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What I have been doing for ONE week after Hari Raya

Our Family Posing on Raya Day. Theme : Cream & Brown

Then, the following day onwards, dear hubby & me made a list individually, combined it to see where deem fit so we could carry on planned activities either inclusive or exclusive My Boys.

We took 3 days Annual Leave so in total, we’ve been away of hustle-bustle rat race for one whole week. The list of what I (we) have been doing went on like this….

1. Finishing off reading Parenting Toddler & Parenting Preschooler books

2. Brought the boys out so Mama can get to do more shopping while the boys enjoyed the indoor playground.

3. Camwhored inside a moving car received shaking head from dear hubby & had fun with several looks especially the eye, experimenting the new Loving Minerals eyeshadows.

4. Went to EPF managed to snap the Raya deco at their lobby.

5. Went to many, many banks & finally Baby Hambali has his own Life-Education Insurance Policy.

6. The boys looked adorable with their similar matching pyjamas & their Mama could’t resist to freeze their antics in photo moments.

7. Shopping for Bento Gadgets at 100 Yen, Puchong & Daiso, The Curve promised them another return customer. ME! 😛

From L to R(clockwise) : Separator Container for Lunchbox, 2-way Egg Slicer, Plastic Bag Clipper => all obtained from 100 Yen for RM 4.90 per piece only!

From L to R (clockwise) : Drink Holder (pemegang air kotak), 3-tier Lunch Box stackable, Thermal Lunch Tote Bag, Silicon Dish Cup, Lunch Box Strap, Varieties Bread/Pancake/Rice/Cookies Cutter, Tiny Tweezer => all obtained from Daiso for RM 5 per piece only!

8. More contest filling & submissions!

9. Took pictures of discarded items for Sale soon!

10. SPRING CLEANING (hijacked!) but our HOMESCHOOL went on diligently!

So, what have you been doing over the long Raya holiday?

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What I have been doing for the remaining working days before Hari Raya

~Sticky Mode till Hari Raya day!~

People especially Muslim mostly by today has started their long holidays & some might be on the road heading hometown, some in home sweet home must be preparing foods & such & some might be doing last-minute shopping.


Stuck here in the office.

I don’t mind actually but I’m just a little bit bored. So to kill the time, these is what I have been doing….

1) Getting triple joy receiving my makeup purchase yesterday & started to experimenting with eye colour to get the ‘right’ festive look!

2) Fill-up contest forms & they are ready this noon for submission

3) Haunting facebook more than usual

4) Peeping everywhere for latest contest & currently cracking my brain to decide which one to enter & to make entries

5) House-hunting yesterday had ensured 50% successful so the long holidays means spring cleaning to us. Sigh!

6) Browse online stores

7) Ongoing mental checklist what posts should be up for the following week or should this Chatterbox take vacation too?

8) Trying very hard to get myself to do Raya checklist latest by tonight

9) Oogling at Bento blog & more notes taking on Bentos (relates with point No. 6 too)

10) Getting BORED again…

Me envy those (you there) whose looking forward for the long journey Balik Kampung…unlike us…the longest journey we get to have is going back to Seremban! And, you see we did’nt get to feel the ‘Kampung’ atmosphere…my hubby’s side remains in Shah Alam & though his family origin from Perak, they hardly went back. My side then origins from Negeri Sembilan but my parents only moved to Seremban from KL in year 2003, few months after my wedding. And, in Seremban, they lived in town as well.

Since it is very nearby, we will only going back to Seremban on the Raya day itself after stay awhile at my hubby’s side. We won’t be staying long too since we need to accomplish our Spring Cleaning Mission!

Hari Raya to us means just another family gathering for both sides of family with extra special delicacies & fulfilling Muslim obligations definitely. Just let our boys enjoy the celebration like once we used to feel back in childhood days…

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Kad Raya..Kad Raya..Meriahnya!!

Me sangat-sangat menghargai ingatan tulus ikhlas & pemberian e-card raya from Chit-Chatters…

From Kak Lili (Precious aka Queen)

From Kakyong

From Ummi Hanie

From Yatie Chomeyl

From Kak Su (Mamasyaza)

From Mama Tisya

From Anamarza


Me also got ‘physical’ card too….

From Loving Minerals! (Thanks Ilyncia!)

From Mommy Lyna (MySuperKids)

Surprise! Surprise! 😛

Update : Just received this morning,
Raya Card & Sampul Duit Raya from
Maryaa of Crazy Mommy

Countdown to 3 days before Hari Raya!

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2 ‘BEAUTIES’ were used to be can’t live without & still do

Do you know what is that ‘thing’ above?

It is called
Celak Mekah. Works like an eyeliner.

I’m pretty sure that some of you do know that and probably has been using it. Anyone wants to confess that you have been using Celak Mekah too?

Believe it or not that Celak Mekah ‘has been’ with me since I think I was 11 years old. The content always refillable once it finished of course but the container up till today, roughly almost 20 years old! Ha,ha, now you know my age, huh? Nope. That is not exactly my age you’re guessing because I could’nt recall when I’m actually got it from my mom.

My mom actually obtained that from a friend whom went to Mecca (Mekah) to perform haj & as she got more than one, she gave one to me. When mom told me that applying Celak Mekah can brightened up eyes & cure ‘rabun’ (farsighted), I got all excited. Used to think that I can stop wearing my first and ugly spectacles back then.

Sigh…yeah, been using it every single day right after it became my possession till I learnt applying the commercial eyeliner after graduated from UiTM.

That long, huh? And my eyes? I’m still rabun okay. Ha!Ha!

It’s funny though how I could get away with the Celak Mekah during those school days but me, myself would caught few girls wearing ‘cutex’ (nail colours), jewelleries & make-up whenever we the school’s prefect did spot-check. Ha!Ha! I guess the possible explanation of my escapade, the Celak just ‘blend-in’ to my eyes!

Hemmm…such a nostalgic. Though, nowadays I wear my beloved celak once in a while when I ‘feel’ the longing & sometimes at home, it always be my favourite BEAUTIES.

Let’s move on to another BEAUTIES.


Still can’t figure it out what it is?

😛 It is….home-made face powder or famously known as BEDAK SEJUK.

The credit should goes to my mom. She is an expert making BEDAK SEJUK and me yet to learn how to make it from her. Planned to really learn it from her during the next long Raya holidays. That’s my wish. Not just observing but totally hands-on training. The process took some time, I mean up to one year, you know & the smell of half-finished production can be quiet nasty. Ah! What the heck. As long as I know how to make it before regretted not having the lesson.

You know, my 2 elder sisters never looked high on that BEDAK SEJUK but me as always think it is such a wonderful creation! It’s a very fine powder, smooth & silky to your skin plus the cooling effect. I stongly believe that over the years being a faithful user of it, it does help combat those nasty acne away. About being fairer? Yup. Strongly believe must be because of BEDAK SEJUK too.

Hemm….guess that the tradition never fades in me though how modernised I lead my life now. Some things remains special & true to my heart.

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How to overcome Blog Writer’s Block

Hanz’s Note : Dah tak tahu nak tulis apa dalam blog lately ni? Samalah macam saya..kalau takat nak share tip2 pasal parenting & early childhood education, saya sendiri dah agak boring. Mood ke arah tu pun dah takder. Nak buat entry contest pun, macam rasa tak best jer. Entahlah. Sebab puasa kut..he,he..jadi saya google2, camner nak overcome ni, dah jumpa dah…ni saya share kat sini, kay..Terima kasih kat Encik Jim DeSantis ni…harap membantu anda!

For me, writers’ block was a blank page on the screen of my mind. Nothing would come. No thought patterns appeared. The little voice in my head was silent. The tighter the deadline, the more frustrated I became. Oh, I wrote anyway but it was amateurish at best.

My mentor nailed the problem. It was fear!

Writers’ block can be from deep-seated fear that you have absolutely nothing of value to say. And, it doesn’t matter if you’ve done all your research and all you have to do is arrange sentences together into coherent paragraphs. Writers’ block, based on fear of looking stupid, can strike anyone at any time.

Based in fear, it raises our doubts about our own self-worth and it’s usually hidden from our consciousness. You don’t realize the fear is there but you feel like an idiot who only went up to the 4th grade in school. If you dared publish your writing, people would surely see you for the illiterate idiot you really are!

Here is a list to use to unmask the writer’s block demon in you!

1. Perfectionism.

The demon says you must produce a masterpiece of literature straight off in the first draft.

2. Editing instead of composing.

Midway through your first or second sentences the demon says – “No, that’s stupid. Start over!” “Uh…that’s no good either…uh…”

3. Self-consciousness.

The demon puts more and more pressure on you to get writing but tells you that you really are not a capable writer.

4. Can’t get started?

The demon convinces you that the first sentence is the hardest and reminds you of how critically important the first sentence is. It must be brilliant! It must be unique! It must hook your reader from the start! Scary, huh?

5. Shattered concentration.

The demon will draw your attention away from your keyboard by planting random thoughts – “Did I pay the electric bill?”, “I wish Jane was here right now,” “What time is it?” and on it goes.

6. Procrastination.

The demon tells you it’s O.K. to walk away for a while, to avoid the hassle right now, writing can be put off while you clear your head. Procrastination is writers’ block out in the open for you to see. When procrastination takes over, you have lost the battle.

Now that I have your stomach churning, here is what my mentor taught me.

1. Be prepared.

Once your research is done, spend a few minutes picturing in your mind’s eye the story you are about to put on paper. Play it like a movie with sound and action. Imagine you are a movie critic and you are about to write a column about the movie.

I would have news stories mostly written in my mind before I reached the TV station using this very technique. I knew how I would begin, what the middle would be about, and how it would end. This, by the way, included cover video and sound-on interviews.

2. Forget perfectionism.

Start writing regardless of what you think about your skill as a writer. Just write, one sentence after another after another. Let it flow. Some of it will be garbage, sure, but so what? The final product is what counts.

Look at it this way. Most of your readers/viewers are no smarter than you. Most have an average education. Most wouldn’t know a perfect story from an imperfect one. Most cannot recognize improper grammar. This alone should free you to write but let’s continue.

3. Compose instead of editing.

Composing is a magical process. It surpasses the conscious mind and kicks on your creative flow because it doesn’t judge quality. It only cares about quantity at this point. It totally ignores the writer’s block demon! It doesn’t care what anyone thinks. It just wants to write!

4. Forget the first sentence.

In fact, expect to throw away the first couple of sentences. That way the demon gets what it wants and you get what you want – to write! You can sweat over that all-important headline and opening paragraph when you’ve finished your piece.

5. Concentration.

Distraction is another sign that the writer’s block demon is rearing its ugly head. Concentration is the 357 magnum that blows it away. Pretend you’re Dirty Harry and use concentration to blow that sucker away.

6. Stop procrastinating.

If you suffer with procrastination in many areas of your life, you need to begin your writing process by writing an outline, a road map to get you from the beginning to the middle to the end of the piece. Keep your research notes handy as a crutch. You can try writing with pad and pencil at first just to get just to break the mental block between your keyboard and the blank page of your mind. Writing in this way may help you get organized. Of course you can always just attack your keyboard to get the flow started. Type anything and everything that come into your head!

Finally, one of the keys I employed when I first began my battle to overcome writers’ block was to keep a picture in my mind of my mentor teaching these shortcuts. For you, may I suggest you print this article and keep it next to your keyboard where you can refer to it often. Allow it to be your mentor. I guarantee, someday you will not need it because writers’ block will be a rare occurrence.

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Cun x award terbaru saya?

Ha! Ha! Award khas dari Kakyong! Me memang suka menempek kat blog kakyong, seboleh-bolehnya hari2, janji ada entry terbaru dari kakyong. Tak gitu kakyong?

Special kan? Gambar individual tu…

Thank you so much, Kakyong!!

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GOOD Customer Service from Online Business(es)

Yesterday, I (we) chatted about bad customer service from online business(es) (referring to blogshop also,ya).

Today, let’s chat the other side of the coin. The best part. The one that made you keen to visit that particular shop (although just to browse) often. I had my fair share on this and let me relate it to you…

1. You are just about to convert or try something new and you are in total zero in terms of product knowledge. Having your Qs being answered in details with few options and alternatives for you to ponder, don’t you feel great about it?

This truly happen to me when I was about to get to know cloth diapers. Having to mull the terminologies of CD-world, nevertheless the budgets, I was very thankful with this one online shop for being very helpful. That business owner had explained and made few suggestions and upon receiving my initial purchase, I was in leap joy to receive few more titbits.

On top of that, let’s say there are people simply ‘drop by’ and made few inquiries on your product, advisable to be as much assistance that you can manage despite in the end, that ‘people’ did’nt even purchase a single thing from your shop, just treat ‘anyone’ equally. A word of mouth is very influencive.

2. Understand the customer’s situation. Sometimes, customer’s has a change of mind or heart and it might happen right after ordering took place. Don’t get work-up about it. Listen when the customer explained. I did this once and boy, was I grateful the business owner was very understanding. In fact, the business owner had ‘a heart of an angel’ as I received extra stuff as a token of gift due to my circumstances last time.

3. Speedy delivery. Who does’nt like it,huh? I encountered this many times too.

4. Honest and truthful on the product’s quality and performance. I think you should not hiding the truth about the products you carry. Some products might have few hiccups here and there, let your customer know this. Leave the decision to the customer. If you create ‘something’ that is not there, in other words, empty promises, imagine how does it look when customer found it later?

I saluted this online stores whereby the business owner was responsible to the tiny faulty of one product.Though the business owner lose ‘some’ in monetary form, actually the business owner have gained trust and loyalty from the customer.

5. Offer several alternative and solutions. Customer comes in many forms. Let’s say the budget is an issue yet the customer likely to make frequent purchasing, perhaps you can suggest a low price of another brand or probably offer some installment plan of some sort. I said this after observing few blogshops and even online stores has come out this installment plan in example cloth diapering. I think it is a good move since we want to encourage people to lead ‘green’ living, right? As long as you are not in the losing end. Confirm win-win situation for this before you carry it out.

6. Value-added services like having a workshop or just a simple get-together. In example cloth diapering workshop, babywearing workshop, just to name those and I’m pretty sure more has been done. Creating a forum too is a good move and many people appreciate this and so having a blog, an extension of your store. The business owner not only able to update the stock but for many benefits for both parties.

7. Again, on responsive time. Perhaps you are unable to answer call or emails or in shoutbox inquiries immediately, but returning calls and do reply emails / shoutbox inquiries although how late it is, customer (to anyone actually) will thank you for this.

Alright, these only I can think of at this moment…You, out there (Yoo-hoo!! Chit-chatters…), care to share your side of story on this?

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Bad Customer Service from Online Business(es)

I am one of those frequent maybe addicted online shopper. Reason : Convenience, plenty to choose from, I simply love to browse and clicking ‘buy now’ button in that particular sites found me really make my day.

For years I have been doing this and throughout those years, I did encountered few bad customer service(s). I found those I have listed below is unethical and should never ever done by any online business. Unintentionally not to condemn any store(s) or business(es) but simply wants to relate to you these had being experienced by me causing my hesitation to do any shopping to those store(s) anymore.

Here goes…

1. Your inquiry on certain product that you curios about got lost somewhere. After some time, if you willing to double check the status of your inquiry, you would be disappointed to receive the news – they never received anything from you. Then, you wonder why they have the ‘Contact Us’ form in the first place?

2. You called the business owner, no answer. You emailed the business owner, no answer. Err..if you have a business and people find you difficult to contact, why you want to open a business?

3. Failure to update product status and product stock regularly. Resulted customer’s disappointment when later on they found the desired product is OUT OF STOCK exactly after they had placed an order.

4. Receiving your purchased product ALONE. No receipt, no brochure / pamphlets, no business card.Warranty card? Just in your mind! Well, some would email the receipt but wouldn’t it be nice to receive that by ‘hand-form’ receipt as well? And, distributing your brochure / pamphlets is very important to boost customer’s confidence in you.

5. Late delivery and no notice beforehand that delaying would likely to occur. You have to call the business owner asking your purchasing status, there & then you received the bad news.

6. No free gift after you spend quite an awful lots. Don’t expect you bought one product, you will receive free gift unless being informed so, most probably relevant with the huge amount of money you spent.Yes, some offered free delivery but some did goes extra-mile by putting in ‘surprise-surprise’ in the package. But, there are some stores, you received none at all. Yes, it happened to me after I spent awful lot. Sigh…

7. Don’t know who is your customer. Some customer could be one in a lifetime, so this thing if it is happen, it is still tolerable. But, how about regular customer? You have been there quite some time frequently, talked in the telephone few times & even emailed each other, but the business owner seems have no idea what is your name? Bad, isn’t it?

Well, these all I can remember of at this moment.

If you are frequent online shopper like me, would you like to share your experience as well here? I love to hear it!

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