with sound)

7) Floaty book (Bath-time book)
– Adding fun during bath-time! One made from durable plastic & the other made from foam-like material.

8) Activity book
– The one that we have is Jigsaw Puzzle book. I’ve been thinking to add Wipe-Off book for my boys.

9) Create Your Own book
– Specially made for our 1stborn, Hanafi. Obtained it from a good friend of mine who is doing this type of service business.

10) Multi-purpose book
– I, myself simply love this. Purchased it for Hanafi, now it last to Hambali. It’s like a toy-book!

It can be hung like at the stroller, carseat, crib & baby cot. Here I just hang it at the door (for snap-pics only)

It can be chew too! See the 4 corners of the book with different textures & colours? It’s good for baby that is in teething stage.

It is also touch & feel book. Can you see the cute little butterfly? It is also in contrast colour black & white, cater for newborn eyesight.

11) Captivating illustration & typeface book

12) Just ‘ERIC CARLEs”
– My Favourite Among All. Just look & you will know why

Get the Rhyme book (I adore Dr Seuss), The Big Size Book (Storyteller like to use this), Sticker Book & plenty more. Scrapbooking is also an ‘in’ thing nowadays & one of the activities you can do with your child.

By now you can see that there’s HUGE varieties of books available for children. Just take your pick. Well, I don’t think I have cover the whole topic of types of book & for sure I miss the other types. Rest assured, I will update this topic from time to time.

You don’t even have to spend a fortune to varies your books collection. I’m a firm believer of ‘Frugalicious‘, so I am always on the lookout for Book Sales, Book Exhibition, 2nd-hand books shops via brick & mortar as well as those onlines & even in Book Section at HyperMart like Giant & Tesco, you’ll be surprised! 😛 (mataku cepat nampak buku2 ni :>)…Make the effort & it guarantees that you will find many treasures just in books alone.

Make books available everywhere, like me, we stock up 4 to 5 of baby Hambali’s books in the car & I’ll remind his big brother Hanafi to bring 2 to 3 books in his bag so that he will get himself occupied if there’s no other activity when we’rw out & about.

If you ask me to choose between book or toy for MyBoys, without hesitation, I will answer BOOK.

Happy World Book Day!

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Love to read : Reading to Preschooler

This time round, specially dedicated to read to preschooler. Please take note that reading never stops, even if your child has already independently read, keep on read-aloud to your child. This is what James J.Trelease advises that you can even still read-aloud to your teenager. And, before there is an existence of tv, people read for amusement, news & entertainment, right? Internet is there, but you are still doing what it had been done right? Exactly!! READING my ‘Chat’. ;P

Here is an excerpt or summarisation from one of the topic inside the book by Rachel Goodchild, “The Joy of Reading”.

By now, your child will have enjoyed listening to your reading books to them. They will also experienced many things for the first time & heard thousands of words spoken around them to them. This is the first pre-reading skill your child must have.

What to do?

1) Let your child be surrounded by new experiences. Take them to museums, plays, farm & such. This is a thirst of knowledge that will be fed by books.

2) They will begin to want to read themselves. Tell your child that he or she is a good reader. Confidence is essential for your child to succeed in reading with enjoyment.

3) Show them the letters in their name within the stories you read. At this age some children will begin to identify common words or notice words that start or end the same.

4) Play games like ‘Find the Punctuation Mark’ or ‘Find the same word’. Show your child an example & then ask them to find all the rest of them on the page onwards.

5) Read plenty of rhyming books (macam buku pantun)

6) If a child starts to read you a story, let them do it, incorrect or not. Praise their independence.

7) Familiarity. Practice patience when reading a book for the hundredth time.

8) Books with detailed pictures. These are great way to pull children into concentrating on books. Pictures holds a thousand words.

9) Reasoning. They are able to ask to understand that actions have reactions. This is a good time to begin to extend your child’s comprehension. For example, ask your child how they would feel if they were part of the story. Ask also what action would they take in that circumstances. Question & Answer session can trigger their heart & mind & this leads to both IQ & EQ intelligence. If they don’t know how to answer, give them a range of options rather than just one.

Happy Reading to your Preschooler!

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Love to read : Techniques on instill a love of reading

  1. Encourage speech. Talk to little babies, even before they can respond. When young children want something, let them ask instead of rushing to do their bidding immediately.

  1. Starts with storytelling. Looking at a book together can be a pleasurable experience even when a child is very young. Choose a time when your little one is in the right mood. Make it pleasurable. Hold the child close and make the session short. When he has had enough and loses interest, stop at once.

  1. Provide a good example by reading yourself and always have books in the house.

  1. Buy books that small children can handle, such as cloth books and board books.

  1. Expect your child to learn to read by looking at the pictures first. Even this simple activity is quite complicated as the child has to associate a flat picture with a real object, the written word with language and to learn that a book starts from the beginning and goes from left to right.

  1. Good early signs are when he looks at a book spontaneously for a minute or two and when he turns the pages.

  1. If the child has been reading with parents, the child may start to tell the story. Don’t worry if it is not what is written down. The child is beginning to associate language with writing.

  1. Memorising is another early pre-reading stage and is another way to reading.

  1. With young children, always let them set the pace. If a parent pushes and a child senses pressure and anxiety, it will cease to be a pleasurable experience and reject the idea.

  1. Resist the temptation to compare with siblings and friends and be judgmental.

  1. Read regularly with your child, preferably for a short time each day.

  1. Build up confidence and manipulate the situation so that the child succeeds.

  1. Early reading contains a lot of repetition to give the reader practice. Don’t be surprised if your child can recognise a word on one page and not on the next.

  1. If a child cannot read a word at all, get him to read the end of the sentence and then give a guess. Your child can also look at the beginning letter for a clue and look at the picture. If he can’t get it, tell him the word and carry on. Stop now and again and ask what he or she thinks may happen next in the story. Prediction will show that he understands the story line and increases the enjoyment and suspense.

  1. As with any learning experience, consolidation at each stage is essential. Children need to read widely at each level.

  1. There is no hurry. Encourage a lifetime love of reading and they need to assimilate a wide vocabulary and common sentence patterns at each stage. Progressing too quickly leads to poor comprehension. As the books become more difficult, the story becomes more complicated and the child needs to understand and enjoy the storyline.

P/S – Topic to chat on this subject next :- Reading to preschooler

Happy Reading to your loved ones! 😀

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Love to read : Reading to baby & toddler

Based on findings from self-interest research & compilation from various resources. Read on. Hope my chat on this topic helps a lot. More chat about reading will be up next round.

Guidelines on successful reading to baby

**A newborn can only focus 25-30cm, so look for cloth or cot books with both simple and complicated geometric patterns and faces (babies love faces) that will stimulate visual interest.

Book example:- Ladybird series

**Once a baby can grasp an object, look out for small, and square ‘block books’ great for tiny hands.

Book example:-**At around 6 months, start to seek out books with brightly coloured, simple pictures and lots of rhythm. An obvious choice would be boldly illustrated collection of nursery rhymes. Baby Faces by Dorling Kindersley,SPOT block books by Eric Hill

Book example:-Humpty Dumpty & Other Rhymes by Opie & Archibald, Meg & Mog series by Nicoll & Pienkowski, Lucy Song by Vera Williams

**At around 9 months, introduce books that feature everyday objects

Book example:- I Spy by Scholastic, Baby Animals by Dorling Kindersley, The Farm by Dorling Kindersley, Clothes by Dorling Kindersley, Pat, The Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt

** Include the ‘Lift the flap’ books from this age onwards.

Book example:- Berenstein Bears series, Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, Henry’s Ball by Rod Campbell, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, Kipper & Wibbly Pig by Mick Inkpen, Dinosaur Roar by Paul & Henrietta Strickland

** As reading books out loud, point objects in the pictures and make sure baby sees all the things that are fun to see and do.

** Vary the tone of your voice, play peek-a-boo with the pictures and with whatever is under the flap, bounce knee, make funny faces, basically DO ANYTHING to stimulate baby’s interest.

** If practical, allow babies’ access to books at all times. Have either a book box or low shelving. It’s quite tempting to treat books as precious objects that need to be treated with care and only brought out under adult supervision.

**When reading to a baby, be brief but read often. In theory, should also let baby and child see you read and enjoy your own reading time.

Guidelines on successful reading to toddler

** As children develop and start to understand stories, continue to look for books with plenty of repetition and rhyme, good use of language and a decent but simple plot. Children love predictability, so knowing what comes next becomes fun.

** If you are bored with reading the same story for the umpteenth time, bear in mind that we adults also love hearing the same story over and over again.

** Pick a book with a repeated phrases and poem. After reading through the story a few times, your child will soon join in with the refrain. As the story become more familiar, pause and give her the chance to fill in the blanks.

** Encourage your child to pretend to read especially books that contain repetition and rhyme. Most children who love reading will eventually memorise all or part of a book and imitate your reading.

** Do not expect that your child will actually start to read at this stage but bear in mind that learning to read is a physical as well as mental act involving hand-eye coordination.

** When you read, involve your child by getting them to point things out in pictures and by following the words with your finger. It is only necessary at this stage to give a very basic understanding that words go from left to right across a page and that pages turn from left to right.

** When you feel your child is ready, take your child along to do a child-friendly bookstore and let your child choose books own self. You may not like the illustration or story line, but it is great fun to see what they come up with.

Book example:- Slinki Malinki by Lynley Dodd, Hairy Mclary by Lynley Dodd, Mr Mc Gee by Pamela Allen, Bertie & The Bear by Pamela Allen, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle, The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle, Green Eggs & Ham by Dr Seuss, The Cat In A Hat by Dr Seuss

P/S – Hanz’ personal favourite : Eric Carle, Dr Seuss & Sandra Bonyton

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