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Buku ‘Siapa Alien?’ nukilan Wardina Safiyyah memang padat dengan ilmu

Habis membelek dan menilik buku Siapa Alien?, me dapati….

## Padat dengan maklumat tentang fakta sains, sejarah dan hal ehwal umum.

## Melahirkan sifat rasa ingin tahu dan memupuk pemikiran yang kritis dan mampu berfikir dengan luas melalui jalan cerita yang dipersembahkan

## Meningkatkan daya imaginasi kanak-kanak supaya berfikir luar daripada yang terbatas (think out of box)

## Diselitkan serba-sedikit nasihat yang berguna dijadikan panduan pada kanak-kanak seperti sifat suka membaca itu bagus.

## Panduan untuk ibu bapa bagaimana menggunakan buku ini sangat luas bukan sekadar dibacakan buku pada anak-anak tetapi ada juga cadangan aktiviti lanjutan disertakan.

Me belum lagi betul-betul menggunakan buku ini sepenuhnya, hanya sekadar menyelak dan bercerita sedikit dengan my eldest boy, Hanafi.

Hanz’s : Sementara MPH tengan Member’s Sale ni, bolehlah dapatkan buku ni dengan diskaun 20%. Ada lagi penulisan buku kanak-kanak yang sangat menarik daripada penulis Malaysia yang me dah jumpa dalam bahasa Inggeris. Maybe next time, kita rembat pula 4 buku penulisan another Malaysian writers. Malaysian writers dah setanding dengan penulis antarabangsa.

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Me dah beli buku Wardina Safiyyah!

Terpengaruh dengan Aishah, me pun terus mencari buku Wardina. Baru jer tadi as always, The Curve macam rumah kedua, me pergi ke MPH dengan harapan adalah buku Wardina ni…

Ada!! RM19, berkulit tebal dengan saiz A4, memang berbaloi-baloi mendapatkannya.

Macam biasa, majalah InTrend ngan Women’s Weekly tak tinggal pastu ushar buku bersiri Vampire Diaries, gatal jer tangan nak membeli…hehehe..semenjak terjebak mengikuti cerita Vampire Diaries kat 8TV, rasa nak beli jer buku-buku dier…alahai….

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The Mixed-Up Chameleon

On a shiny green leaf sat a small green chameleon. It moved onto a brown tree and turned brownish. Then it rested on a red flower and turned reddish.
When the chameleon moved slowly across the yellow sand, it turned yellowish.
You could hardly see it.

When the chameleon was warm and had something to eat,it turned sparkling green. But when it was cold and hungry, it turned grey and dull.
When the chameleon was hungry, it sat still and waited.Only its eyes moved-up,down,sideways-until it spotted a fly.Then the chameleon’s long and sticky tongue shot out and caught the fly.That was its life.It was not very exciting.
But one day..

. …the chameleon saw a zoo! It had never seen so many beautiful animals.

The chameleon thought: How small I am,how slo,how weak!I wish I could be big and white like a polar bear.And the chameleon’s wish came true.But was it happy? No!
I wish I could be handsome like a flamingo.
I wish I could be smart like a fox.

I wish I could swim like a fish.

I wish I could run like a deer.
I wish I could see things far away like a giraffe.
I wish I could hide in a shell like a turtle.

I wish I could be strong like an elephant.

I wish I could be funny like a seal.
I wish I could be like people.Just then a fly flew by.
The chameleon was very hungry.
But the chameleon was very mixed-up.
It was a little of this and it was a little of that.
And it couldn’t catch the fly.
I wish I could be myself.The chameleon’s wish came true.
And it caught the fly!

The Moral value of the story:
Be grateful of what you are.

Thank you Abang Eric Carle! :D

Hanz’s Wish : I want to keep chameleon as a pet so that I can put it on my shoulder when I’m out & about & looks so cool! ekekekekeke….

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The EcoKids Books are fantastic!

As always I love to provide my review on book. Here goes…

Suits for any age group, even an adult can still enjoy it. Co-written by famous former model turned hostess, Asha Gill.

Content is short, rhyme and straight to the point of the message it wants to highlight. In example, The Ecokids and the Wasteful Water Worry is telling about saving water, it first introduced one family lifestyle and how The Ecokids managed to change the lifestyle to more green living. At the end of the book, there’s a page for colouring activity.

Writing style with rhymes, repetition and captivating fonts is surely one thing you will notice immediately.

Illustration is so adorable and reflects the Malaysian way of life.

And it is so affordable at RM10 per book with high-quality paper.

Lastly, here are few tips available in all the 3 books we acquired:

  • Use a bucket and sponge to wash the car, rather than a hose!
  • Use watering cans to water the plants
  • Have showers instead of baths
  • Bring your own bag when you take away food from the restaurant
  • Bring your own shopping bags to the supermarket
  • Always say NO THANK YOU to plastic bags (not only on Saturdays ya people living in Selangor)
  • Ride a bicycle
  • Take the train or the bus
  • It’s cool to car pool
I highly recommend this to Moms and Dads to be in your family bookshelves and must read it in your read-aloud session.

Hanz’s Note : Message to MPH Bookstore => Please display these great books in appropriate manner so that more people especially parents can see them. Even the Sales Assistant took some time to find the book among other children books. Is this how you support Malaysian writers?

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TGIF & these was what we did two days ago

Both hubby & me took 2 days leave, yesterday and last Wednesday.Family errands to run and give ourselves a short break. The tasks went on nevertheless like this…

Wednesday :

  • Hanafi’s follow-up appointment for further diagnosed of his special case from early morning till noon.
  • Fetched Baby Hambali’s Muttaqin CD bought from Aunty Mei Hooi at Shah Alam Post Office.
  • Collected our very first Family Photobook, redeeming the recent Baby Hambali’s MBP 2009 Monthly Cutest Baby Winning
  • Haunting 100Yen Shop at Kota Kemuning upon chances & grabbed few things. By luck, managed to find small-sized (suits for Kiddies) floor mop. Specially bought for Baby Hambali’s usage to be used soon.


  • Searched few mainstream & private school for Hanafi’s Year 1 schooling session next year should our plan to continue homeschooling unsuccessful. We are waiting for full report and recommendation from Hanafi’s Child Psychologist and Paeditrician.That would be used for backup when we apply relief of mainstream school and submit homeschool proposal to the Ministry of Education.
  • Original plan after that we supposed to head to Pusat Sains Negara but hubby suggested movie. Went to The Curve, I was totally crushed when Alice In Wonderland is no longer showing. As two plans backfired, the next best thing to do was haunting the MPH Bookstore. Finally got MPH Kidz Card for Hanafi and as always I can’t resist not to grab few books. Was in jumping joy finally found The EcoKids Books written by our dear Malaysian writer & famous hostess, Asha Gill.Shall review on these EcoKids books soon.

Since Hanafi can read very well in Bahasa Malaysia now, I made a promise to him to get him more BM books. But, unfortunately, there’s very limited choices so got him 2 books on Story of Nabi-Nabi. For Baby Hambali, I made such a great deal to get him book on Potty Story and after searched high and low for couple of hours, managed to find one. The book itself looks like potty seat, right? hahaha and, for both boys, more exposure on animals that lived in the jungle.

Later, late evening, after had our dinner, as usual Hanafi will attend his e-Nopi Maths Class and to fill in the 1 hour gap, we brought Baby Hambali to Sunway Giza.

Papa could not resist to buy both boys identical Pyjamas with embossed lettering splashed across the chest “I Love Dad”. As for myself, as I wanted to show dear hubby The Art Workshop store, we headed there and as always, I would found myself lost in the world of Art & Craft, second-best after world of Books. Did I buy something? Hehehe..never leave Bookstore or Art & Craft store with empty hands. That’s Hanz alright!

Just coincidentally, different place and different time, but still on the same, day both boys of mine chose to ride the very same type of vehicle. The tractor!

Hanz’s : TGIF! I got loads and loads of obligations to accomplish.

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Homeschool 602 : Mengajar anak membaca pantas dengan e-Xra

e-Xra ialah singkatan untuk eclectic-Express reading approach dan boleh diterjemahkan sebagai pendekatan pengenalan silibik secara ekspres. Tanpa perlu mengeja, tanpa perlu mengenal abjad dan tanpa perlu membunyikan huruf, ia merupakan satu teknik membaca cepat melalui mengenal dan mengecam bunyi sukukata.

Kaedah ini telah diilham, ditulis dan disusun oleh Pn. Rohayati Haroun yang mempunyai kelulusan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains dari Kanada dan telah disemak oleh suaminya, Profesor Madya Dr. Mohamed Amin Embi, pensyarah dalam bidang TESL di Fakulti Pendidikan, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Keseluruhan pakej mengandungi beberap buah buku bacaan mengikut tahap kemahiran berperingkat, beberapa buah buku latihan menulis, buku panduan mengajar dan CD-rom interaktif untuk pengukuhan.

Untuk bacaan dalam bahasa Inggeris pula, e-Xra telah menggabungkan kedua-dua konsep phonics dan whole language approach.Pakej seperti bahasa Malaysia juga.

Kaedah e-Xra ini telah memenangi anugerah Rekacipta tahun 2003 dari Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi. Maklumat lanjut sila dapatkan di halaman web

Hanz’s Note : Sebelum mengajar Hanafi membaca dalam bahasa Malaysia, Hanafi telah lama didedahkan bermula dengan membaca bahasa Inggeris melalui kaedah penggunaan Whole Word Approach dengan buku-buku bersiri Ladybird, Peter & Jane dan disusuli dengan kaedah phonics.

Hanafi agak bermasalah dalam membaca dalam bahasa Malaysia pada peringkat permulaan semasa pernah ke sekolah tadika selama tiga bulan. Apabila telah diperkenalkan dengan kaedah e-Xra, sejak bulan April tahun lepas sehingga sekarang, alhamdulillah…Hanafi sudah boleh membaca dalam bahasa Malaysia dengan lancar. Sekarang ni dia dah kyusuk membaca buku cerita dan majalah kanak-kanak setelah amat yakin dengan kebolehannya. Me sendiri pernah mengikuti kursus cara menggunakan kaedah e-Xra ini anjuran pencipta kaedah ini sendiri. Sangat mengesyorkan pelaburan ini dibuat oleh ibu bapa dan tenaga pengajar.

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Where has gone our Sang Kancil and Nenek Kebayan?

Probably won’t be too much to state gone are the days where little children would gather in circle and completely entertained by the amusement of the story unfolds by a storyteller.

Back then, little children will never feel restless and bored by the absence of the picture & sound box as the sound they heard from is the sound of lively voices of the storyteller, narrates any legends and tall tales.

Can you still remember the story of Sang Kancil with Buaya or Sang Kancil with Monyet? How about Puteri Bongsu, Puteri Gunung Ledang where the Nenek Kebayan always appearing? We also have our own funny tales like Lebai Malang, Pak Pandir and the clever mischief boy Si Luncai.

Well, does your children know these figures and its tales? Guess they know well figures like Ben 10, B-Daman (SP?), Power Rangers and to the little girls, Disney Princess always win their hearts. Hemmm..well to them, who is Mahsuri and Badang anyway?

It is such a shame, the act of storytelling and the way we were being brought up knowing all those folk tales, legends is no longer pass down to the next generation. Instead, it is being replaced by Mother Goose, Hans Christian Andersen and Roald Dahl. We prefer getting them books by these authors rather seeking the original version of Sang Kancil stories.

I stumbled upon this book years ago when my eldest son, Hanafi was still a baby. Sadly, it is not written by Malaysian writers and the original version has been edited and it is different from the actual story I know. Anyway, at least there’s something, better than nothing.

It is kind of embarassing, that people from different cultures knows the stories of Sang Kancil. She even wrote a book about it. I found this when I attended her storytelling workshop year 2004. Glad that I had attended Cathy Spagnoli‘s workshop as she has provided tips and guidelines on becoming a professional storyteller. She herself is professional storyteller and tell stories for a living and she is so passionate about it.

Not long after that, I attended another storytelling workshop and she is professional as well and she was more close to home. Linda Fang, tells us magic stories of China and one of her books that I got is well written and worth to own it.

I love doing storytelling. Perhaps I might start a storytelling session or something like that…. What do you think?

I remembered that long ago, there’s one tv show, Cumi & Ciki if I’m not mistaken and there’s one segment on storytelling. If only this kind of show exist again. I mean it is good to educate the next generation about the beauty of storytelling and our heritage should be inherited by them. Not to be forgotten completely.

If you wonder why I emphasise so much about storytelling, do read up my previous chat =>
Storytelling : Benefits & ideas that parents must take note.

Hanz’s Note : I miss going to Jualan Gudang by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. There you can get plenty storybook of Malaysian folk tales. It’s too bad, that these kind of books is not so easily available at MPH or Kinokuniya Bookstores.

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The Hidden Messages We Give Our Children

Hanz’s Note : I am sharing an excerpt from my current book read, ‘The Natural Child’ by Jan Hunt (2001). Read on. And do ponder how true these situations are norm in our societies in the past & today.


What we say: “No more nursing. You’re too big for that now!”

What we think: “I’d like to continue, but I can’t stand all the criticism from my relatives.”

What the child thinks: “I’ve just lost the most important thing in my life, the long periods of cuddling & the food that felt best inside me. I must have done something terrible. I must be a terrible person.”

What we say 20 years later: “Why are you binging too much?”

Age Two

What we say: “You can’t come into our bed anymore. You won’t be lonely. Look, here’s a nice big teddy bear to keep you company!”

What we think: “Grandma thinks there’s something wrong with having you in our bedroom. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s more important for us to please her than to please you. Anyway, this teddy bear should make you happy.”

What the child thinks: “It isn’t fair! They get to cuddle with a real person. They don’t know me very well. They don’t care about my feelings. Oh well, at least they gave me this bear.”

What we say 20 years later: “I know you’re upset that Tom broke off with you, but is that any reason to overcharge your credit card like this? Will all this stuff make you feel better that someone left you? When did you become so materialistic?

Age Four

What we say : “You know you’re not supposed to hit your brother! I’ll give you a spanking you’ll never forget!”

What we think: “There must be a better way to handle this, but it’s what my dad did, so it must be right.”

What the child thinks: “I was so upset with my brother I hit him. Now, Dad is so upset with me for hitting, he’s hitting me. I guess it’s okay for adults to hit, but not for kids. I wonder what I should do when I get upset? Oh well, one of these days I’ll be an adult myself.”

What we say 20 years later : “Fight at college? Adults don’t hit people just because they’re upset. I never taught you to resort to violence!”

Age Six

What we say: “Well, this is a big day for you. Don’t be afraid. Just do everything your teacher says.”

What we think: “Please don’t embarrass me by acting up at school!”

What the child thinks: “But I’m afraid! I’m not ready to leave them for so many hours a day! They must be getting tired of me. Maybe if I do what the teacher says, they’ll like me better & let me stay home.”

What we say 20 years later: “What?! Your friends talked you into taking drugs? Do you do what everybody else tells you to do? Don’t you have a mind of your own?”

Age Eight

What we say : “Your teacher says you aren’t paying attention in class. How will you ever learn anything important?”

What we think: “If my kid never amounts to anything, I’ll feel like a failure.”

What the child thinks: “If I’m not interested in the things the teacher talks about, but I guess she knows best. The things that do interest me must not be important.”

What we say 20 years later : “You’re 28 years old & you still don’t know what you want to do with your life? Aren’t you interested in anything?”

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Do you read dictionary?

Yes or No? As for me, I would answer yes.

Probably you will think there’s something wrong with me somehow to think dictionary is readable…oh yes, dictionary is readable if you fancy language & into language.

Actually the first time I came across people who do read dictionary, I still remembered that I looked at her like she’s an alien from outer space. How could someone read dictionary? As far as I know then, dictionary is only for reference especially for words that you don’t understand so you will look up its meaning in there and simultaneously learn how to use the word.

What else is the use of dictionary?

That friend of mine cum my ex-teacher colleague claimed it is good to read dictionary. I don’t understand exactly how good it is only till I do it. Just so happened, two years back, my sister in law requested me to translate her Marriage Certificate from Malay to English as prerequisite in documents preparation before she’s leaving for UK to further her Doctorates.

Translating English to Malay is not a problem to me but vice versa, that was my very first time & I lack the confidence on able to do it well. Besides, it’s a Marriage Cetificate, you know Sijil Nikah, so few terms you have to be like ensure it is correct and transmit it’s true meaning. Or else, misleading information would get my sister in law into trouble.

Try to look back at your ‘Sijil Nikah’ and try to translate it into English.

I took the ‘challenge’ (ahem), lurve to challenge myself, so in order to do it well, I started to read the dictionary. That’s how I found there are many words that peolpe hardly used and it should be used to express what message or information you want to convey be it in writing or speech.

It is fun! Try it! Perhaps you might consider getting a new hobby for this year and why not dictionary reading?

Take the challenge! Try to make a sentence from the following words…(words that I find it interesting..just up to letter H only…)

abeyance – temporary disuse; suspension

betwixt – between

condone – forgive, overlook

dotage – feeble-minded senility

enigma – puzzling person or thing

flabbergast – overwhelm with astonishment

glee – mirth, lively delight

hauteur – haughtiness

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I want to be Enid Blyton

I owe too much to Enid Blyton for making me falling in love with reading & books.

Pics source : google

I still remembered my elder sister well-kept those only 3 Enid Blyton books bought by our father and being the youngest in the family and at the age of preschooler, I did got intimidated by the English language but not to develop the pre-interest to read in that language one day.

My sister told me that one day I can & manage to read it well and yes, she’s right.

I totally enjoyed it and wanted more.

Only after became a mother of two boys, I managed to purchase the above books to be included in my books’ collections.

I was fascinated with the Faraway Tree & Wishing Chair. I did’nt got the chance to keep the book since it belonged to my friend last time and now only I must obtained them not only for the sake of memories.Additionally, I still love having the feeling of sort of being kidnapped to the far away lands!

Long ago I had to save my school’s allowances and only after some time it was enough for me to buy any Enid Blyton books that I fancy for one or two.I could’nt & did’nt dared to ask my dad to buy me a story book. There were seven of us & dad was the only breadwinner of our family and though my mom did few odd jobs to earn extra money, living as simple as we could it’s the way we being brought up.

I have a friend who managed to supply me Enid Blyton books at slightly lower price compared with then current price market.So, what I did when I quite satisfied with the current Enid Blyton books & had read it over & over again, I sold it back.These way, I was able to read more & more & yes, I managed to finish the whole series of Secret Seven, Famous Five, Five Find-Outers & the dog, Mallory Towers series, St Clare series and lots of Fairy Tales in Enid Blyton versions.

I was totally awed with Enid Blyton’s ability on able to capture reader’s heart. Her writings uplifting and you incidentally forget in which world you belongs to. If it is an adventure book you are reading, as you go along you feels as if you are having the adventure as well. If it is a mystery book, as the plot thickens, you found that you could not help yourself to solve the mystery too. If it is just simply a fairy tale with pixies, gnomes, elves, fairies and goblins, you wish this kind of world does exist and you are the part of it.

The famous Famous 5 Series. Secret Seven Series. The Five Find-Outers & the dog Series. Mallory Towers Series. St Clare Series.The Naughtiest Girl Trilogies.Amelia Jane Trilogies.

Those are among the BOOKS written by the late Enid Blyton that I simply never got tired to read & reread.Books that hard to put down once I’m reading it.

I love Enid Blyton.

I love writing. If one day I am going to be an author of published story book, I just hope that I have multiplying abundance of creativity just like her.

Enid Blyton was my childhood heroine.

And, she still is.

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