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17 Public Holidays all year round

Have you apply your Raya leaves? I just did & so the rest of Muslims in the office.

Looks like the non-Muslim will be bekerja keras during the off-day period especially staff like hubs, getting a long break like this is very hard to come by.

Eih, do u all know this 16th of September has been announced officially as public holiday? It’s the Malaysian day. Alamak!!I may be the last person to know this. Sungguh ketinggalan zaman.

So, me & my collegue was making a joke that Malaysians are proud of their holidays. We calculated the total public holidays we entitled are 17!! The Selangor-lah… 🙂

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Do you want to leave a bad memory of yourself?

Salam Friday, everyone! How’s your puasa today? It’s almost the end of the week and as Friday is a good day, some thoughts to ponder, me want to share. something. Read on…

Thanks to Facebook, we are reconnected with old friends. One of my ex-classmates of Year 6, SRK Taman Melawati, (boy, that would be 22 years ago!) has uploaded our class picture and tagged us including myself. And among our reminiscing the good old days were how FIERCE our class teacher!

In fact, surprisingly, few of our friends vividly recalled this one incident which just so happen, happened to the late Haslizam, our friends who passed away recently in a car accident. The horrid incident that took place 22 years ago was that Allahyarham Haslizam’s father had hit a boy on his bike and unfortunately the little boy died. Our nasty class teacher scolded Allahyarham telling the whole class about the unfortunate accident and saying that his father is a very bad person. How could she? That was an accident!! And, how could she scolded the innocent child of the unfortunate man? The father definitely don’t want that thing to happen and the child don’t deserve to be treated that way because of his father!

All of us exchanged stories about our class teacher, on how she like to spank the boys and spoke nastily to the girls. I, myself can even remembered that she called one of our classmates, ‘Bodoh’ when she could’nt do the sum on the blackboards. And, I also remembered that she said those girls involved in school’s choir and missed classes because of choir practices will failed their UPSR. How wrong she was!!! I’ve united with my Year 6 Classmates, almost all of them, and those girls that she talked bad are now successful in their own respective careers.

A teacher is suppose to lead and pour knowledge and wisdom wholeheartedly and in return, received good deeds in life hereafter. But with this kind of teacher that me and my friends used to have, I wonder whether she are living peacefully and contented or not with the life she’s having now?

Hanz’s : The moral value of the story, as long as you live, make friends, no enemies and do good deeds onto others as we want people to remember you because of your good deeds not the bad trails you leave behind.

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What have you accomplished from your blog, Hanz?

An impromptu writing, a blast of idea flows in after settling office issue just few minutes ago. Read on… :)

230 followers, or I fondly refer as Chit-Chatters. Wow! But, I think I only know a quarter of them either by blogwalking or peeping. This needs to be improved! :)

452 postings for the duration of 1 year, 8 months and 22 days. Used to update blog as I feel that I want to but I think since this year, or was it few months last year I promised myself to update daily except weekends.

I started this blog with the standard blogspot template, then thanks to MomBloggersPlanet, with great support from hubs, he did the next template and after I received feedbacks that my blog quite heavy, I go with the simplest & less colours yet the trademark of Hanz @ TheHoneybunch remain. This is what you see now.

I have launched 4 Giveaways so far, 2 of them related each of my boy’s birthday, and the other two related with this blog. The 3rd and just recently over received generous sponsorships and I felt blessed. And the best part is knowing that others enjoyed receiving the gifts as much as I enjoyed giving them

I have made great friends via this blog and went many great events too.I wish I could be more active like attending birthday parties and not frequently fall in sick whenever I want to fullfill the invitation. My health really needs lots of improvements.

For the fun of it and the prizes offered, I had won several blog contests as well.

This blog made me focus in life somehow as the passions motivates me to do more onto others and the best give that I can ever received when anybody either friends or total strangers but silent readers of my blog told me that from my blog, they learnt something or they decided to change something and it is proven that it works well for them. Another friend just shared this in her blog and I am so happy for her. (You know who you are) Wink! :)

What else? Oh, about the monetary side of it. Oh….this really, really needs to improve.

That’s all I can think of. And I am glad to state to others that I am a blogger and I enjoy of being one! ;D

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Flu Fever Fasting

3rd day of fasting and I am very sick with the runny nose, cough and slight fever and headache.

And yet, I am still standing tall, still fasting and still slaving away the 9-5 job. I have to and I havd been question on taking leaves next Monday and Tuesday. Alamak! How VIPs am I, huh? ekekeke…oh, i don’t care, I need the break and even if I did’nt apply for leaves, I guess I still be taking medical leaves.

Huwaaaaa….please bad, bad flu fever bugs go away, chase another people to play! Huwaaaaaa….I don’t want to be sick when I am on my Annual Leaves.

P/S : Farah lildreamz tips proven to me about sahur with oats and any other food besides rice. The 1st 2 days, we bersahur with oats and milks, we did’nt feel hungry at all and only yesterday, we bersahur with rice, today’s fasting, I feel hungry faster and my stomach feels a little bit upset. So, Chit-chatters, try bersahur without rice and compare the differences.

Anyway, wishing Happy TGIF everyone!!

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What kind of coffee do you like?

Have you had your breakfast?
I just did and everytime I have my breakfast, a mug of coffee is a must!

Recently I develop a liking of Mc Donalds Coffee.
It is very black I think, a pure taste of coffee.

And this is my all-time favourite, Starbucks’ Caramel Machiatto, be it hot or cold! Yummy! Always perk me up!

If you are coffee lover like me, what’s your favourite?

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What’s up, Hanz?

Boy, I am so terribly busy nowadays..that’s what I’m about to tell. Workload increases but new responsibility just took over, it would take me sometime to get the hang of it. And, once pro sure can accomplish new responsibility in a jiffy!

Looking back, these what I have been up to these couple of months till recently….

  • Personal Blog Makeover
  • Blogshop Makeover & Adding more items
  • The New You Giveaway accepting participation just ended
  • Bamboolite Cloth Diapers Group Buy just settled

And, what I will be up to next…

  • The New You Giveaway reviewing, judging & soon to send prizes
  • Just around the corner Cloth Diapering Chit-Chat
  • Homeschool Preps bit by bit

And this weekend, on Saturday we will be attending Parenthots Family Day. Anyone else is attending? Then Sunday is my event, the Cloth Diapering Chit-Chat.

Oh, Ramadhan is very nearby and I must say that departmetal store, hypermart and shopping complexes are exaggerating on their current Hari Raya theme display. The Ramadhan is not even there yet but its the final celebration that people been looking forward. It’s pretty sad because with this wrong message transmission especially having been witnessed by youngsters, we tend to forget the true spirit of’s the fasting deeds that matters most but people think more what to buy Hari Raya especially clothings, cookies and home decos.

It is up to you to think what matters most. To me, I have stuff to prioritise and making blog walking nowadays not so frequent as it used to….

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Caca Marba oleh Hanz

Boleh tak kalau me menceceh macam-macam perkara kat sini? Nak kasi keluar apa yang terbuku dalam kepala ni biar kasi lega sikit..

Nak cerita yang mana dulu?

Ha, smalam hasil uji kaji nak buat protected posting tidak berhasil. Dah cantik dah meluahkan apa yang terbuku dalam hati kat posting tu tapi bila nak click supposed ada keluar password tapi tak menjadi. Hasil nak buat protected posting tak berhasil, pujuk hati dengan godek2 HTML nak buat drop down menu pun tak berhasil. Huhu..sedih..tapi takper tak putus asa nak cuba lagi atau maybe yang lain pulak. Tentang kejadian me pissed-off tu, dah settle dah. Satu kejadian, dah slow talk kat orang berkenaan suruh dia buckle-up performance. Ini berkait ngan opis. Satu lagi tu me settle ngan buat dono jer. Terus create thread lain.

And then macam pernah me mention new projek. Ada dua ni. Satu berkait ngan bloggers satu lagi bab2 bisnes. Itu pun nak kena buat projek paper ni…alaaaa..bukan projek paper canggih mana, just untuk me kasi organize sikit. Kasi tunjuk professionalisma.

Oh, seperkara lagi, nak kasi tahu, me sedang buka Group Buy amik order Bamboolite CD. Saper2 berminat, let me know. Nanti me up-kan kat blogshop. Best offer ni. Bamboolite CD ni pun banyak orang review bagus. Dan seperkara lagi nak kasi tahu, kalau u tengok me beli CD lagi janganlah pulak pelik dan questioning bab-bab potty train si Baby Hambali. Suka hatilah kalau me nak beli lagi CD ke tidak kan. Suka hatilah me nak potty train fully ker part time. Kita tahu kan setiap budak lain development nyer. Kalau your anak dah fully potty, baguslah!! Janganlah nak bandingkan dengan anak orang pulakkan. Anak me pandai membaca both BM and English mengalahkan budak Darjah 3, ada me kecoh dengan bangganya? Bab-bab parenting ni silalah berhemah sikit kalau nak bertanya sekali pun, okay.


My friend haritu ada pass to me few baby items and mother’s items, requesting from me to jual on behalf of her. My friend ni ada baby kecil somemore, bulan August ni diaorang satu family, nak balik kampung hubby nun jauh di negara omputih. Dua bulan dia takder kat Mesia. Ada cloth diaper, baru dan preloved, ada baju maternity dan ada jugak Mama Patch Ring Sling. Me tak terambil-ambil lagi foto.Me usahakan weekend ni untuk upload kat blogshop. Nanti korang tengoklah yer. Memang harga my friend letak sangat rendah.Me pun ada few more preloved books to let go as well. Nanti me sekalikan yer.

Another thing me sekarang tengah layan cerita Vampire Diaries. Tapi agak kecewa sebab cerita buku tak sama macam kat TV-lah..Sekarang ni dah nak habis buku 2. Tunggu buku 3 & 4. Hemmm…nak simpan ker nak let go buku-buku Vampire Diaries ni? Me ni jenis, kalau buku cerita tak menepati citarasa, me tak suka nak simpan. Ataupun buku yang dah terlalu lama dan tak berusik me lagi suka nak let-go, kasi pass ilmu kat orang lain pulak.

Apa lagi nak dicecehkan? Itu saja jelah kut…Fuh, lega!!! Bolehlah sekali sekala buat cenggini tapi takut korang pulak bosan ngan me baca my caca-marba.

Hanz’s : Eih, korang dah lunch? Saper tengok final showdown malam tadi?

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Extremely busy but new projects would still be running

I did a lot of brainstorming on my own. I gather at times if to put it in visual description…. my brain nerves, dendrit, axion must have been holding a meeting up there. Sometimes, I scolded myself for having the feeling of greediness of wanting to do so many things and yet accomplishment rated as failed to meet the satisfactory bar.

Like last night while nursing my lil tot, suddenly the brainstorm occurred again. I got this idea on to unite people. Up to the point I’m chatting it here, the structure still unable to pen down, but then again, I think the priority is to get another party to assist me as well. If all went well, then can launch another project soon.Nope, it’s not going to be another giveaway. A bit different but something to do with this blog though.

I have to admit the writer’s blog in me hit frequently lately. Sometimes, I’m just too tired to come out with anything to chat here.

Very soon, hubs & me will be very busy on Homeschool Preps as well. With fasting month just lurked around the corner, productivity predicted to slow down for me. Recently, The Boss and me had a small talk. As I approached him earlier on flexi-hour, the day that I had a discussion, it will be materialized next January. I will be working 3 days a week. Other terms and conditions are still pending. Both Saturday and Sunday definitely is the day for Homeschool lesson and to earn extra 2 days to be at home with my boys is a bonus! 4 days of schooling and the world would be Hanafi’s Classroom. And, maybe this is more steps forward to become a Work At Home Mom..who knows? Let’s pray for the best!

I’ve been brainstorming as well, whether to create another blog just for Homeschool. Perhaps I should. A blog is like an online journal and by putting it in more structured way, I reckon we will be more focus, systematic and ah well, a niche blog like that would be nice, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking also that maybe I should return to conventional way of putting your thoughts and organizing life. The writing it down diary.

Now,now,now…I better put all this Brainstorming ideas quickly before it slipped my mind.

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When Prince & Princess of Darkness on date

Team Edward or team Jacob or not I must watch this sequel saga after finished reading the whole saga. Caught the earliest show at The Curve yesterday…our date after been so long doing this. When was the last time we had this movie date? Oh, now I remember we watched the wolf remake, The Wolf last time..that was our last date…..

**poor quality pic**

If you read the whole saga and yet to watch this Eclipse, don’t put your hopes too high. Of course, it’s triple better than New Moon. I was expecting the battle scene, ah well, emmm..leaves lasting impression but I thought it ended abruptly. Even hubs who were clueless the whole thing about this Vampire-Werewolf-Human Love Triangle, could fell the disappointment.

I personally think, they should:

  • Shown more the preps side & the join-effort Wolf-Vampire for the battle
  • How the newborn being created
  • Jasper reminiscence his long-lost life to Bella
  • Rosalie rendering her human life to Bella
  • More on Jacob’s heart-broken, perhaps?

Ooppss..did I tell too much?

We both in unison agree that Edward is the one suits Bella most. He’s matured, cool, very understanding, very loving, broad knowledge wherelse Jacob is very immature, so pushy, hot-tempered and selfish. Oh, did I mention that he has a sharp tongue too? Jacob may be buff and warm with his cute, adorable looks and charming bad boy image. But, personality wise, Bella who is also has the trait of pushy, whiny & hot-temper who seems to develop the attraction to Jacob, he’s far better off with Edward coz opposites character will click nicely just like hubby & me.

Before headed home, we went to IKEA. Needed to run some errands for office to check on things. IKEA is on sale currently, the crowd were that bad made me thought I’m in Pasar Malam of IKEA.. yup, I may say some items the price went on very, very can’t believe your eyes.

Can’t help myself leaving IKEA with empty hands and at RM 3 per piece, I grabbed those in 4, for each of TheHoneybunch.

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Baby Hanz

Hehehehe…while still drafting Advertorial Chat for today as keeping promise to my list of sponsors, mari jamu mata with these piccas.
Heeemmmm…the good old days!

Looking at all of them, don’t you think me resembled Baby Hambali?

Hanz’s : Happy TGIF everyone!

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