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Backup Blog "Find The White Rabbit" Party

We were there last Saturday at Subang Square around 3.00 pm. AliceWonders had this “Find The White Rabbit” event, whereby 3 Lucky attendees could walk away with Free Bag from Alice Hearts Collection.Loads of AliceWonders’s bags was on sale!

Ming from Malaysian Dream Girl season 2 were there & me had a moment of posing with her.She’s the one who modeled those AliceWonders bags!

“She’s adorable, ain’t she?

As Farah & I had set up our date, we had fun with the ‘Treasure Hunt’ but luck were not on our side. Lepak-ing for some time & while wondering where on earth was Lyna, she arrived finally.

Farah, me & Mommy Lyna

After the three of us parted, initially, me suggested to hubby to head to Subang Parade but then remembered about the WatchShoppe Voucher, so we headed Tropicana City Mall instead.

Baby Hambali was so sleepy….

A new organic product is just entering the Malaysian market and here me showing my support on eco-friendly products.

He, boys were getting grumpy…

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TheHoneybunch Marketplace is here for you!!!


Please make way & welcome the launching of my so-called Blogshop! hahaha..

I’ve created this “to-sell-things” blog since August this year but only, finally materialise it almost beginning of November. Lots of books, some maternity wear & nursing wear, some baby items & other stuff as well.

Just go to
or click here =>
TheHoneybunch Marketplace

Please….a lot of hiccups & nitty-gritty stuff is still under the way. Nevertheless, it is ready for you and do take note all items I have posted up to this point is preloved. When I said preloved, meaning that I took care of ‘them’ with tender loving care.

Rest assured, I am letting it go as some I believe needs a new home & can benefit others & as for the clothing..I outgrew them (ahem..I lose weight).

More items even new items will be announce from time to time and in fact I will offered few services that I am capable of (credential & gift from Allah). Just stay tuned, ya!

Psssttt…I offered price as low as RM 3.00. Tak mau ka? :>

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Cloth Diaper for Sale!

Hi All! I am letting go all these diapers as they are in wrong sizing for Baby Hambali. Barely wear on Hambali as I found they looked ‘funny’ on him. Besides, want to make room for new size diapers. Baby Hambali is upsizing most of his CDs now…All prices stated already inclusive shipping price (RM 5.00) Details as follows:-


Original price : RM 75.00
Size : XL
Colour : Light Blue
Letting go at RM 50.00 only
Note : This is trim & fit style of diaper.
If your baby is on L size for other brand either pocket or AIO,
this one will fit nicely.

Mommy’s Touch Easy Clean One-Size Pocket

Original price : RM 67.00
Letting go at RM 40.00 only
Colour : Magenta
Note : Insert not included.

Wonder Works One-Size Pocket

Original price : About RM 50.00 above
Colour : Light soft green
Letting go at RM 30.00 only
Note : Insert is not included.

Special price: Buy all 3, pay only RM 110.00.

Interested buyer, kindly email me at

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What’s in your bag?

Yesterday, we chatted about tudung. Today, let’s chat about bag.

(Nak raya ni…dah beli beg raya ker belum? :> Me dah awal2 sambar satu from Alice Wonders!)

This is my bag. The bag that I bring to work & even to certain outing. Got it from Alice Wonders. That design is no longer available in Alice Wonders.

It is roomy enough for me to dump many, many, things inside.

Those are ‘things’ that you can find in my bag. Hemm…let’s see..what are those..

Wallet (purse), coin purse, glasses + case + contact lense case, solution, camera (not in pic coz i’m using it-lah), camera battery charger, pendrive, small powerful torchlight, small umbrella, old Nokia phone, phone charger, few make-up (a must), cloth wipes + case, small black notebook, pen, rolled-up reusable shopping bags (two of them in medium sized is a must), name card holder, sunglasses, sweets (munchies), keys, pursehook, blotter, balm, book or novel (me left the current reads at home so the mag is substitute & mask! (H1N punyer penangan da…)

If me out with the boys for short trip, that bag can even hold additional 1 to 2 Baby Hambali’s CD & 1 extra clothing, just in case.

Hemmm…currently Alice Wonders is having Unbirthday Party! Woo-hoo! And, I’m eyeing these bags…..

Me been thinking to get a lighter shade rather maintaining black, brown & red for a bag! (But the 3s are my favourite colours for my appearance attire!)

Nak ubah image, kan? Ahaks!

So, what’s in your bag?

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Preloved Diapers for Grab! Itti Bitti D’Lish SIO & BBH Minkee Magic [SOLD]

Baby Hambali can’t fit Medium size anymore. With so much reluctance, I need to let go these two favourite CD of mine & getting Large size. Already gotten Large size for Itti Bitti SIO & need to place order soon for L size of BBH Magic-Alls AIO Minkee with Snaps. These two diapers very gently used & only used once a week at night. A good horsemanship diaper for nightime, last approximately 12 hours for my Medium-Wetter baby.Both diapers bought last May, so more or less you can say that both been using not more than 15 times! Honest! 😀

You can check my previous review on these two diapers HERE.

BabyBeehinds Minkee Magic All-In One (with Snaps)
(click here to go to manufacturer & infos)

Medium Size. Chocolate Colour.
Insert Bamboo Booster for Absorbency.
Retail Price :- RM 79.00
Letting go at RM 65.00
Shipping :-RM 3

Itti Bitti D’lish Snap In One
(click here to go to Manufacturer & Infos)

Medium size. Purple Colour.
Retail Price :- RM 92.00
Letting go at RM 77.00
Shipping :- RM 3.00

Offer :
Take both CDs,
just spend RM 140.00.
Save RM2 & free shipping! Hurry!

Update : Both diapers sold to Faridah. Thank you.

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Charm Striking-Mission-Accomplished Header

I am FULLY SATISFIED! Thanks to Mama Emma.

If you feel like giving some face lifting, eh silap, I mean blog lift-up, contact Mama Emma kay. She can provide satisfying cun punyer makeup blog. 😛

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