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Things you need to know on choosing the right preschool

Preschool shopping? Anxious as your child soon to be the right age for preschool and you are overwhelmed on which preschool is the right one?

Let me give you some tips & tricks as I myself used to teach in few preschool and certified early childhood educator.

First, you need to ask the right question when you out hunting. Talking to the owner or principal, these are the must question you need to rise-up:
* Programme philosophy. In example, are they implementing Montessori, Gardner (8 Intellegences) and so on…
* Staff members : How many? Trained / Experienced?
* Then, you can proceed with the basic like fees, operation hours
* Teacher and parent communication, how it is done? How often?

Next, self-observation is very necessary. Make your visit especially during school hours and see how they manage their students. Things you should observe:
*Do the children look happy?
*Is the staff friendly?
*Is it quiet or is it too noisy?
* Does the surrounding looks safe enough?
* Do the children has ample space to move or is it too crowded?
* Is there allocation of space like reading space, play area, and do the toilet specially built for child?(child-sized)
* Is the school looks clean enough?

Then, make an effort to talk at least one of the teacher. Make a friendly chat and simply ask question like how many children are under her care? Her working hours? And you can ask more about the school’s programme by seeking on how the teacher implement the programme. A good teacher is caring and responsive to children, has a gentle voice and move around in the classroom and always ready to show and discuss. The student find comfortable to seek help. from the teacher too. The teacher will comfort a crying child while keeping an eye on the rest of the group. The teacher does not ignore a child in need eventhough she is busy with other children.

Lastly, these are the keypoints you need to know for basic guidelines.
1. All preschool in Malaysia is compulsory to follow the National Preschool Curriculum

2. The syllabus must include all aspects of wholesome development of a child. They are Language, Physical (Gross-Motor & Fine-Motor), Social (Moral or Religous studies), Cognitive (Maths & Science), Art/Arts / Music). Therefore the building itself must allocated space for children to move especially for physical activities. You need to think twice on preschool that builds at shop-lot whereby there are missing on outdoor components.

3. Teacher and student ratio averagely 1:20, the most for 5 and 6 years old and 1:10 for 3 and 4 years old.

4. Learning materials are well-used, well-kept and maintained.

5. The learning process should be wholesome not just academically-conscious. Preschool that gives too much homework or asking you to send your four to six years old for tuition, is one thing you need to reconsider.

If you have any more Qs in regards to this, feel free to email me. Perhaps I could provide my opinion on it. Free consultation, no worries! hehehe…

Hanz’s Note : I’m a fussy mom so I most happy to homeschool my children instead sending them to any preschool or kindergarten. The most I will send them for few hours classes for once or twice a week for skills learning and to vary their learning process.
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