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Especially for you Chit-Chatters, Friends, Silence Reader, Guest & Visitors either you have been knowing this Chatterbox for long or just recently.

The following is the list of my ‘chat’ that has been up with purpose of sharing it with others…the non-list is just…a chat! Help yourself to click away any chat that you fancy (or bother) to read. Take note that there’s more chat that I did’nt list it out here by under the label like Just Baby, Just Toddler, Just Preschooler, Inspirational Sharing, Beauty & more.So, please look under the label, ya.Thank you for your support, friendship & visits.

Attachment Parenting @ Natural Parenting
1. Attachment Parenting (part 1)
2. Attachment Parenting (part 2)
3. Are you an Attachment Parent? (part 1)
4. Are you an Attachment Parent? (part 2)
5. 10 Reasons to sleep next to your child

Parenting in General / Early Childhood Education
1. Love to Read: Reading to baby & toddler
2. Love to Read: Techniques on instill a love of reading
3. Love to Read: Reading to Preschooler
4. Who said Book is Boorrriiinggg??!!
5. The Idiot Box Can Babysit Your Child
6. When Children Draw
7. Storytelling : Benefits & Ideas that Parents must take note
8. How to pick an early signs of Giftedness for very young children
9. Rencana: Memajukan Melayu melalui genetik (Bhg 1)
10. Sambungan Rencana: Memajukan Melayu melalui genetik (Bhg 2)
11. A Lesson From My Son
12. 10 Family Togetherness Fun Activites
13. How to teach ABC creatively & effectively
14. Cooking exposure for the juniors
15. Water Play
16. How to handle Squabbling Siblings
17. 50 Science Fun Ideas for Toddler & Preschooler
18. Baby Massage

1. My Breastfeeding Journey (part 1)
2. My Breastfeeding Journey (part 2)
3. Breastfeeding Notes : A bit on facts that most nursing mothers unaware of
4. Breastfeeding Notes : Preparation Tips
5. Nonsense in Breastfeeding that people likely to do to Nursing Moms
6. My Kind of Nursing Wear
7. Booster for Nursing Moms
8. Common Problems on Breastfeeding & Ways to handle it (part 1)
9. Common Problems on Breastfeeding & Ways to handle it (part 2)
10. World Breastfeeding Week :1st to 7th August – What is it all about?
11. If breastfeeding is so great, why are the rates so low?
12. Mom’s Choice Breastfeeding Campaign Contest
13. Ramadhan Preps for Nursing Moms

Cloth Diapering
1. Addicted to Cloth Diapering : Part 1-Cloth Diapering Adventure Begins
2. Addicted to Cloth Diapering : Part 2-Why use Cloth Diaper?
3. Addicted to Cloth Diapering : Part 3-New CD stash & Baby Hambali in action
4. Addicted to Cloth Diapering : Part 4-The freaky story on educating people about CD
5. Review on One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper
6. Review on AIO & AI2 Cloth Diaper
7. A to Z Must Read Cloth Diapering Notes : Specially for Cloth Diaper Newbies
8. Out & About in Cloth Diaper : Daycare Funtastic!
9. Out & About in Cloth Diaper : Travelling gets easy
10. Cloth Diapering Newborn

1. I’m wearing my baby!
2. Babywearing = Keeping your baby happy + Getting on with your life
3. Babywearing : Getting to know types of Carriers

Baby Sign
1. Baby Sign with my 2 sons
2. 5 Reasons to use Baby Sign Language
3. Hambali’s Baby Sign Journey featured in Baby Sign blog
4. Incorporating Baby Sign to Our Household
5. Sign Language & Homeschooling
6. Baby Hambali & Mama in My Child Magazine!!
7. Teach your child how to expand use of Sign Language

1. Homeschooling : Part 1-Start up materials & Teaching Kits
2. Homeschooling : Part 2-A little bit on facts
3. Homeschooling : Part 3-Books, books & books galore
4. Finally decision made, homeschooling 100% be it.
5. HS 501: Learning about Dinosaur
6. HS 502: Hanafi’s 1st Cinema Experience & Public Transport Travelling
7. HS 503: Creative Magnets playing
8. HS 504: Optics exposure & learning lenses purposes
9. Teaser Updates on Hanafi’s HS at Mama’s Office (pics mode)
10. HS 505: Teaching your child Empathy & Tolerance when interacting with others
11. HS 506: Classical Music is not only soothing, but there’s more to it!
12. Quick Ideas for Preschooler Homeschooling’s Activities

Green Living
1. What’s holding you? What’s stopping you? Captain Planet to the rescue!
2. Any idea how this box work?
3. Today’s Teaser : Say YES to GREEN LIVING
4. Today’s Teaser : You’ve got CLOTH WIPES, BOOKS & BENTO STUFF in the mail
5. Why use Cloth Pad?
6. Why use Cloth Wipes?
7. Why use Reusable bag is a must!
8. What makes me convert to reusable sanitary cloth pad
9. Kempen 3R Beg Plastik (Kesedaran untuk anda bertindak sekarang)
10. Review on Malaysian-made Cloth Pad (CP)

Hanz’s Note : Updated till 12th Nov, 2009. Will be updated from time to time.

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