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Got RM30? Go shop for these Mother & Baby Stuff!!

Range from Cloth Diaper (Newborn, OS Pocket, Cover) to Maternity
& Nursing Wear, each item is less than RM 30!!!!

TheHoneyBunch Marketplace

Got RM30? <= click here

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Updated : Baby Hambali dah taknak cloth diaper ni so nak letgo murah jer

Yang kuning, brand Crazy Momy,
yang biru brand Fuzzibunz.
Updated : Crazy Momy Valentine Heart
Tiga-tiga jenis ONESIZE POCKET

Sebab apa nak let go:
1. Baby Hambali dah tak muat daa..ngam2 gitu..walaupun dua-dua CD ni onesize, agak ketat kat peha, peha Baby Hambali peha ‘drumstick KFC’.. ;-P~~

2. Mama Baby Hambali tengah meroyan cari CD jenis fitted, mentang-mentanglah nak mencuba wool soaker & longies, kan..

3. Baby Hambali sekarang dah ada taste! Nak CD yang cantik2 jer, tak mainlah yang colour plain, kalau nak pakai yang colour2 plain ni tunggu time dia tidur ker, mamai ker..jadi, Mamanyer tengah gigih kumpul CD yang funky print, hari2 buat homework research, tak kisahlah brand new ker, preloved ker, janji sedap mata memandang dek mata Baby Hambali.

4. Mama Baby Hambali dah letih masukkan insert dalam poket, jadi suka yang jenis AIO..

5. Baby Hamabli pun dah beransur-ansur potty ni, skarang masih tahap ajar dia kasi tahu dia poo-poo & pergi toilet & tanggal seluar & CD sendiri, jadi lambat-laun CD nyer pun akan di-letgo..yang akan disimpan mana yang sayang jer..hehehe..

Cukuplah 5 sebab tu..mesti nak tahu me nak let go brapa?

Yang kuning tu RM15 jer…yang biru tu RM 60 jer…tiga2 ada insert Onesize tau. Yang Valentine Heart tu pulak RM20 jer.
Harga asal yang Crazy Momy tu RM 48, yang Fuzzibunz tu RM 85.00 dan yang Crazy Momy Valentine Heart tu RM 60.

Kalau amik tiga-tiga, FREE SHIPPING. Kalau amik satu atau dua jer, tambahlah RM 3 lagi untuk registered delivery….

Tak cukup insert? Ada insert NEW & dah PREP-WASH dua kali..Terus-terang cakap, insert jenis ni payah cari..bukan jenis microfibre tapi jenis HEMP, brand GAD & onesize insert ni, sangat bagus pakai malam2…Boleh baca my sharing pasal insert jenis ni kat SINI. <= klik

Letting go RM25 jer..kalau kedai jual RM28 tau.. Amik dua2, FREE SHIPPING!


Ada sedikit selingan..buku-buku ni pun nak di-let-go…tak laratlah nak simpan..infact ada lagi buku dalam kotak yang belum dipunggah untuk ditimbang-tara nak simpan atau nak let-go.

  • Novel Original oleh HM Tuah Iskandar
  • 100 Soal Jawab Psikologi Anak (reserved by Farah)
  • Fine Things by Danielle Steele

Setiap satu RM 10 jer. Jauh lebih murah dari harga asal…buku masih elok, buku psikologi tu siap berbalut lagi… Ambil sumer, FREE SHIPPING. Kalau nak ambil satu atau dua jer, tambah RM 5 untuk registered delivery.

Hanz’s Note : Alhamdulillah, sejak ada blogshop ni, boleh tahan sambutan yang diberikan…why? Cuba tanya mereka yang pernah buy from me…kalau nak tahu cubalah beli satu..hehehe…one thing for sure, my preloved items sangat murah & still in good condition. :D

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Baby Stuff On Sale!!!

Cooler Bag to transport EBM, Baby Food Chopper, Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, Drink Box Holder & Cloth Diapers for you on sale!!

(except the 3 cloth diapers are preloved)

Details….please visit my blogshop.


For details on the Bumkins ‘Cat In The Hat’ AIO CD &
GAD Onesize Hemp Insert
, visit THIS

Portrait Sketching, Translation, Storytelling,
Reading Tutorial, Arty-Crafty & Preloved Items
are available at TheHoneybunch Marketplace

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An exhausted yet fulfilling Storyteller : 1SK-Bling Lustre Family Day

I am aching all over. Yesterday, call in sick & today back to routine of 9-6. Another mundane day.
It was great having the opportunity to put me back in action especially on the Mother’s Day itself. The Storyteller in me just awaken!! Pretty nervous okay, I got butterflies in my stomach before the performance, I did’nt even practiced, only the night before the actual event, I managed to prepare my props and voila! I gave my best shot, though I missed my lines, there’s one part where I supposed to tell the sailor boy supposed to take off his shirt and pant as the day was hot and then got to find his ‘origami’ shirt floating nearby but I slotted that to the end, yadda, yadda…

Thanks so much Lyna & the gang for giving me this opportunity to hold my storytelling session. And, best of all thanks to Kak Nur & Dian.. You ladies are rock! Such a great teamwork I had last Sunday. Without them, definitely will put me to tears of panic attack.

From my observation, the kids were enjoying the colouring session, but they were overwhelmed and tempted with the felt craft too….hahaha…and when the Storyteller, yours truly started to tell a story, alhamdulillah, they were in attentive mode though I suspected it’s quite difficult for them to understand. I told a story not in their mother’s tongue, hope the song, the action, the props able to assist the understanding part.

But, to wrap the whole session, I truly enjoyed the origami. Folding a square recycled paper to transform into a fish must have been a great experience for the kids. Hope they will be able to remember the steps as it is actually very easy!

I was unable to visit other session or visit other booths as I have to man the upper floor since indoor activity was under my care together with Kak Nur & Dian. Pretty sad as I look forward for the Bengkel Ikatan Tudung. Anyway, I’m truly glad to meet Coachsha again as I knew she will be there.Make it a point to clear few lingered questions that hubby & me had in mind about homeschooling. After her much assurance, we felt relieved and more motivated ever than before to continue Homeschool our eldest boy.

(L-r)Su, me, Nia, Lily, Anna, Dian, Fid, Sharina & Tifa

It was great to team-up again with MBP team-mates Ambassadors though we manned different tasks like Nia, Lily, and Fid, Tifa, even Juan who dropped by and of course not forgetting K.Ros. And meet again blogger friends like Azza, Shila, Sumi, Isabelle & Fathinz, who came all the way from Seremban. Also, make new friends.

Sue & Me

And, the best part I finally meet my old friends, way back in studies days in UiTM, Sue. Sue was also my ex-roommates. Hehehe..sorry Sue, unable to chit-chat with you.

Isabelle, Nad & me

And oh, finally met Nadnye. I can’t believe she is she. Petite and sweet, thought she was somebody else.

To anyone that I did’nt mentioned here, please forgive me. I was in chaostic of managing my stuff.And, I did’nt stay till the end.Rushed to MIL’s house about 5 something. Of all the day, SILS’s made some eating treat among us, so when we headed there, I was already in sleepy mode and throbbing pain in my head. The heat caught me again.

Hanz’s Note : All in all, thanks for all the parents and the kids for the Storytelling Session though I must admit a bit chaos on the registration part as some just leave their kids behind and did’nt approached us confirming on the attendance. We believe that due to the fact that it was raining and some took a shelter inside or went inside to get some rest and place to lepak-ing. :>

P/S : I’m such a bad blogger. Did’nt pass camera to hubby & unable to snap pictures on my own though I brought it. All pictures above courtesy of my dear blogger posse. Huhu..thanks friends!

Portrait Sketching, Translation, Storytelling,
Reading Tutorial, Arty-Crafty & Preloved Items

are available at TheHoneybunch Marketplace

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You are invited to 1Superkids-MBP Family Day on this Mother’s Day

(STICKY MODE till 8th May, 2010)

It’s happening! Special tribute on Mother’s Day & the whole family can enjoy it too. Oh, even if you are still single-mingle, no need to worry because plenty other activities will be there for you.

Get more details => HERE
And, if you have more Qs, perhaps THIS <= will be helpful.

If you want special doorgift sponsored by Maybelline, Bling Auto Care, Bling-Bling Rhinestone & Chantek2, do register fast. Only 100 Registration is eligible for this Special Door Gift.
Send your registration to : OR email to

And, if you want to squeeze a bit of Lady Luck to your side, submit this Lucky Draw Form at the Registration Counter. You can print this invitation card from HERE.

By the way, Hanz (yup, that’s me alright) will do interactive Storytelling & Origami session for Kids & my friend, Norlie will do Felt Craft Activity.

Send in your child’s registration and do tell your child’s age
for Storytelling + Origami to
=> thehoneybunch[at]

(Just for 7 years old and below)

Send in your child’s registration and do tell your child’s age
for Felt Craft Art to
=> nuradyani_rosly[at]

(Just for 8 years old and above)

Both activities are eligible to receive goodie bags from Playhouse Disney while stocks last and it is totally zero fee.

Hanz’s : Pssttt..this event is covered by Media, attended by Celebrities Bloggers, wholesome activities for all, even for Daddies.With free food and chances to win some prize, what’s more could you ask for?

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Cloth Diaper, Insert & Leggings for sale!

Hop over to my blogshop and see what I have to offer at bargain price!

Hanz’s : I have few more baby items & toys want to let it go. Baby Food Chopper (never used), Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder (never used) & drink box holder (like Dwinx box) (never used also) and some toys. Anybody interested? Will post picture and details to my blogshop soon.

Portrait Sketching, Translation, Storytelling,
Reading Tutorial, Arty-Crafty & Preloved Items
are available at TheHoneybunch Marketplace

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Hanz is ready to take Portrait Sketching Order now

I am pleased to announce that I am ready to accept order on Portrait Sketching as the day I am announcing it today. Good for own memorial collection, gift, home decor or whatever you like. Sketching quality as on image sample.

Your portrait will be drawn up to your selection either on full A4 size drawing paper or on full size A3 drawing paper. Medium is only available in black and white. Finish drawing will also be laminated.

Service charge is as follows :

A3 Size : RM 40
(maximum number of face is 2.
Additional face will be charge RM 3/per face.)

A4 Size : RM 30
(maximum number of face is 2.
Additional face will be charge RM 3/per face.)

Upon order you need to send to me your own photo by email. You’ll be given a copy of portrait by email attachment to finalise. I only allow one time editing and editing more than once will be chargeable accordingly. Final sketch item will be sent by post. Please allow 3 weeks for sketching and delivery (bear with me since I am full-time-working mother).

You can make the payment via bank transfer and delivery can be arrange by post or by hand (subject to location mentioned at the sidebar) Customer has to bare the Postage charge and the cost will be inform later depending on recipient address. If interested please visit my blogshop.

WARNING : Obscene or image that is controversial
will automatically not be entertained.

Portrait Sketching, Translation, Storytelling,
Arty-Crafty, Reading Tutorial & Preloved Items
are available at TheHoneybunch Marketplace

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Please take this diapers from me


Help me getting some fund to acquire more training pants for Baby Hambali & I help you by getting these excellent used condition (EUC) preloved diapers at very cheap price! They are Bum Genius 3.0 (Blue & Green), Baby Kangas (Orange) & Rumparooz (Lavender) All are One Size Pocket CDs. They can fit any brand or any type of insert either sized one or the onesize one.

All these four well-reviewed & recommended brand CDs is for you only at RM 150.00 with free shipping! (Insert is optional, with or without, price remains the same). If it totally brand new, these four diapers will cost you RM 295.00

These is final offer. Hurry!

Strictly applies to Malaysian residences only!!
Hanz’s : I got too many pocket CDs & has develop the liking for AIO and AI2 & been buying & oogling training pants too! Plus, been thinking to try again fitted & with a wool longies….

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Are you Cloth Diapering or going to do so?

Are you Nursing Moms currently or about to be?

Are you Babywearing or soon to do that?

Do you plan to establish Baby Sign to your child?

My parenting journey especially to Baby Hambali is taking the next stage. Talk about Cloth Diapering, slowly and sadly, I will part with his Cloth Diapers bit by bit and only keep those that I refused to let go (auuwww!!). I have been investing for some training pants, saving some CDs that has proven works for nighttime splendidly and been eyeing this new brand of pull-up cloth diaper that suits for potty training. hehehe…..

Babywearing wise, he’s more mobile, refused to forever being carried unless he’s sleepy or just want some cuddling so the SSC is frequently used and those Ring Slings has been neglected.

Baby Sign, he’s far off adding more and more and I’m getting the Potty Training Kit by Baby Sign pretty soon and believe this tool would be useful to other parents and needs a new home rather being neglected. We’re memorized almost all the signs features in this book and besides, I have another book on Baby Sign as well.

And, Breastfeeding, those blouses is too loose for me now and off late, I prefer to use Jacket or Cardigan or Vest when I’m nursing him in public.

All items above are best offer to you at very, very low price. You won’t get this kind of price at others. To see what I meant, hop over to my Blogshop =>TheHoneybunch Marketplace

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TheHoneybunch Marketplace will be offering…..




I tremble a bit (debar-debar ni) to announce my next step towards fulfilling my WAHM dreams.

Remember this?

Do you remember this chat? => Portrait Sketching Theraphy that I love

(take a peek!)

Well, for a start for my next giveaway & the 1st 2010 Giveaway, one of the prizes that will presented by TheHoneybunch Giveaway is that I will sketch the portrait, chosen by the Grand Prize Winner for free. (of course-lah dah hadiah).

Simultaneously, this portrait sketching is another product, whereby more like a service that is available by my tiny, humbly blogshop, TheHoneybunch Marketplace
. At this moment, there’s only preloved books and educational videos available there. More products and services will be coming soon so stay tune!

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