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LampinKain Giveaway

Another locally-made cloth diaper, proudly manufactured all in Malaysia. 2 years has been operating and now, more add-on nice printed cloth diapers are available, thus LampinKain is holding it’s first giveaway to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary.

I’m joining in just in the nick of time as today, is the last day of this giveaway. So, what’s the prizes?

They are :
1st Place – 1 LampinKain OS Pocket Diaper – print of your choice (in-stock)
2nd Place – 1 LampinKain OS Pocket Diaper – solid color of your choice (in-stock)
3rd Place – RM50 Voucher for purchases at

For more details of this giveaway, hop-on to :

And to visit LampinKain online store, hop-on to :

Also, LampinKain’s blog, just hop-on to :

Hanz’s : I’m wishing to be the lucky ones. Support Malaysian-made products! Yeah!!!

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Review on Bamboolite Fitted Cloth Diaper

Note :
On the left side is CM TrueFit Fitted Lite – Velcro Closure
(suitable for daytime use and light-wetter)
On the right side is CM TrueFit Fitted Premium – Snap Closure
(suitable for nightime use, outings and heavy-wetter)

What I Like : Made from bamboo fabric mostly as the name goes by, this cloth diaper is very, very soft to baby’s skin. It’s an answer for solution of nappy rash for some babies.

This is the second brand of fitted type that I try
and the fact it is locally made (manufactured in China), I have to say that it is satisfying. Thumbs up for manufacturer of Bamboolite as making fitted type of cloth diapers available in Malaysia, as locally-made fitted is hard to come by. Absorption wise is good for medium-wetter like my lil tot, Hambali and both have been used for nighttime, approximately 8 to 10 hours, despite only prep washed twice for both types and are soaking wet aftr usage, no leaking and no fussiness from my Hambali and does not disrupt his sleeping because of wetness. It just feels slightly damp to his skin, which is very natural to him as he has been cloth almost his entire life. It is quite generous in size too, ample room for chunky thigh baby like Hambali.

I was a bit skeptical of the form of this diaper as fitted with pocket is quite unlikely for the acceptable form of fitted. Somehow, that’s the beauty of it because you can opt either to put the soaker inside the pocket or just lay in. Only then the microfiber side, do ensure that it does not touching the baby’s skin. In a way you can customise the absorption by how you fold the soaker or to add on booster. The array of colours provided are eye-catching too. It is worth your money definitely.

What I dislike : It takes a bit long to dry both soaker and shell (outer). The setting of size as it is onesize type using the elastic band method may be quite confusing for newbies but on the other hand, without row of snaps for size setting, this cloth diaper has a clean finishing.

Obtain from : Going Green Biz

Also available at :, Lovely Goody and of course from the manufacturer itself,

Disclaimer : Reviews based on personal usage to my lil toddler. Not a paid reviews or Advertorial Chat.

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17 Public Holidays all year round

Have you apply your Raya leaves? I just did & so the rest of Muslims in the office.

Looks like the non-Muslim will be bekerja keras during the off-day period especially staff like hubs, getting a long break like this is very hard to come by.

Eih, do u all know this 16th of September has been announced officially as public holiday? It’s the Malaysian day. Alamak!!I may be the last person to know this. Sungguh ketinggalan zaman.

So, me & my collegue was making a joke that Malaysians are proud of their holidays. We calculated the total public holidays we entitled are 17!! The Selangor-lah… 🙂

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Cloth Diaper paling mahal pernah kubeli

Ini entri poyo.

Sila abaikan kepoyoan ku itewz tapi sebaliknya
nikmatilah pemandangan yang mengasyikkan ini…..

Pemandangan belakang CD

Pemandangan hadapan CD

Pemandangan di dalam CD

Cloth Diaper ni selamat tiba dipangkuanku 20 minit yang lalu, ditempah khas daripada obersea. Jenis AIO, maksudnya pakai macam pempers pakai buanglah, takyah masukkan insert bagai, bezanya tak buanglah selepas dipakai dengan jayanya oleh anakandaku, Hambali. Oh, tak tahan tengok kecomelan sulaman tiga ekor muka kucing tu dan kelembutan dan kegebuan CD ni…Rega CD termasuk kos penghantaran, menghampiri angka RM 140 tunai.

Hanz’s : Orang lain sibuk cari baju raya tapi mama Hambali dah bekalkan CD raya untuk si-Hambali.
Mama Hambali,”Adik, pakai CD ni dari hari raya pertama sampai hari raya ketiga, tau!”

Sengal! ;P

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Do you want to leave a bad memory of yourself?

Salam Friday, everyone! How’s your puasa today? It’s almost the end of the week and as Friday is a good day, some thoughts to ponder, me want to share. something. Read on…

Thanks to Facebook, we are reconnected with old friends. One of my ex-classmates of Year 6, SRK Taman Melawati, (boy, that would be 22 years ago!) has uploaded our class picture and tagged us including myself. And among our reminiscing the good old days were how FIERCE our class teacher!

In fact, surprisingly, few of our friends vividly recalled this one incident which just so happen, happened to the late Haslizam, our friends who passed away recently in a car accident. The horrid incident that took place 22 years ago was that Allahyarham Haslizam’s father had hit a boy on his bike and unfortunately the little boy died. Our nasty class teacher scolded Allahyarham telling the whole class about the unfortunate accident and saying that his father is a very bad person. How could she? That was an accident!! And, how could she scolded the innocent child of the unfortunate man? The father definitely don’t want that thing to happen and the child don’t deserve to be treated that way because of his father!

All of us exchanged stories about our class teacher, on how she like to spank the boys and spoke nastily to the girls. I, myself can even remembered that she called one of our classmates, ‘Bodoh’ when she could’nt do the sum on the blackboards. And, I also remembered that she said those girls involved in school’s choir and missed classes because of choir practices will failed their UPSR. How wrong she was!!! I’ve united with my Year 6 Classmates, almost all of them, and those girls that she talked bad are now successful in their own respective careers.

A teacher is suppose to lead and pour knowledge and wisdom wholeheartedly and in return, received good deeds in life hereafter. But with this kind of teacher that me and my friends used to have, I wonder whether she are living peacefully and contented or not with the life she’s having now?

Hanz’s : The moral value of the story, as long as you live, make friends, no enemies and do good deeds onto others as we want people to remember you because of your good deeds not the bad trails you leave behind.

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What have you accomplished from your blog, Hanz?

An impromptu writing, a blast of idea flows in after settling office issue just few minutes ago. Read on… :)

230 followers, or I fondly refer as Chit-Chatters. Wow! But, I think I only know a quarter of them either by blogwalking or peeping. This needs to be improved! :)

452 postings for the duration of 1 year, 8 months and 22 days. Used to update blog as I feel that I want to but I think since this year, or was it few months last year I promised myself to update daily except weekends.

I started this blog with the standard blogspot template, then thanks to MomBloggersPlanet, with great support from hubs, he did the next template and after I received feedbacks that my blog quite heavy, I go with the simplest & less colours yet the trademark of Hanz @ TheHoneybunch remain. This is what you see now.

I have launched 4 Giveaways so far, 2 of them related each of my boy’s birthday, and the other two related with this blog. The 3rd and just recently over received generous sponsorships and I felt blessed. And the best part is knowing that others enjoyed receiving the gifts as much as I enjoyed giving them

I have made great friends via this blog and went many great events too.I wish I could be more active like attending birthday parties and not frequently fall in sick whenever I want to fullfill the invitation. My health really needs lots of improvements.

For the fun of it and the prizes offered, I had won several blog contests as well.

This blog made me focus in life somehow as the passions motivates me to do more onto others and the best give that I can ever received when anybody either friends or total strangers but silent readers of my blog told me that from my blog, they learnt something or they decided to change something and it is proven that it works well for them. Another friend just shared this in her blog and I am so happy for her. (You know who you are) Wink! :)

What else? Oh, about the monetary side of it. Oh….this really, really needs to improve.

That’s all I can think of. And I am glad to state to others that I am a blogger and I enjoy of being one! ;D

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Renungan untuk ibu bapa, buatlah perbandingan

Sekadar renungan…peringatan untuk diri ini dan rakan-rakan juga, cetusan dari layanan pemikiran dan hati yang berkata-kata…

Kita boleh menghias diri dengan segala pakaian yang cantik dari butik dan aksesori memikat tapi kita sanggup lihat anak kita pakai baju dari pasar malam (contohnya)?
(Hanz’s : Pernah saksi dengan mata sendiri seorang ibu kelihatan bergaya dengan baju lip-lap dan tudung lilit-melilit ditambah dengan mekap yang tebal tapi tiga orang anaknya berpakaian tidur yang sangat lusuh dan selekeh)

Kita boleh berbelanja beg, kasut, mekap dan keperluan diri berjenama mahal beratus-ratus malah beribu-ribu ringgit tapi kenapa kita lokek nak berbelanja untuk pendidikan anak-anak yang nilainya menyamai atau hampir sama dengan perbelanjaan diri sendiri?
(Hanz’s : Ada orang tak sanggup nak buat ansuran melabur alat pembelajaran contohnya set eksikopledia buat anak-anak tapi beli rantai emas, sanggup pula bayar ansuran)

Kita boleh seronok menjamah makanan bufet di hotel lima bintang atau di restoran mahal-mahal dan kita tayang dekat blog kita yang kita pergi menjamu selera di situ tapi sewaktu kita menyuapkan nasi ke mulut, ada teringat tak anak di bawah jagaan orang lain, makan apa hari ini?
(Hanz’s : Ada kawan yang memang bawa anak dia makan bersama dan berkongsi dengan anak kemewahan dan rezeki yang ada bukannya biarkan anak hanya bergantung makan di taska tapi kita makan sedap-sedap.)

Kita boleh beli makanan tambahan dan segala jenis vitamin untuk diri sendiri tapi kenapa kita kurang peka menaik taraf makanan anak-anak sebagai contoh makanan yang bagus untuk otak dan tumbesarannya?

Kita boleh bersekang mata bawa balik kerja pejabat semata-mata nak meet deadline tapi kenapa kita tak boleh luangkan masa sejam dua dengan anak untuk mengajar dia perkara yang baru dan isi masa kualiti bersama?

Kita boleh aktif berpersatuan, pergi sana sini sampai ceruk rantau pun kita rajin menjengah tapi kenapa kita berat hati nak bawa anak bersama dan lebih rela anak dijaga oleh orang lain walau waktu itu adalah hari kita tak bekerja pun?
(Hanz’s : Kalau ada pembantu rumah buat segala sampaikan anak tidur dengan pembantu rumah, tak terlintas ker di hati tahap keakraban kita dengan anak?)

Hanz’s : Hakikatnya bila dah jadi ibu bapa, keperluan dan keadaan anak-anak mendahului keperluan diri sendiri tapi tidak dinafikan ada segelintir yang kadang-kadang alpa. Renung-renungkanlah..

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Tips bersopan-santun di alam siber

Tak kira kita guna yang mana satu, emel ker, blog ker, facebook ker..perlulah prihatin tentang tatasusila supaya kita nampak beretika, profesional dan yang paling penting orang tak pandang serong atau anggap kita biadap pula. Berikut tips yang me nak kongsi bersama.


1. Bezakan penggunaan TO, CC dan BCC. Kalau kita nak hantar email secara rawak / mass mail, jangan letak semua emel address di kolum TO dan CC. Guna bcc tanda kita hormat privasi email empunya diri. Kalau tak, itu sebablah terjadi, spamming, forward mails dan e-mel yang selayaknya masuk trash. Tak semua orang suka email address dia digunakan sewenang-wenangnya. Kalau nak berniaga sekalipun, buatlah dengan cara betul. Si penerima mesti tertanya-tanya, daripada mana orang ni kutip email address aku? Aku kenal dia pun tidak? Oh, annoying sugguh dapat email guna taktik kotor sebegini.

2. Kalau kali pertama hantar email, cuba dapatkan juga nama si penerima even dia guna nama manja sekalipun, kita boleh ‘address’ dia dengan nama tu. Elakkan guna perkataan macam ‘Dear Blogger'(sungguh kurang sopan! me pernah terima emel cenggini) atau langsung tak letak nama. At least, kita cuba dapatkan department / jabatan yang berkenaan atau paling last option, “To Whom It May Concern”

3. Banyak orang lupa fungsi title / subject email. Kadang-kadang content email tak menepati lansung title emel especially emel yang forwarded ni. Kalau nak forward emel berilmu dan berkongsi sekalipun, deletelah dulu, content yang tak berkenaan kalau tak sampai nak scroll penjang-lebar, harunya!


1. SHOUTBOX DALAM BLOG BUKAN KAUNTER PERTANYAAN. Biasanya shoutbox, blogger guna nak tinggal pesanan atau beritahu dia ada menyinggah, bertanya khabar atau ada juga yang guna untuk meniaga. Tapi kena hormatlah empunya blog tu. Kalau dah terang-terang blogger tu dah stated kat situ jangan spam shoutbox dia dengan iklan, janganlah buat. Dan biarlah berikhlas dengan tinggal blog url atau emel.
(Hanz’s : Me tak balas komen lebih-lebih lagi pertanyaan kat shoutbox. Me lebih suka, membalas kunjungan. Apa guna me taip panjang-lebar kat blog tapi sedikit komen pun tak boleh nak tinggal tapi lebih suka treat my shoutbox macam kaunter pertanyaan? Please respect my blog & my shoutbox!)

2. Kalau kita nak follow sesuatu blog tu, amatlah bagus kalau kita introduce diri kita pada tuan punya blog. Jangan dah follow lepas tu unfollow sesuka hati. Dan, janganlah paksa blog yang kita follow tu supaya follow kita balik. Itu hak dia. Takder paksaan.

3. Tak baik kita kutuk blogger di belakang dia. Kita ingat diri kita bagus sangat lepas tu kita kutuk-kutuk dia pada blog lain atau blog kita sendiri. Blog adalah hak peribadi. Tak suka blog tu? Janganlah masuk lagi dah blog dia dan kita tak buat musuh pun.Dan kalau ada tips atau perkongsian yang kita dapat daripada another blogger, quote-lah blog dia. Tak rugi manapun daripada kita menyamar ilmu tu macam kita yang punya.Lambat-laun tembelang akan pecah juga.


1. Kalau nak add friend dalam facebook, sebaik-baiknya tinggalkan mesej kat empunya diri. Dia tak reply message, biarkan ajer. Sekurang-kurangnya kita dah bersopan-santun, beritahu kita kenal dia macam mana. Kadang-kadang member lama macam member sekolah kita tak tinggal mesej pun dan dia pun tak kisah sebab dah sama-sama kenal. Tapi kalau kawan atas kawan, tinggalkanlah pesanan.

2. Jangan sembarangan tag orang kat facebook ni. Ada peniaga buat begini sebab nak promote produk. Sesama kawan boleh lagi tapi kalau kita tak kenal dia pun, pastu kita tag dia, sangatlah annoying di pihak yang menerima tu.

3. Personal foto kat FB ok ker kalau di-tag pada kengkawan? Errr..sangat subjektiflah sebab kerja tag-mengetag ni sebab group photo yang hendak dikongsi. Tapi kalau macam aktiviti kita yang kira private dan personal, untuk tujuan apa kita tag tu? Biasanya kalau kita upload photos kat FB, status akan di-update kan dan kelompok kawan kita akan nampak, kan? Jadi, tak perlu rasanya nak tag-tag ni, unless kta nak berkongsi tip, bukan tujuan nak menunjuk-nunjuk.

Cukuplah 9 Tip jer dan sorry takder tip untuk Twitter sebab me jarang guna Twitter dan selalunya untuk buat pengumuman jer. Actually banyak lagi me nak highlight tapi rasanya apa yang me dah kongsi ni yang paling umum.

Hanz’s : Peringatan untuk diri sendiri juga.

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Flu Fever Fasting

3rd day of fasting and I am very sick with the runny nose, cough and slight fever and headache.

And yet, I am still standing tall, still fasting and still slaving away the 9-5 job. I have to and I havd been question on taking leaves next Monday and Tuesday. Alamak! How VIPs am I, huh? ekekeke…oh, i don’t care, I need the break and even if I did’nt apply for leaves, I guess I still be taking medical leaves.

Huwaaaaa….please bad, bad flu fever bugs go away, chase another people to play! Huwaaaaaa….I don’t want to be sick when I am on my Annual Leaves.

P/S : Farah lildreamz tips proven to me about sahur with oats and any other food besides rice. The 1st 2 days, we bersahur with oats and milks, we did’nt feel hungry at all and only yesterday, we bersahur with rice, today’s fasting, I feel hungry faster and my stomach feels a little bit upset. So, Chit-chatters, try bersahur without rice and compare the differences.

Anyway, wishing Happy TGIF everyone!!

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My CHAMELEON Collections

How was your first day of fasting? A little bit tired, isn’t it?
It’s always like that on the first day of puasa, right?
I’ve no mood either so I just post a light chat for today.
Something that close to my heart…my chameleon collections.

The very first stuff I obtained related with chameleon was this book bought for my eldest boy, now pass down to my youngest boy.

I bought both Double-H of mine this Chameleon T-Shirt of different sizes so that they can wear them at MomBloggersPlanet 1st Bloggers Meet.

And then I got this sticker during Open Source event that
the organisation I’m attached to was involved.
So I pasted it to my old notebook.
I’ve no longer used that notebook as my boss just bought me a new notebook.

When Jiji did my blog layout makeover, she did several chameleons for me which was the blog badge, the favicon and the recent giveaway badge, a tiny chameleon could be seen.

After I found out a talented lady did creative quilled art,
I ordered several custom order of chameleon from her.
They were chameleon brooch, chameleon badge,
chameleon magnet and just chameleon deco.
Very beautiful, isn’t it? I wore them often to work and outing.

The last thing that I managed to grab so far for my chameleon collection
was this chameleon soft dolls.
I have to put on an adorable face when I requested this
from the exhibitionist of the respective vendor.

It is still not enough.
Just last month, I was contemplating to order embroidered chameleon cloth diaper from the customised group buy of this one cloth diaper brand from abroad. Well, it’s too pricey after calculating currency exchange, I settled with embroidered cat cloth diaper of the same brand instead.

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