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Muka cantik

Malam tadi sementara tunggu hubs siapkan notebook baru, me tertengok movie kat 8TV lakonan Charlize Theron. Sepanjang movie ni boleh terlupa yang berlakon tu Charlize Theron. Muka familiar dan me asyik sesangat tengok wajah dia yang cantik sangat ni..simple plain tapi tetap menggoda dan menawan..ralitlah mata me merenung.
Movie pasal sexual harassment satu isu yang sangat taboo pada kebanyakan orang. Tajuk movie North Country..not bad…cerita pergolakan pekerja wanita di lombong satu kawasan yang memang itu kira main income penduduk kat situ. Si Charlize Theron yang berlakon watak Josey bangkit setelah asyik di-harass sexually oleh male colleague dier. Bagus movie ni. Reminds me the good old days biler me aktif kat AWAM, satu NGO yang giat memperjuangkan hak-hak wanita.
Off-topik sikit…

Me dengan mereka yang satu ketika dulu di AWAM. Masa ni kami tengah hold annual Committee Meeting, untuk dua hari kami berkampung kat De Palma Sepang.Year 2003.

International Women’s Day year 2003 punyer celebration. Gantung banner AWAM kat Waterfront Kuching.

Me yang sempat berposing masa gantung mock clothesline ni. Kat clothesline ni kami akan gantung gambar dan keratan suratkhabar kes-kes penderaan kanak-kanak, kes rogol wanita dan kanak-kanak, statistik dan kata-kata perjuangan dan sebagainya. Me masa ni masih lagi dalam ‘Honeymoon Period’ ekekeke..seksa weii, nak berpisah seminggu ngan Cik Abang, siap nangis-nangis rindu bila malam menjelang…

Me tengah sampaikan my module dalam kumpulan kami yang disasarkan khusus untuk golongan belia wanita. Masa ni my topik, ‘Date Rape’, pembentangan dibuat pada siswi Unimas, Sarawak. Geng 3R, WAO pun involve masa celebration ni & kami selalu joint-venture ngan 3R untuk buat workshop sebegini.

Semua tu dalam kenangan..

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TONIGHT’S TEASER : Quilling Gift Sets, anyone?

This is really something not to be miss!
I love them all and in fact I envy those whose going to get these!

Want to have them? Join the soon-to-end my current giveaway!
Tick-tock-tick-tock…. :-)

Freshly received at the doorstep of yours truly this evening!

Hanz’s : I received another chameleon of mine. Oh, apart that it is beautiful, it is waterproof too as it is specially coated to make it waterproof. Who would ever can imagine, a tiny strip of coloured papers can make something so beautiful like that?

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Loving Minerals – Malaysia’s Leading Online Mineral Make-Up Store

What is mineral make-up?

“Mineral makeup is the latest addition
to an emerging beauty culture dedicated to better living.
Unlike traditional products, mineral makeup,
which is based on a hypoallergenic loose powder
that naturally nourishes the skin,
contains no perfumes, talc, alcohol, dyes, mineral oil or preservatives.
Not surprisingly, dermatologists are pleased.”

That provided information is available in Loving’s website brought to you since October 2008 by individuals who are very passionate about cosmetics. After years of using and testing makeup from drugstore to high-end departmental store brands, they stumbled upon the booming trend from USA that is mineral makeup, and fell in love almost immediately! From a hobby and obsession of searching for the best mineral makeup available, they decided to start Loving to share their passion with their friends in Malaysia.

Stocked only the safest and most luxurious mineral cosmetics at unbelievably low prices, they searched the world for the most recommended mineral cosmetic brands, and all their products have been tried and tested repeatedly to suit Asian skin tones, skin types and our humid weather perfectly.

What are the benefits of using Mineral Makeup?

It is good for sensitive skin, it does’nt feel like a mask and contain ingredients that are good for skin. If you have fine lines or crow’s feet, traditional makeup can cake in those places, often creating an illusion of deeper lines. Minerals create real health and a glow like we had in our teens and 20s through essential vitamins, antioxidants and ingredients that actually hydrate the skin and conceal wrinkles. The old makeup phrase “putting on your face” may soon be obsolete. Mineral makeup can look and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, like a silky top layer of your very own skin. In short, you look like you have great skin!

So what is available at Loving

From Mineral Foundation, Loose Powder, Mineral Palletes, All Over Radiances, Concealer, Cheeks, Eyes & Lips to Makeup Tools like Brushes and Jars. Plus, Loving will offer items on promotion through Loving Specials. Furthermore, for any items you purchase above RM100, you are entitled for free delivery!

And, the best thing is that if you are newbies in Minerals Makeup, you can always get their Loving Sample Kit for RM30 which consist of Mineral Foundation, All Over Radiance and Finishing Powder which you can select the best texture that suits your skin.

Not only that if you are into enhancing your eye beauty, you can always get the eye shadows for five or ten shades at RM 35 and RM65 respectively.

A small company with a great philosophy – to help everyone look naturally beautiful with a little aid from Mother Nature. Invest on pure, safe, natural cosmetics, and not on a fancy brand name. Do pay Loving an online visit today!

Disclaimer : This is an advertorial chat. Loving is one of the sponsors of TheHoneybunch Giveaway : The New You!

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Nabila House – Unleash Natural Beauty lies within naturally

The first thing that you tend to notice when you browse Nabila House website is the availability of wonderful essences by the Perfume For All (PFA). Rather purchasing designer perfume of your favourite at high prices, Nabila House offers the similar essences at a fraction of a cost and satisfying longer lasting smell . Being an authorized dealer of PFA since 2006, these nice perfumes has no water and alcohol added to it and available for Women, Men and Unisex selections. Currently on offer is FREE postage with your purchase of PFA purchases (terms and conditions apply) for delivery in Peninsular Malaysia.

Out of her passion on natural products ranging from skin care, personal care and health care, Noradlina Abdullah, the owner of Nabila House stress on the importance of bringing in for everyone a quality and affordable price plus enjoyable online shopping experience. The line of products available use natural sources and without animal testing.

The VCare range of products for Skin Care that available are Day Cream, Exfoliating Gel, Facial Toner, Hand & Body Lotion, Makeup Remover, Night Cream, Refining Serum, Revitalizing Mask and Soothing Eye Cream.

And for Personal Care, VCare range also has Facial Cleanser, Hair Nourish Cream, Moisturizing Shampoo, Refreshing Body Gel and Scalpcare Shampoo.

If you are looking for naturally source supplement, under Health Care, Nabila House offers Jia Hor, Lu Chun and Yung Kien range of products.

Even there is something for your baby too which is Organic Baby Care by the well-known brand Buds Organic Care.

Do take a peek as well at the Special Selection category at Nabila House as those limited edition products will be offered in certain period with fantastic prices.

Rest assured for fantastic online customer service to be received by Nabila House as they are nothing new to the online business, having to sell online products since year 2006, using forum, eBay, local classified ads and blogs. In 2008, Noradlina decided that a one stop center for natural products should be borned and have their own place in the web.

So, if you are looking for one stop online shop of naturally source products, select Nabila House for ease and comfort of products that would be reached at your doorstep.

Disclaimer : This is an advertorial chat. Nabila House is one of the sponsors of TheHoneybunch Giveaway : The New You!

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Honey’s Quilling : Eye-candy by the work of artistic craft

When something so pretty and eye-candy to the eyes, you don’t really need much words to begin with. Feast your eyes with some of Honey’s Quilling creations as for introduction.

Honey has made all these quilling art by herself. It is water-resistant and among the range of available items are…

Jewelleries like ear rings and brooches

Magnet Clips

Deco Magnets

Gift Cards

Gift Boxes

You can also customised your order like what I did before and recently.

Furthermore, Honey also provides special offer. Through Fun Pack, you get to choose items in any three sizes from any or all of the range of gift cards, decorations, magnets and gift boxes. You can request the chosen items to be in what design as well.

Feels like ordering? You can contact Honey via emails queenhoneyb at yahoo dot com or simply hop to Honey’s Blogshop.

Disclaimer : This is an advertorial chat. Honey is one of the sponsors of TheHoneybunch Giveaway : The New You!

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Sharing Post-natal Confinement story

What would you do during post-natal? Confinement is road to recovery, getting your figure back, your health and wish that everything speeds up so that you can get your life back. Love to share my side of story. The Malays way of confinement.

1st Confinement : Rice, rice, rice with lots of ikan haruan cooked steam or grilled with spices. Ayam Kampung (chicken) & a bit of meat was allowed after 30 days. The only vegetable eaten was sawi. Fruits : Just grapes. Beverage : Hot Milo & Hot Coffee & very little plain water.

2nd Confinement : More figure-conscious for this round, breakfast & teatime must take either cornflakes with hot milk or low-salt Jacobs biscuit or Quacker Oat. Very little rice & varieties of side dishes. Ayam kampung (chicken) & several types of fishes (no more haruan but others) cooked steam, pindang, curry, grilled or black-pepper style. More fruits includes grapes, red apples, Sunkist oranges, dates & raisins. Vegetable just sawi. Beverage : Hot Milo & Hot Coffee & Hot Oat Milk.

Medicine & Supplement
I could not take any herbs-related supplement even from the Amway, I only take it after the confinement and I cut down the intake. Reason being, I will have a headache everytime I consume any herbs or spices stuff & I’m nursing my baby exclusively. And I drank ‘Pati Ikan Haruan’ (Fish Essence) & Brands Inner Shine (Prune essence) a lot especially on the second confinement.

Both 1st & 2nd Confinement : Twice a day must ‘bertungku’ (hot long metal rod) after bathtime, proceeded with ‘bengkung(Confinement binder). Massage was done between 3rd to 5th day after birth day by Midwife (bidan) for 3 days in a row. I used Amway Tropical Herbs Confinement Set which I loved it very much! Got ‘Pilis ‘ to be rub across forehead to avoid headache, got herbs pack for douche for 1 week (I heart this one). The douche really speeds up the stitching wound & heal the vajayjay part very fast.My confinement binder also from Amway & complete with the herbs concoction to be put around tummy & upper butt. Once finished the dreaded ’44 days of pantang’, I had another massage. They called this ‘penutup’ (closure) done again by the same midwife (bidan). But for the 2nd time, I did extras. I went for Post-Natal treatment by Serenity Spa (Leesa Formula) consists of Herbal douche, sauna, massage & flower bath.

No tvs
No reading
No sweeping, moping or any other cleaning-related tasks
No washing even washing dishes is disallowed
No squatting
No folding legs
No bending down
No freestyle sleeping, must sleep straight
No hair down, must tied tight on the top of the head
No going out & must wear socks all the time
No fan (but I reluctant to skip on this one)

This is so far I could remembered. What about you? Care to share your confinement experience?

Hanz’s : I’ve seen & witness nowadays many modern moms are more lenient on their confinement. I remembered a friend of mine drink Coke right after giving birth! As for myself, I refused to wear the kain batik & worn only the long pants all the time yet I received nasty remarks about this from the elders. I considered myself ‘kuat pantang’ compared with others as even months after confinement, only I dare to take icy drinks & prohibited myself from eating ‘laksa’ for a year. Don’t know why about the laksa thingy but I respected what being told to me.

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I am so glad that I attended KEGEL with POISE

I had two events clashed with one another on its timing last Saturday. One was the Cloth Diaper Mommas get-together & one was the Kegel Fair with POISE. I chose the latter as this one time event was not something to be miss! Boy, and I don’t regret on my decision. It was an eye-opener and something worthy to be share with all woman.

Saw Nia & Lily already up their post on this. As we went along the whole programme lined-up, Nia, Lily & me did shared about each other brought up the same topic of the day.

I was the one who arrived early between the 3 of us so while waiting, snap pics here & there.

The main entrance to the hall

Participants has to check their registration here

POISE reps. introduced the many range of POISE pads.
Nia & Lily grabbed a piece or two but me as always,
being true to my cloth ways.

Celebrity like Low Ngai Yuen, former 3R lady shared her story about Urinary leakage, something that we woman, can relate to. Dr Peter Ng from Continence Foundation of Malaysia highlighted the medical side about overactive bladder & before the launching of Kegel with POISE, Dr Seri Suniza Sufian from Prince Court Medical Centre provided some tips and infos on how to prevent urinary leakage.

Launched of the KEGEL with POISE

Even songstress Atilia was there too!
I look so gumuks beside the slim Atilia

We were served light refreshment before the KEGEL exercise session consists of Mini Cheese Turkey Burger, Dim-Sum & Cheese Cake. As I just had brunch before arriving there, and so were Lily, the three of us really ‘makan’ there.

Gambar cilok from Nia. Thanks Babe!

Then, the event highlights, KEGEL exercise

Participants getting ready

Our lady instructress, led by Cik Neng Shahidan Sabullah,
Physiotheraphist from Prince Court Medical Centre

Mokcik dah tak sabar nih!

If Mrs Imran (in black shawl) did’nt greeted me, I would never knew she was there too. So, as always, snap piccas with other Blogger friends.

And, some goodie bag to bring home. I love the Poise Pilates. At least, some steps that you will tend to forget from the exercise session, can refer to the DVD. And, to my surprise, few of the steps is actually I have been doing them all this while for my exercise regime. Oh, not forgetting, now I have an exercise mat, thanks to Poise, I don’t need to use our kekabu mat anymore.

Hanz’s Note : Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor that supports the vagina, uterus and bowel and keeping these muscles in good working order is very rewarding for women in all stages of life.Mothers should exercise their pelvic floors so there is less risk of muscles already weakened by pregnancy and birth being strained further when picking up growing children. Weal pelvic floor can caused urine leakage and less enjoyment of sex.

Special note : Thanks to Ms Sophie & team from In Deed Commuincations for this invitation. Ada lagi event, jangan lupa me!

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Let’s flashback all Chatterbox’s Giveaway

TGIF everyone! I’m in the mood of smokey & grunge look today…

Anyway, as I received another good news, feels like looking back all the giveaways I ever done since I created this Chatterbox.

The very 1st Giveaway was launched on 30th June, 2009. Reason being, in conjunction of 1st Birthday Celebration of my cheeky tot, Baby Hambali.Click the giveaway banner & take a peek.

Contestants had to choose the most perfect gift for a birthday boy under certain budget by selecting from MyToys&Books online store & stated the reason on their selections.

Grand prize winner received Coochee-Coo Ring Sling, Customised Book Gift from MyToys & Books & Mystery Gift from me which was, Beary Bear Eco Bag! And, 5 Consolation Winners received RM10 Voucher to shop at MyToys&Books plus Beary Bear Eco Bag too.

Then, the second one was launched on November 15th, 2009 in conjunction of the very 1st Anniversary of my chatterbox. Contestants had to provide their overall Chatterbox content and they were welcome to provide views, opinions & even suggestions.

3 Grand Winners received either 1 piece of funky prints Linda Linda Reusable Shopping Bag or 2 pieces of Cloth Panty Liner or 2 pieces cute Wahmies Cloth Wipes. Check the details HERE.

Then, came year 2010 & it feels like only yesterday the first giveaway for 2010 landed. Launched on February 28th, a birthday month of my eldest boy, Hanafi, entitled Best Birthday Ever It was the first time I attempted a picture type giveaway & the first one too I acquired sponsorships for all the prizes (including mine via my blogshop).

Alhamdullillah…the sponsorship was totally great. Got to choose 9 Winners and the total monetary amount prizes worth RM 1 000 plus. All the contestant had to do is to submit birthday celebration of their little ones & tell it a bit about their celebrations. Oh, curious? Then just click the giveaway banner below to take a peek. All these giveaways, of course as always there would be terms & conditions applicable. I enjoyed holding it as much as I, myself enjoy entering contest & giveaways. Perhaps people would have a thought that it’s intention is to promote my chatterbox. Ya, you are right, it’s the side reward that I gained but what MOST IMPORTANT to me is that I love giving. The prizes could be small or tiny to some but the act of giving did lifted up my spirit & leaves me with happy feeling. Besides, if certain things I love & enjoy utilising it, I want other people to get to know that product & may it provides enjoyment too just like it did to me.
And, now…I’m going to give you a hint. The very next giveaway that soon (InsyaAllah) to be announced next Monday, I guarantee you is going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD. Chewah!! Eih, no, you don’t need to travel outer space but it’s for you ladies, be it you are single, married, married with kids….(sorry guys)..yup, STRICTLY FOR LADIES. Giveaway banner below clearly spells out.

What’s in it for you? Ah-ha!! Let’s see…Makeover of something…., a mist of pleasant scent…dainty soft fabric covering you…cooling conconction pampering your skin….colourful hues to enhance your beauty…and…more accessories to get the total new look! How about that? ;>

Hanz’s Note : Stay tune… ;D

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From The Body Shop to The Face Shop

Last time I’m a loyal user of The Body Shop Face & Body Care range especially their Tea Tree Oil line. From Facial Wash to its toner & moisturiser. Then, I switched to the Vitamin E face care set and on-off using their Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser. I love their Body Cream too and used to splurge with different scnet of Body Butter. Not forgotten their Aromatherpahy Oil as well. Since for years I have been a regular to the The Body Shop, of course I would aware their price ever kept increasing and it really put me off. And on top of that, somehow my face which is usually have no major problem, suddenly started to have frequent breakouts.

Well, time to switch product and I switch to the The Face Shop. I bought those for the very first time and yup, I’m really happy with the result. Slightly lower the price and it works wonder to my skin. No more breakouts! And, am not exaggerating to state that my face glows too.

Nowadays even without my usual daily regime of foundation & loose powder, I can still just go out without putting on any powder. Which is why at home especially during the weekends, I leave my face free without and trace of makeup. Let the skin breathe!

Last month there was a sale at The Face Shop, so grabbed few of their masks. Oh, I totally love their masks. Wearing it just before I go to bed and pat gently the remaining without washing it, will transform my skin supple & glow the very next day.

I noted the big difference ever since I started using The Face Shop masks and really love them. Varieties to choose according to your needs.

I’ve no longer go to The Body Shop unless the Tea Tree Oil Blemish Oil of mine has finished. That’s the only one product I still keep buying because that’s the only so-called pimple cream that works wonderfully for the occassional breakout on my face especially when am having PMS.

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I’m joining Kegel with Poise Fair

I’ve just registered to attend this.
Anyone else wants to join me? :D

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