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Today’s Teaser : I Love 100Yen & Daiso so much!!

Last Friday evening after attended Open Company (Open House) at Puchong, insisted to dear hubby to drop by 100 Yen. Regretted the other day, when we went there I did’nt bought the cutleries set, so that evening with the 2 boys tagged along, me shopping spree again! Oh…hubby also likewise only him mostly car accessories, not in pics.

The following day, met Chin Nee at The Curve to pick the ordered Cloth Panty Liners (wink!) & coincidentally, The Malaysian Babywearing Forum were having Babywearing Walk in conjunction the former World Babywearing Celebration. I love to join but we were too busy with house moving & I was there alone too & in a hurry but won’t miss the chance to visit Daiso. LOL!!

Just my luck they were restocking on the very same day! I was soooo estatic! Being greedy I grabbed so much but thanks the frugality in me, I had to wisely choose & constantly self-reminding, not more than RM 50 after spent RM 25 at 100 Yen earlier. Okay in total for both places RM 65, those were my recent splurge! I’m glad that I managed to find the Baran (separator) + Stencils just like I’ve been thinking to buy at ebay, the various animals sauce bottles with pump, the mayonnaise case, another bento strap in Penguin look, bigger size insulated tote bag for me, 50 fork-stlye vege picks, 15 flag-style animals picks & Cloth Wipes cases for me.

Next month, Bento-ing must be on!

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Why use Cloth Wipes?

Brief notes to ponder :

1. Cloth wipes can be made from many different types of fabric. Great for cleaning little hands, noses & bottoms.

2. Can be used at home & while out with wipes solutions in a personal cleansing bottle.It’s a breeze when out & about as either you take the pre-moistened wipes in a waterproof container such as small wet bag or a zip-lock sandwich bag or take them dry & wet as required. Pop the used wipe into your wet bag with your used nappies and straight into your bucket when you get home.

3. Reusable – simply toss in the wash with cloth diapers or towels (no fabric softener).

4. Don’t have any alcohol or harsh chemicals in them like disposables wipes do.

5. Can use as many as you need to get baby fresh & clean without feeling guilty about wasting wipes.

6. Comes in basic colours or as fancy as you like for prints.

7. Can replace tissue & toilet paper.Reduce energy waste in producing tissue & toilet paper.

8. Gentle to you, your baby & Mother Earth! Reduce garbage & pollution.

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Why use Cloth Pad?

Obtained from Mama Patch, SaffaPad Mum7Kids & Snexi Snuggbaby

Brief notes to ponder :-

1. Cloth Pad (CP) are environmentally friendly & do not contribute to landfill as they are reusable & do not come in or contain plastic packaging. When CP wears out (after years of use), those made from natural materials can be composted whereas disposable sanitary napkins made from synthetic materials cannot be recycled or composted.They can be made from old pillow cases & towels.Some CP use hemp as the absorbent core which is more environmentally friendly to grow when compared with cotton or wood pulp.

2. Less expensive in the long term.

3. Highly customizable.

4. Still convenient as they can simply be cleaned in washing machine & before wash, soiled CP can be stored in its own wetbag.

5. Less likely to cause rashes, contact dermatitis as well as helping women affected with certain types of vaginitis.

6. Many women noted that after being a CP user, they have shorter periods, lighter flow & low/less cramping.

7. Reduce the scent of menstrual blood on the CP. As they are more breathable than the average disposable sanitary pads, they carry less odor.

Source : Wikipedia

To read more, please go to this link :-

Next chat(s) : How to care Cloth Pad, Reviews on Cloth Pad, What Makes me convert to Cloth Pad.

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The Great Reusable Bag Giveaway by Tiny Tapir – Final Entry [SPREAD THE MESSAGE AROUND]

Would you like to win any of the above?

If so, just join this giveaway.
Do click the title below to grab the details.
It’s easy-peasy.
Hurry! Today is the last day, okay!


I did my 1st contest entry here and this is going to be my final entry!

I love collecting & using reusable bags. And, since I loved it so much, the 1st giveaway that I held in this Chatterbox, I have shared my passion with 5 other fellow bloggers who won my giveaway. Each of them received 1 reusable bag as picture below along with other prize.

See the 3 different messages but all carries the same values?

I feel proud whenever I lull around those bags be it for shopping or travelling as I know, indirectly I would ‘capture’ any eyes & transmit the meaningful sub-conscious reminder, I suppose. :>.

These 3 bags is always in my bag & all I need to do is just rolled them up & chuck them inside my bag. They would be available all the time, in case I need to do some shopping or purchasing, so I don’t have to force myself to use those nasty plastic bags!

And, when dear hubby returned home after attending any seminars or trainings, he would pass the goodies bag to me. I got lots but most of them are inside our car boot so these two only I managed to snap picture.

I noticed this ‘awareness’ received tremendous feedback from manufacturers & stores too and I did obtained some like picture below.

Having said that, if luck shall be on my side, winning those prizes as I mentioned above would definitely adds joy to my reusable bag collections & continuosly I spread the message around indirectly as always! 😛

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[STICKY MODE] Talking about Hari thing I won’t failed to do every year is….

……adding my HUGE collections of
Hari Raya Money Package (sampul duit Hari Raya)

You are allowed to drool over my collections now!

Maybank & EON Bank

RHB & Public Bank

Standard Chartered Bank & Perodua



Some no longer exist like Kwong Yik Bank

And, I also have like Bank Bumiputra, Sabah Bank & more no longer existing bank after merging between banks took place.

More miscelannous collections…..

I have been seriously collecting sampul duit raya way back when I was about 15 years old. I found that I love to oogled on the designs of sampul duit raya & looked forward the upcoming design each year especially those from banks that I already had aplenty.

For this year, I’ve obtained some in advance & looked forward for more. My niece tried to followsuit but her passion runs dry quickly. Well, if you suddenly after seeing my collection, develop a feeling of taking it as a new pastimes, let me know. I posses lots of extra sampul duit raya that I kept over the years and I graciously willing to let it go as long you promise to stay passionate in this new hobby. In fact, dear hubby knowing how much I love collecting these, joining in too by asking around from customers, friends & relatives. Both sides of family knows about this too & they will collect on behalf of me & passed it to me after collections done.

Will I ever stop? I can’t decide it yet as the passion on this still high & it’s addictive! Oh, I stop counting too how many I have for years but I’m definitely sure my collection is in hundreds!

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Kad Raya..Kad Raya..Meriahnya!!

Me sangat-sangat menghargai ingatan tulus ikhlas & pemberian e-card raya from Chit-Chatters…

From Kak Lili (Precious aka Queen)

From Kakyong

From Ummi Hanie

From Yatie Chomeyl

From Kak Su (Mamasyaza)

From Mama Tisya

From Anamarza


Me also got ‘physical’ card too….

From Loving Minerals! (Thanks Ilyncia!)

From Mommy Lyna (MySuperKids)

Surprise! Surprise! 😛

Update : Just received this morning,
Raya Card & Sampul Duit Raya from
Maryaa of Crazy Mommy

Countdown to 3 days before Hari Raya!

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